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Hi, it’s Paul again. I must say that it was a tough day for me. Using LibertyReserve as one of my main payment processors and being unable to perform any transaction I find it unbearable that it’s still under an alleged DDOS-attack. I don’t care about the reasons but one thing I know for sure: they need more protection. They urgently need to improve their security to stay afloat. It may be costly but it should be done ASAP. Being online and offline all day long it affected many programs’ performance especially those that accept LibertyReserve as their single processor.

One of such programs is BlessingGlobeFund that happened to launch at an absolutely wrong time. I know that I can’t blame the admin for that but one thing that he should implement as quickly as possible is to add SolidTrustPay as their second processor. Anyway, I haven’t received any payment yet because of this LR downtime and have three pending payments so far. But I will let you know when I get them. Below is the latest update from admin Adiz: “As you all know that Liberty Reserve, our main payment processor goes offline after we launch for about 10 hours and it’s still down. In meanwhile sometimes Liberty Reserve was online and many of members make deposit at BGF and someone accounts were not credited. So I will ask those members to be calm up to LR comes back after confirmation I will add them. Many members ask about another payment processor I am planning to add STP as second option I will add that as soon as I can. At last I will like to say that be calm up to LR comeback in mean time u can request for withdrawals. I will make them when LR comes back“. We’ll wait and see!

Another great program that slowed down due to LR downtime is the extremely popular FastProfitPro. Below is the latest update from Dave and my comments regarding this:
As you may already know, Liberty Reserve, one of our main payment processor, has been offline for more than 10 hours at the beginning our server day and is offline again currently. Being a HYIP, we depend greatly on our PPs to process our incoming and outgoing funds. Due to their downtime, our funds were severely hit negatively. Why you may ask? Because ALL upgrades still expire whatever happens. This in turn, adds up to a lot of pending cash balances while no funds comes in to pay for those.
THE SOLUTION I came up for this to get us back on track is, ALL CURRENT UPGRADES WILL RECEIVE ‘HALF DAILY ROI (10%)’ FOR 2 DAYS ONLY. That means you still get your 20% but after 2 days. You will still get the full 120% in the end but you will get it one day later. I think this is just fair for everybody.
As for the CURRENT cash balances and requests, everything will be fulfilled but at a slower pace. I will still pay within the 24-hour time allotment. SO please don’t send me tickets regarding when you will receive your payment.
Let me just say that WE ARE NO WAY IN DEEP TROUBLE because of this. It is just another setback that we must face. Do not, AND I MEAN DO NOT, think for one second that I am giving up this program that I’ve built to be the #1 HYIP right now because of one little setback. Our party will continue once LR settles down with a better server protection.
Now, please inform everybody of this message. Thanks for your continued support and understanding!

Well, first I would like to applaud the decision of Dave not to make one day a non-payment day (so called “day-off”) but to find the opportunity to stretch 20% daily payment for 2 days. That was a very wise decision that would not scare off the members and would not be considered as a “yellow flag”. But on the other hand, is FastProfitPro really safe? I think that this “other setback” as Dave called it can draw many setbacks in the future. I mean that once the program is in the negative trend it is extremely hard to get out of it and return to the positive side again. And the only thing that can help it to pick up the steam is members’ support. But in my opinion the members’ support is a very unpredictable thing and being 100% today it can suddenly change direction and drop to zero in a matter of days. I hope it will not happen in case with FastProfitPro and we will all be enjoying this wonderful HYIP for months to come. Yes, this will be a difficult test for it. But if FPP passes, then this program will be stronger than ever. Please, support FastProfitPro during these hard times!

I received my payment today from another program run by Dave – BusinessProfitPro. It happened during the gap when LibertyReserve happened to be up. Though the program is not so popular like FPP it is made to run for a much longer time. With 1%-2% current daily return it can last for years and knowing Dave I know he can do it.

Even some autosurfs were affected by LR downtime today. And AttractiveAds was among them. Admin Larry told the members that he couldn’t process all LR withdrawals today and will continue later when LR is online. But since the site accepts 4 more processors it didn’t affect its ability to pay members to other PPs. I for one received my withdrawals to e-gold and SolidTrustPay. Larry is a very committed and talented admin with a professional approach to run AttractiveAds. That’s why his program is so popular and that’s why I will support it by re-upgrading tomorrow!

Jamie, the admin of PSTraffic sent out another reminder today regarding the currently expired upgrades:
The first group of ad packs have expired and gone to pending today and will be processed within 3 business days.
Please keep in mind these very important reminders in order to receive payment:
1) Must maintain membership level.
2) Must maintain an active ad pack level of:
Amateur Level- $5 active ad pack level
Intermediate Level- $10 active ad pack level.
Advanced Level- $15 active ad pack level.
If you have maintained these things then your payment will be processed
PSTraffi? has pretty strict rules but I’m sure they will provide the stability of the program in the long run. Anyway, my first upgrade is about to expire tomorrow and of course I will report when I receive my first payment.

I have sent an interview to Andrew, the admin of Finansert today. And once I get the answers I will publish the interview. This will be interesting as I asked many questions that would be difficult for him to answer. But if Finansert is a real company he has nothing to worry about. Anyway, I managed to receive another payment to LR today for yesterday’s withdrawal.

That is all the news for today. See you tomorrow!

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