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Today I would like to review a very controversial program called Invest4Games. I have been watching it for a while now and finally made a decision to monitor it. In my post I would like to outline all the pros and cons of Invest4Games as I honestly see them. Also I’m going to answer one simple question: what finally made me join this program and deposit?

First of all a couple of words about the plans Invest4Games is offering to investors. It’s 120% after 4 days (with $10 minimum and $500 maximum – this is the plan I’m in), 111% after 3 days (with $5 minimum and $250 maximum deposit) and test plan of 110% after 2 days (only $3 allowed for investing in this plan). As you can see the maximum for each plan is quite low comparing to other HYIPs. That makes me think that the name Invest4Games certainly didn’t come out of nowhere. Invest4Games accepts LibertyReserve and V-Money (automatic deposits) and also e-Gold (manual deposit). For e-gold you should deposit straight to the admin’s account and fill in e-metal payment confirmation number in the appropriate field. All withdrawal requests should be paid within 12 hours except Sundays when you are not allowed to make withdrawal requests.
So that’s a brief description of Invest4Games plans. And now to the pros and cons of this program so you will be able to make your own investment decision if this program suits you to do so.


1) The admin with a strange name Philip Morris (doesn’t it remind you of some tobacco company?) claims that Invest4Games is a part of a so called “R&L network which is supported by experienced admins WW”. He claims that he has outside sources of income from this network that includes HYIPs, AutoSurfs, Randomizers, Doublers, Online Casinos etc. I can’t verify this info so far but I hope the admin will explain how it’s actually happening and how he’s earning the money for the investors in the upcoming interview with him (he already gave me his prior consent to this).

2) At first Invest4Games website has had several downtime issues and finally there came a very strong DDOS-attack after that the site couldn’t continue with its old hosting provider. So it was decided that the site would be moved to the level 3 BlackLotus protected server. Since then the Invest4Games website had no significant downtimes. So we can say that the site is perfectly secured. It has 256-SSL encryption too so all members’ data is protected.

3) Invest4Games is using a very interesting script called X-HYIP. It has some similarities with GoldCoders script but at the same time really looks original and has many additional features inside. The admin claimed that it’s licensed script from LanySoft, Inc.

4) The admin has just started big promo campaign a few days ago and you can see a big banner on the top of MMG monitor. Also many monitors have been added recently and I can clearly see that the program is one of the hottest now.

5) You can see “Live support” installed on the site. Also the admin is extremely proactive on different forums and I can confirm that you can ask anything and receive a proper reply within minutes when the admin is online.

6) $500 is the maximum amount you can deposit in Invest4Games. I consider this as a great solution against hit-n-runners. Maximum 20% pure profit after 4 days and this maximum will not allow them to make big money and leave this program like we saw it in SPP and many other programs. I consider this as one of the most convincing arguments to deposit in Invest4Games.

7) Finally, if you still have doubts about jumping in and trying it out, you can start from the test plan – it’s only $3 and gives 110% after 2 days. It will help you understand how the program works and develop your own strategy of upgrading.


1) The program is 38 days online so for many of us such a high ROI program is not so great to join but if you see that the real promo campaign has just begun you can reconsider this and try Invest4Games.

2) I have doubts about real admin’s name and his personality and about his outside income sources for the site but I’m going to find it out in my upcoming interview with him.

3) I can’t really say that this is a total bad point (for myself it was a pro) so I’ll let you be the judge but there was some history connected with it which I’m going to tell you now.

You may have already heard of Invest4FastProfit (I4FP) site – HYIP that had great success between October 2007 and February 2008 and lasted for 4 months. This program was the main competitor for FastProfitPro and one of the biggest HYIPs at that time. Then as usually happens there appeared some problems and the admin of I4FP has gone with all the money promising refunds that never happen.

What is the connection with Invest4Games you might ask? Well, many of the members of I4FP claimed that the admin of I4FP and the admin of Invest4Games are actually one and the same. And the first reason why they said it: the script I4FP used and Invest4Games is using now are actually the same (I was never in I4FP so I cannot judge). Of course the admin has rejected all the allegations against him and said that he bought the script from a third party. But there were still many believers that they were actually the same person also because of the strange coincidence that the time interval when I4FP closed and Invest4Games opened were actually the same (the beginning of February).

And more was coming! Some of the members claimed the following: “I’m a mod on one of the other forums you have posted on and I have checked your IP and I4FP IP – guess what – they are identical“. It might sound like pure speculation from the fellow admin-competitor who would like to destroy Philip’s reputation if not for one fact. Not long ago the admin got caught and banned from MMG forum because he allegedly used dual accounts: “The administrator of this program has been found to have been using multiple ID’s on MMG“. Of course, the admin of Invest4Games rejected all the accusations and soon his account has been restored but many still tend to believe that he and the admin of I4FP is actually the same person.

But wait, that’s what I can call reverse fact. If you look at the situation from a different angle you will be able to see that actually being the same person is ok for us investors. First, we must say that the admin has experience in running a SUCCESSFUL program (and I consider 4 months online as a very good success). Moreover, if he’s really the same person who ran I4FP it’s actually very good news for me because I can be sure that Invest4Games is here for the long run and 38 days online is actually not a long term and it’s not too late to join.

To tell you the truth this last story made me try Invest4Games program and asthe risk vs. reward ratio is very good for me (short-term plans of 3 and 4 days and fast payments) I tend to believe that Invest4Games will be good for depositing for at least several cycles. But you should remember that it’s just a game and don’t throw in more money than you’re prepared to lose. Though in my opinion, the chances losing are very small for now.

I hope my review of Invest4Games was of interest to you and I hope to return to this program once more after I receive my first payment. Also we should expect the interview with Philip soon. If he has nothing to hide and could explain some things it would be really great in my opinion. See you tomorrow!

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