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We have some very good news today because LibertyReserve is back in action and so are all the programs that are using LR as their payment processor. Well, to tell you the truth I was expecting much more damage to the programs than has happened in reality. It seems as if nothing has happened. Only FastProfitPro is not fully recovered from this disaster, and though many members have received their payments already (including myself) there are still some problems with the FastProfitPro script that causes LR deposits not to be credited to the members’ accounts. So Dave has to add them manually and catch up with all the pending payouts at the same time. That’s why he decided to make January 19th the lower ROI day of 10%. This is what he wrote in his latest update: “10% ROI will continue tomorrow (Jan.19th server time) as the program is still trying to catch up with the LR mess. Server date Jan.20, 20% daily ROI will be back. Please understand that it wasn’t my fault that we are experiencing this LOW ROI (I guess 10% daily is low now), but it is just for one more day. You are all still going to get your 120% no matter what. We are getting extremely great support from all of you so I am confident that by the time the 20th comes, we are FULLY back on track again“.

Another program that has been affected with all this LR drama was BlessingGlobeFund. But at the moment it seems that the program is fully in action. I for one received 6 payments just within the last 24 hours and probably will redeposit some money tomorrow. Adiz is keeping some good news for all the members and I hope to hear something positive from him by tomorrow: “Thanks for trusting on me so much. And secondly I am really sorry that monitors are not added yet. I am just waiting for Gotenks when he will come he will add monitors and I also have a GOOD news for all of you but it’s secret now“.

Those of you who were on MMG forum for the last 24 hours probably heard “the news” about this scammer Ray that run DesiresHYIP. I would not like to discuss what he posted in any great detail here, but in a nutshell:
1) He admitted he had faked the stats when the program was up and running.
2) He told that it was only $6.8K left on his LR account at the moment of the alleged hacking incident (instead of $16K that he claimed before).
3) He told us that all he has now is $1.5K in his LR account and as his AP account was blocked after many complaints he can’t do anything to refund the members.
But why did he re-appear in the forum after a prolonged silence? He was afraid that some guy would reveal his real identity. Ray is probably not even a man, but a girl from Bucharest, Romania. At least that info I could see on the forum. Anyway, be it boy or girl I’m not interested in discussing him/her on my blog anymore. Just wanted to tell you once more “Ray” is an ignorant and greedy liar and a scammer. Also if you spent your money via AlertPay making deposit in his/her HYIP please don’t hesitate to send a chargeback request to AlertPay. Many people have already received their deposits back and you still have a chance to do it as DesiresHYIP‘s AlertPay account has been blocked and AlertPay is making chargebacks from it.

I received another payment from Tramael today and am going to re-upgrade tomorrow. Tramael is doing just fine and Nein is a great admin.

The same words apply to Larry from AttractiveAds. He is a great admin really! Today he sent out another mass email about some changes in the program. One change made to increase the number of upgrades you can have simultaneously:
Once again, many members have asked me to increase the max amount of upgrade. They have had 6 running upgrades and still want to purchase more upgrades. So from now on, all members can have up to 8 active upgrades ($1200). The main reason I set this limit is to make stability for our program. And the best strategy for you is to do upgrade 1-2 times per week so after you get your first payment, you will enjoy the weekly payment. This strategy will also help the program be more stable. I will increase this max upgrade again later“.
The other change is an “Advanced Stats” page where you can see some stats in real time: “Some of you may have noticed our new Advanced Stats which is located in the Site Stats section at the homepage. From these stats, you can see Top Buyers, Latest Buyers, Newest Members, and Top Referrers. This new stats are updated automatically, so you may give it a try and please let me know for any problems“.
I must say that the stats look great. Only looking at them I found out how popular AttractiveAds is. Never imagined it but the stats are really impressive! I also support another change of increasing the active upgrades to $1200. So I can just tell you that Larry is doing a tremendous job to put his site on top and if you’re still sitting on the fence I encourage you to join this wonderful program.

I know I promised you to publish my strategy I’m using in PSTraffic today but since there is too much news to report I decided to postpone it for a while and devote a whole article to this topic tomorrow or on Sunday. I only wanted to tell you that I got paid yesterday and already re-upgraded. By the way, Jamie agreed to answer some questions for my blog and hopefully I will publish the interview with him soon. I really want to know what made him so successful in 2007 and what his plans are for 2008. PSTraffic just started gaining popularity as it’s only two weeks old and I hope my articles will help you better understand the main principles on investing in PSTraffic and how it works in general. But the only thing I can tell you for sure right now: join PSTraffic and you will benefit from it in the long haul because this program is not from those who can scam you fast and leave you with nothing. In my opinion, it’s worth the risk and I will explain to you why later.

Finally, one more thing: the long-awaited update from Charles, admin of SurfMargin and MultiStreamOnline. I will not post it here as a whole but only the part concerning the payments (we all remember how many plans Charles had before and we all see how much of them really came to life). Ok, here’s the update and my comments afterwards.

Please be assured that we are working hard behind the scenes here to deal with the backlog of payments. At the same time we are changing the terms and script so that this situation should never happen again.
I’m fully aware that all of you who have pending amounts are mostly interested in when you will be paid out. So I will deal with that subject first.
Cash is available and will be sent to our SM&SMSO account by the beginning of next week. We will then work through the backlog until everyone is up to date. Your bonuses are safe and will be paid but we do have to make some alterations to the plan to safeguard members and owners from this situation in the future.
These changes will take effect immediately and will apply to all members:
1. Our terms allow us to remove a total of 15% from every upgrade – however this will be applied differently.
2. The new terms are to remove the 15% from every cash-out. This amount will pay for the admin fee and referral commissions.
This is a much fairer way to proceed and will allow the partners access to marketing and development funds that were not available to us under the old system.
I thank you personally for your patience. Some of you have been through the waiting game with us before and hopefully remember that we paid everyone out and eventually got back to normal. Because we are running a legitimate business here, the waiting is inevitable. If we were not….You would not be waiting for bonuses but would have lost everything. We have no intention of that happening

First I would like to make things clearer for you. From now on from every upgrade of $50 you will receive not $68 (136%) as it was before but only $68 (initial 136%) – $7.5 (15% of the upgraded amount) = $60.5 (or 121% current ROI). Though I believe that it’s not fair to change the rules of the game for the pending cashouts I think Charles just doesn’t have any other choice. My advice to you is to hold back your money now and not to upgrade anymore until the pending payments are really processed. Knowing Charles I can expect some more excuses around the beginning of next week. But one thing you can be sure enough of is that you WILL get paid eventually. I can guarantee you that from my personal experience and that’s the thing I like in SurfMargin and that’s why I will support it till the end. Though at the moment of writing this I have two pending payments and already reverted to a free member I still have faith in Charles. We will wait and see!

Remember I told you yesterday that I was going to share with you one very useful resource? Well, after long consideration I thought that the info was too valuable to make it public and so only the subscribers for my “Money-News Club” actually had received it. If you are one of them I hope you appreciated the link I sent to you last night. If you are not a member of my “Money-News Club” I strongly encourage you to think again, make your decision and join. It will only take a minute but after you’re in and a member of my personal circle you can enjoy some very useful products weekly that you will not be able to find on the Net for free. Yes, PAID products weekly from me for FREE. You will also have more benefits later after I expand my site and you will become the passengers of a very powerful money-making machine. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with your membership, but even if you are please just make one click and you will not get anything from me in the future. You’re not losing anything but can get much valuable info and cool bonuses from me on the way. So chew it over! Bye!

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