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Hi, my dear readers! I would like to apologize for not posting anything for a week almost. These were the days of uncertainty for me as I didn’t know what to do. E-Gold blocked many HYIP owners’ accounts without any reason so I think investing with e-gold is becoming riskier with every day. That’s why I decided to change the focus of my blog and move towards less risky opportunities of making money using different fields not only HYIPs and autosurfs. I intend to post here more or less regularly but at least once a week to keep you updated. But also I wanted to give you some updates on what’s going on with programs I monitored.

I got paid to STP from SurfMargin but payments to e-gold have not commenced yet as of this moment so I will wait till the situation becomes clear with that. You can check the site for the latest updates in payout terms from today.

ProfitSwinger12DPClub scammed probably because of admin’s e-gold account being blocked. But maybe it was planned from the beginning. Sorry for misleading you but I honestly thought this program would survive for a while.

MInvestment‘s and eTradeClub‘s e-gold accounts have been blocked. This fact made eTradeClub drop e-gold and receive deposits and make payments to e-bullion and Pecunix only. As for MInvestment, it changed the e-gold account and payments are being processed again.

PSTraffic is going OK since admin came back to implement daily cashouts with 65/35 rule implemented. It’s paying me regularly. Also I would like to upgrade in SurfMax12 soon which was actively promoted by PSTraffic‘s admin Jamie.

I would like to keep you updated and I promise that by the first of October the renewed site will be launched and you will be pleased with all the changes that will be implemented by me and new money-making opportunities which I will introduce so stay tuned and I will not disappoint you.

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