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Hi, everyone! Today I’d like to publish an interview with the admin of OG Fund – another low ROI program that claims to have an outside source of income. I joined it about a week ago and can say that I’m very pleased with its service, fast payments and proper support. I would certainly recommend to my readers to try this program. And to learn more about OG Fund please refer to the review of the program I made recently that was published here.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. What function do you perform in OG Fund?

I am David Sansom and I currently hold the position of CEO at OG Fund. I am also senior trader and dealer of “OG Performance” fund, which is offered to our investors.

2. Tell us about the history of OG Fund. How did you come up with the idea of making your own program? What is the main purpose of OGFund‘s existence?

OG Fund(R) was founded in January 2008, on the single premise of performance-driven absolute return investing. Whilst the company was originally scheduled to open its doors in the late 2007, a careful observation of emerging economy joined with advice from marketing specialists led us to the opening of OG Fund in the early 2008. The main purpose behind OG Fund is to pool more assets to create a higher capital for each and every trading day. Due to larger transactions daily we are able to generate quite a fortune for both ourselves (via the fees’ we issue) and our investors in the long run.

3. What investment activities do you perform with members’ funds? Can you supply documented proof confirming these activities?

We have full trading history available on our website, explaining every transaction we have made with accurate timestamps. If our investors are in need of documented proof they are free to request any specific material from us.

4. You mentioned on your site that you are a registered company in Panama. Can you provide us with some documents confirming this fact?

Yes, we will send you the registration certificate, showcasing that we are a registered in Panama. We will also be uploading this certificate to our website for our members to freely view it since we had a lot of requests on this matter.

5. Can the members phone you or make an appointment to visit your office in Panama City to speak to you in person?

Yes, there is phone support available on our website. Regarding visitation of our office, the case is different. We only have a legal office in Panama (for registration purposes) therefore it isn’t functioning as company headquarters or representation of OG Fund. However, arrangements for a meeting can always be made and we would be happy to meet up with our investors.

6. I found out that you originally had a page that is withdrawn now from OG Fund website but still can be found in Google cache history with a strange phone number on it that was obviously not from Panama. How can you explain this?

Regarding the information on cached pages, the situation is pretty simple. We have asked our web developers to create a page where all the information regarding “OG Performance” fund could be placed. The Facts Sheet page is still in the making, therefore some information in there was just a placeholder left by the developers. The phone number listed there is, in fact, not a real number at all, which can be distinguished from its formatting.

7. What investment plan do you offer to investors and why is it not a fixed daily ROI as many other HYIPs provide? Is compounding allowed? Can the principal be withdrawn before the 180 days lock-up period matures?

The daily yield solely depends on the performance of our Fund. Since we cannot guarantee anything but >0% daily yields we can only offer fluctuating returns that are calculated on our historic performance. The compounding is available with several different options and the principal can be withdrawn after the lock-up period ends.

8. What e-currencies do you currently accept and do you plan to give your investors more options to make deposits in the near future?

As of now, we accept E-Bullion(R) and Liberty Reserve(R) – a payment processor we strongly suggest to our investors for carrying out their investments. We are always open for suggestions from our members on implementing new payment methods.

9. What security measures did you implement on your website to ensure safety for your investors? What hosting service are you using and does it have anti-DDOS protection?

There are numerous security measures that can be found throughout our website – from a single turing number protection to advanced security measures that can only be distinguished after using our platform for quite some time. We use a dedicated hosting and, obviously, there is a Level 3 Black Lotus Anti-DDoS protection implemented to secure us from DDoS attacks.

10. How long do you plan to stay online and what are your plans for the near future?

There are no plans on closing down for new memberships or discontinuing the offering of “OG Performance” fund to our current investors. We are also working with several organizations to bring in new payment options, develop a more sophisticated trading platform showcase and increase security of our website to a greater extent.

11. In your opinion what differentiates OG Fund from similar investment programs online? What would you like to say to your potential investors to encourage them to try your program?

As a company, OG Fund aims for full transparency and is ready to supply any current or potential investor with any information he or she might require. There is full trading history available on the website and we also keep investors informed about our decisions or changes that might affect their investments. In addition, we never refuse to give financial advice to new investors and help them decide whether or not OG Fund is the right choice for them.

12. What is your honest opinion about my blog? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve its quality?

The greatest part of your blog is that you are always up there with the current events. From what we have seen – the website is updated daily and the information always adds up. Yet another great thing is that instead of only publishing the facts, an educated opinion is given, which helps to get a grasp of the unraveling events without seeking great insight from a whole load of other sources.”

I appreciate David’s decision to answer some questions for my blog and hope OG Fund will be here for a long time. Considering that the program has just started I also think it has a big potential for stable growth in the near future. I hope this interview was interesting to you and I will see you tomorrow with more news!

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