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04/02/08. PSAdvertising Review and Other News


It seems that many potentially great surfing programs started in the beginning of February. After SurfProfitPro‘s successful launch another reliable admin Jamie launched PSAdvertising today. As you might remember there was another program called PSAdvertising back in 2007 but this one is completely different. So what are the main features of PSAdvertising that I would like to emphasize?

1) It’s a high ROI autosurf where you can get 160% after 30 days (minimum upgrade is only $5). But it’s not that simple. There’s a twist, because you have to wait 30 days to withdraw your principal but at the same time you can withdraw 2% daily for 30 days. After that term on the 31st day your upgrade will expire, go to pending and will be paid within 3 business days (Monday-Friday). You will actually get 100% of your principal minus 10% withdrawal fee. So the actual profit after 30 days will be 150%.

2) There are two types of accounts in PSAdvertising: for smaller investors and for bigger investors.

Novice membership is free and is suitable for smaller investors that are going to upgrade with no more than $1,500 monthly. The maximum amount for them to upgrade daily is $50. Novice members should surf a minimum of 25 sites to earn their daily rebate, they can submit up to 2 sites and can earn 1% referral commission.

Pro membership is subscription based and suitable for bigger players. The monthly subscription will cost you $25 and will give you the opportunity to upgrade up to $200 daily ($6,000 monthly). Pro members should surf a minimum of 20 sites daily to earn their rebates, they can submit up to 4 sites and can earn 2% in referral commissions.

3) Important: if you miss your daily surfing you will lose your 2% earning for that day. Members who don’t surf during 14 days will be automatically deleted from the system.

4) There is a 50/50 rule in place to provide the stability and longevity of the program. But it applies ONLY to principal cashouts over $30 (for Novice members) or over $50 (for Pro members). So plan your strategy accordingly to avoid this 50/50 rule. If you want to upgrade with bigger amounts please remember to upgrade with 50% of your principal amount after your current upgrade goes pending status.

5) PSAdvertising accepts e-gold (EG), LibertyReserve (LR), SolidTrustPay (STP), AlertPay (AP) and Virtual Global Bank (VGB). You must remember though that processor fees are automatically deducted from each ad pack purchase. Jamie introduced this feature just recently in order to make PSAdvertising more stable. Here’s how he elaborated on this feature in his email to the members: “For example, Member#1 purchases $100 worth of adpacks via Alertpay. Since AP charges 3.9% + .50, that amount will be deducted from the $100 and the remaining will be credited to Member#1’s account. So $95.51 will be credited to Member#1’s account. This will be for all processors. This will also help the program greatly as far as processor fees are concerned especially now that the PS network is growing“. So in my opinion it’s better to use LR or EG for upgrades as their fees are sufficiently lower than those in STP and especially AP.

6) Important: members must maintain their membership levels in order to cashout. If you do not have an active ad pack or your Pro membership expires your account will revert to free status and you will lose your earnings. So don’t forget to maintain your status by prolonging your subscription or having an active adpack in order to be paid. This rule also prevents hit-n-runners and provides stability in the long run.

7) Of course, you should remember that like in every surfing site payouts are not guaranteed and all ad purchases are non-refundable so only spend the money you can afford to lose. Also Jamie emphasized that “PSAdvertising reserves the right to change the above terms as deemed necessary by admin to ensure the longevity and stability of the program“. This is a very important feature that will allow the admin to adjust the rules during the periods of slow growth or some unexpected events. And be sure Jamie will do it just to make his program last longer.

