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Hi, guys! Yesterday came the sad news about the sudden closure of SurfProfitPro (SPP) and BusinessProfitPro (BPP). Well, for me it was not so sudden but I was hoping that Dave would continue and not give in to these scammers. That was really disappointing for me especially since Dave seems to have surrendered so easily to extortionists. Well, they won again and in some way proved they were right about SPP. Also it appears that BPP was also a victim of it though I don’t know why the members of BPP had to pay for the mistakes Dave obviously made and in my opinion it’s unfair towards the members who were supportive to all Dave’s programs.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I knew about Dave’s intention to close SPP before everybody else. Actually on Friday when nobody knew what was Dave’s plan regarding the next cashouts I was the first person who asked him this question on MMG forum and that made him post a rather strange reply that was edited 30 minutes later. But the hidden message in this edited post was that the program is not so good and you should expect some problems unless something miraculous happened that could save the program from failing. Then Dave sent me a PM on MMG forum about it and even gave permission to publish it on my blog. Here’s this message:

I purposely posted my reply to your post and I purposely edited it also. That’s for the sake of those who were able to read it.
Anyway, here’s the reason… I will be straight to the point with you as you have always been there to support me and I’ve always trusted you. Our program is dying a slow and painful death right now. After the attacks, I believe everybody got scared to support the site again. Probably not until they see that the site is paying again. That’s where the problem is, after I did payments last weekend, the attacks disabled our site. Couple that with a more expensive upgrade of our hosting. The site right now is almost to the point of “bankruptcy”. The gap between our funds and member’s total cash balances exceed -$10K! I don’t think in one day I can get that amount in upgrades just to cover the requests tomorrow. And to tell you the truth, I have been very disappointed with the support the program is getting… the past three days that we’ve been up, our deposits hasn’t totaled more than $3K yet, that’s TOTAL of all 3 days! On a normal day, we usually can get that in 2 hours after I do payments!
So, any recommendations or suggestions would be very much needed right now. You can publish this in your blog and you can put me in the waiting status if you think that is right. I am just a little upset and very sad about the whole situation

I was very surprised and even shocked by this unfortunate but honest answer. So I emailed Dave with the suggestion to continue like it is as I was hoping that the members would be redepositing after receiving cashouts and that could save SPP or at least prolong its lifespan. I was even ready to redeposit myself after receiving my cashout just to support the program and Dave for his honesty but was unable to do so because on Sunday night (Monday server time) I received an email announcing SPP’s closure.

On this day (Friday) though I published an announcement that you could expect some horrible news the following day but I really wanted to give Dave another chance to prove that he could defeat the scammers that started DDOS-attack on his sites. (By the way, it’s not staged or fake as many of you might think but it was REAL). I know about my responsibility as a blogger to provide any news regardless of it being good or bad for a program but this case was different. I felt my responsibility and didn’t want to cause panic and destroy what Dave tried to save.

But on Saturday Dave suddenly announced that the cashouts will be processed as usual so I thought that everything was back on track again. Anyway, I was about to start upgrading and promoting again and do my part as a member as if nothing had happened. But then suddenly in just 24 hours everything was over and Dave sent out this unfortunate update, the last one for all ProfitPro sites. Here it is to refresh your memory:

It is with extreme sadness that I have to announce both BusinessProfitPro and SurfProfitPro‘s closure. After the DDoS attacks, I tried my best to start over with what’s left of our funds, but it was never enough. Some of you suggested that I continue and hope for the best, which I did… but the ‘negative’ gap between incoming spends and outgoing payments and pendings is beyond repair. I apologize to all who lost, that is the nature of our business from the very beginning… some will win and some will lose. Many thanks goes out to those who undyingly supported our site either monetarily or via the forum. This was my last try. After BPP, FPP and SPP’s closure, I am not going to start another one. I will just be another player like you part-time. It’s a sad day for me but it’s time to move on and I wish you all the luck.

Please do not send anymore replies or tickets as all email addresses will be deleted after I send this. Me and Gotenks’ have thought long and hard about this and our decision is FINAL

So now you realize that Dave really tried his best but the members were not supportive enough so he decided to close his sites prematurely. I guess BPP was also not going well or as good as Dave expected. That’s why the decision was made to close BPP as well. FYI: I was in a loss from BPP, but in a good profit from SPP.

On the other hand, I still can’t understand why Dave had to close the SPP site immediately after Monday server time changed because there was a good chance that the members will redeposit and there will be enough money to pay all the pending payments and continue. I noticed the rapid growth in Alexa ranking for the last days and hoped that the new members that joined recently would definitely upgrade after the payouts had been processed. But it didn’t happen and we will never know what would have become of SPP if Dave decided to continue as it was.

