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03/01/08. PSTraffic Is Back!


Hi, guys! I would like to share some good news with you all. PSTraffic is in the pre-launch stage now. It means you can upgade and surf now. As you might remember Jamie is the guy that ran two very successful sites back in 2007: PSTraffic and PSAdvertising. Now he is back with the remodeled PSTraffic.

The biggest difference that happened here is that now there’s no 65/35 rule in place anymore. Instead there is a subscription system installed that is supposed to become an additional income stream for the site. And don’t forget about the 5% withdrawal fee and an obligation to have some active adpacks in order to get paid. Here I can recognize the old Jamie who was very concerned about hit-n-runners. He’d rather change the program terms without the proper notification than to allow hit-n-runners to take advantage of the situation and leave the program. So don’t be surprised if he does it again. BUT the most important thing you can be sure of here is that PSTraffic will be here for a very long time. I expect at least 6 months online, and will not be too surprised if Jamie exceeds my expectations. I must admit I had some doubts about Jamie in the past. But every time he appeared to prove me wrong. SUCH commitment and honesty is extremely rare in our industry I must say. So I just decided to play it big and purchased an “Advanced Membership” straight away. Also I couldn’t miss the chance to grab the opportunity for $25 only, as from tomorrow it will cost you $30 as a regular price. The subscription is valid for 30 days and should be renewed after that. So what did I get after purchasing “Advanced Membership“? First and foremost, it’s the ability to earn 10% for 13 days (actually it’s 125% after the deduction of 5% withdrawal fee). Surfing 15 sites daily I can purchase up to $1950 in adpacks (not more than $150 daily) and must maintain membership fee and at least 3 ($15) active adpacks to cashout. If $30 monthly is too expensive for you, you can go with the cheaper “Intermediate Membership” which will cost you only $10 a month. You will gain the ability to earn 8% ROA for 15 days (120%-5% withdrawal fee) for surfing 20 sites daily. Intermediate members can purchase adpacks up to 1500$ but not more than $100 daily. And finally, if you don’t want to pay at all you will have to go with the free “Amateur Membership” plan, but you will be limited in earnings to only 5% for 23 days (115% -5% withdrawal fee) and will have to purchase not more than $50 in adpacks daily ($1150 maximum). Also you will have to surf 25 sites daily. By the way, don’t forget to surf as the missing days will not be compensated. That’s the strict rule that came from Jamie: “Members MUST purchase ad packs first before surfing and members MUST surf daily to earn. We should consider viewing ads as a job. If we do not view ads we do not get paid“. In my opinion, it’s a good rule that will ensure the stability of the program for a very long time ahead.

Anyway, I purchased “Advanced Membership” for $25 today as I mentioned above and got in with $150 from my STP account. I think this type of membership will give you more benefits especially considering the integrity of the admin. Like in 2007 I’m going to work out the best strategy for every level and publish it soon on my blog so please stay tuned. And one more word: I’m sure that PSTraffic will be one of the best programs in 2008. It’s not just empty words as I know what I’m talking about. So it’s better to get in earlier and reap the rewards of being the first.

Other news for today.

FastProfitPro is still the hottest HYIP online. There was another record breaking day when the members deposited more than $15K. And I’m sure there’s still room for growth as more and more people will realize the opportunity that FastProfitPro gives them. Moreover, there is one exciting development that came from admin Dave recently. He’s going to open an autosurf site in a few weeks. It’s not clear yet what it will look like but the expected plan would appear to be ok to me. I’m certain I will conduct another interview with Dave and give a detailed review of this program prior to launch. So stay tuned! Anyway, below is the update that I found very exciting:
When I mentioned autosurfing at the beginning of this thread, you know I MEANT IT! Here’s a short rundown of the new autosurf that’s coming to all of you soon (sooner than you think…)
125% ROI for 8 days
Variable Daily earnings:
1st day – 21%, 2nd day – 12%, 3rd day – 14%, 4th day – 16%
5th day – 16%, 6th day – 14%, 7th day – 12%, 8th day – 20%
5% Referral Commission only on upgraded members
Payment done manually after expiry within 24 hours (includes both ROI and RC added together)
8 sites to surf to earn daily ROI
1 unit is $8 and max units total is 1000 for $8000
2 simultaneous upgrades not totaling more than $8000
No 50/50. If you also miss a day of surfing then you miss that day’s %age. The rest of the details will be given out as we go along

Nobody really noticed one small achievement that SurfMargin made today. If you go to the site you will see the amazing figure of “Total Adpack Purchases: $1,003,180“. This has finally happened! After almost a year online Charles managed to receive more than 1 million dollars in adpacks! I hope this will be only the first step to the second million and wish SurfMargin all the best in 2008!

Jeff, admin of QXLsurf sent an update to the members today and mentioned my site in it by the way: “Completed another batch of payouts. Total Withdrawn to date is $4251.40. Received an interview request from Paul, the Admin over at I replied would certainly be agreeable to be interviewed, along with my contact info. Lastly, members who joined QXLSurf prior to our taking it over, please consider making a purchase. I will be deleting members who haven’t made a purchase in 30 days, unless they contact me beforehand. If you are certain you don’t wish to be a part of our program, reply to this email and ask to be deleted. Your request will be honored“. I have sent my questions to Jeff today and hope to get the reply by tomorrow. Anyway, I think it will be interesting to hear from such an experienced person. See you tomorrow, guys!

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