So what do we have in general? We have a very strong and well-thought out business model as a core of PSAdvertising from the famous admin who ran his programs successfully during the year of 2007. At the same time it’s completely new and remodeled version of his program where such features as 50/50 rule and subscription fees will allow the program to last longer. You can be sure that Jamie will not scam you like many other admins out there. He is a very experienced and shrewd admin and when it comes to adjusting the rules to make the program stronger he will do it without giving it a second thought, so you will not have to worry about the sudden death of the program. And finally, this 150% return with daily withdrawals makes PSAdvertising a strong rival to previously launched SurfProfitPro. One thing I can bet on: in terms of longevity PSAdvertising will win over SurfProfitPro. So if you’re a member of SPP and would like to diversify you should seriously consider PSAdvertising. Remember the golden rule of your investment activities: don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Diversify and you will win!

Other news for today.

SurfProfitPro seemed to get rid of some slight launch hiccups. Referral commissions issue has been fixed by Gotenks and surfing process is also working smoothly and flawlessly. So the pre-launch hype buzzing around this program has calmed down. I suppose the members are just waiting for the first withdrawals and there will be more upgrades after that. Meanwhile if you got the email allegedly from “exist1” with such a proposal: “As we have received many complaints from several sides why e-gold isn’t there, we have made a decision to allow our members deposit in SPP through e-gold. All you need to do is send your funds to 4972098 (exist1) and contact us. Your deposit will be then added ASAP. You can also decide to add it as Liberty Reserve or Solid Trust Pay, just send the details to“. DON’T believe it and DON’T send any money to above mentioned account as it is a scam email and Dave just confirmed it on MMG forum. Well, what can I say to that? There are many scammers out there who will not miss the opportunity to defraud you using sneaky tricks under SurfProfitPro name. But on the other hand it indicates how popular this program is becoming.

What can I say regarding BlessingGlobeFund? It seems that the admin just vanished with all the money as the site is still offline and he doesn’t seem to bother appearing on forums and explaining what happened. I just hope you joined on the first days and were in profit like me. It’s really hard to hear that another “MMG member” scammed pretending to be honest and reliable. In my opinion, it’s getting harder and harder to trust in some stranger that built up their posts and got popular on forums just with one aim in mind: to launch their own program and scam the members. In my opinion, autosurfs with proven admins are considerably better now in terms of stability and longevity than HYIPs.

One of the most popular autosurf programs now – Attractive Ads – finally implemented the automatic script for LR upgrades so from now on you shouldn’t have to wait the admin to credit your account manually. That’s great news in my opinion and here’s what Larry said about it in his update: “Finally, our long-waited module for LR auto upgrade has been installed into our program. So from now on, every LR upgrade will be instantly credited into your account. This will reduce 30% of my daily loads. If you are a LR user, you may give it a try. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any problems“. Also another update was about e-gold that was re-enabled for purchases by popular demand: “I have re-enabled E-Gold auto upgrade again because about 40%-50% of our members are E-Gold users and some of you have contacted me for this. So you may purchase Ad-Packs via E-Gold again. For all new members, feel free to put a test spend. And previous E-Gold pendings still be paid to your Liberty Reserve account. Just let me know for any questions“. I like this approach that Larry listens to what his members wants. I think it’s one of the key elements why AttractiveAds is so popular. If you’re not a member I must tell you that you’re missing a great program out there so give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

Good news came from Bayu, the admin of GreenLinkAds today. LR upgrade is now automatic so you can enjoy now your automatic upgrades for three payment processors that GreenLinkAds accepts. And other news: now the forum is open on the site where you can report all your difficulties or bugs or can discuss anything else regarding the program. I still have no reply from Bayu for my interview so obviously it’s delayed for a while.

I received my payment from PSTraffic today to my STP account. It was a pending cashout from yesterday and so far I’m impressed with the speed Jamie processes them.

And finally good news for the members of SurfMargin. It seems that we will see the payouts rolling over very soon. Charles mentioned in his update that “cashouts are being processed from today“. So far I can’t see any happy members but hopefully the long waiting period is over and SurfMargin will rock again very shortly.

That’s all the news for today. Hope you’re enjoying my blog. Please feel free to leave your comments or email me with your questions and suggestions and I will try to answer them within a 24 hours period. See you tomorrow, guys!

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