The rest is history now but I would like to quote one more thing Dave said on MMG forum:

One thing I will say though, look in the mirror and see if you did support the site? I find it funny that many of you pledged support after the attacks, yet they were all ONLY words. I say thanks to the LESS THAN 10 members who actually put into action their words. Here’s a FACT, NOBODY was able to deposit last week because the DDOS attack disabled our site, yet you see a lot of paid posts… BECAUSE I PAID!!! When we came back after the attacks, support was at AN ALL-TIME LOW, $1.5K in three days leading to the requests. 1.5K FREAKIN’ DOLLARS IN 3 DAYS!!! Yet I still used it to pay as you can see the many paid posts. But, the gap was NEGATIVE $15K already. Rather than accept more deposits and make matters worse, I just decided that it is impossible to go on and just close the site. Those who deposited before I announced the closure were all refunded. You do not see that in here. You also do not see the many payments I did because they didn’t post here. That’s what I’ve been telling everybody all along, SUPPORT, PROMOTE, VOTE and POST! Now that the site is closed, ask yourself if you actually did any of those? You are earning 40% in 14 days yet many cannot do those simple tasks.
Oh and another FACT, there were 57 HARs in this program. More than half are BIG TIMERS. Just so you know.
I’m closing the book on the sites already. I’ve tried my best. I only wanted good things out of this, but the market is way different and more cautious now. Everybody thinks all admins are scammers now even with the best intentions. And to those who call me scammer, you have no idea whatsoever

I think it was a very important post for our understanding of what had really happened with SPP. From this we could deduce the main reasons why it happened:

1) The lack of support (the members just stopped reupgrading after the DDOS-attack);
2) The so called “hit-n-runners” that left the program after the first cycle (well, in my opinion then anti-HAR measures like 50/50 rule should have been implemented from the beginning);
3) The angry competitors that caused DDOS-attacks (I know who those people could possibly be but have no real evidence to prove it). Now they are on forums and will say: “I told you so, Dave was a scammer and was not capable of running a program.”

But in my opinion, Dave was professional as an admin and he certainly wasn’t a scammer. Just some unfortunate events went against him. I just hope he will make some refunds to save his good name and I still think he should have fought with the scammers who caused these DDOS-attacks on his sites till the end. But I also can understand that he’s probably exhausted from the last few months and decided to quit this industry for good.

The question still remains though: what affect will it have on the autosurf industry as a whole? As you know SPP was one of biggest autosurfs and it will certainly affect the so called “leeches” – the smaller autosurfs and HYIPs the admins of which have deposited the investors’ money to SPP in order to provide a profit for their own members (and subsequently lost it). So what they actually do is put the money deposited by investors to more reliable ponzies and thus hope that their programs will become more stable in the long run. But actually it’s an even more dangerous practice that is quite common in this industry by the way (and you should be aware of it) as when the big program collapses the smaller ones will suddenly experience some problems if they had a big chunk of money in SPP. So I would expect many smaller programs will be affected by the closure of SPP and will have to close. Unfortunately it’s a fact.

Another thing is the changing of the leaders in the autosurfing industry – it’s now obviously MoneyTrip. By the way, today the site had some problems and sometimes was not loading properly but the admin David assured all the members that MoneyTrip site will be moved to a dedicated server by tomorrow and all the issues will be solved. I trust this admin and tomorrow I’m going to publish another update regarding its performance. And here’s the part of David’s update which is referring to SPP closure:

Today our main competitor, SurfProfitPro, closed down, apparently because of a DDOS attack that makes MoneyTrip the number one autosurf program at the moment. Sorry for the ones who lost, you are welcome to recover your money with MoneyTrip.

Another good pick for now in my opinion is AdProsperity which is only 3 days online and already has 152 members. Read the interview with the admin Daniel on my blog here.

What I am trying to say is that the industry will definitely change now that the ProfitPro sites are gone and there are some lessons to learn from their passing. For example, why go with the crowd if you can choose some programs out there that have good history and honest admins. Actually, in my opinion the sites which are not too hyped but are still steady performers with experienced and proven admins like Jamie (PSAdvertising and PSTraffic) and Nein (Tramael) deserve your attention no less then new born sites with high ROA. I have big deposits in these programs and am completely satisfied with their performances and customer support. At least, you will not find DDOS-attacks there that can be potentially harmful for any site and sometimes are strangely selective in finding their targets.

Anyway, life goes on and will not stop with SPP and BPP’s sudden demise. What I wanted to say: there are still many good programs out there that could be very profitable. You can find them on my blog. All the necessary info is in the “Interviews” and “Reviews” section so please check them if you haven’t done so yet and possibly you will find some programs that will suit your needs as an investor.

I will see you tomorrow as usual with more news and updates about the hottest programs online. Exclusive interviews with admins and my personal picks and opinions daily – that’s what you will be able to find on my blog. And remember: “ – Always on the money!”

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