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Today I received my first payment from Invest4Games and to celebrate this event I decided to publish my long-awaited interview with the admin Philip. I hope it will shed some light on some controversial points and rumors which have been surrounding Invest4Games since the beginning of its existence and will answer some questions which you might be interested to ask the admin about. So ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the interview. - 111% after 3 days, 120% after 4 days
1. Hi, admin. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Is Invest4Games your first experience in running an HYI program or do you have some previous online experience?

Hello, Paul! Hello all! I’m Philip M., Admin of Invest4Games (I4G) web-site. First special thanks for interview. Also I would like to thank you all members of I4G web-site for trust, for voting, for posting, for deposits. Sorry, if my English is not so good. I don’t speak too much about experience, but I can say about one important thing and you can check it in any time as you wish. Simply read through our MMG thread and you will understand all. I do best as I can to keep loyal and honest members. How? Fast payouts, fast Support.

2. There are many rumors on the forums that you and the admin of Invest4FastProfit are actually the same person. Can you confirm or deny it? If you’re denying it please comment on the story of identical IPs (of you and I4FP admin) and the banning of your account from MMG forum for having multiple personalities.

Ok. I’m an Admin of Invest4Games web-site only. Strange, a lot of web-sites are using GoldCoders script, but nobody can tell about same Admins … Identical IP’s? It’s easy. Same ISP or proxy and no more. Banned MMG account? Now as you can see it’s unblocked. Yes, it’s my mistake. I opened several accounts for supporting other projects, it’s my mistake and no more else.

3. What is the so-called “R&L network”? Can you name any sites it owns and how can they help Invest4Games to survive? Do you have some additional income from them? What kind of income is this?

It’s easy. The R&L network consists of many different web-sites, such as: HYIPs, AutoSurfs, Randomizers, Doublers, Online Casinos etc. Every web-site is using R&L network for earning profit for own members. Hundreds of R&L network web-sites are working WW. We share our experience, funds, new ideas for every R&L network Admin. According the R&L network Terms I can’t promote other web-sites from this network. It’s strictly prohibited. R&L network is a good concept for Admins. Yes, I use R&L network for earn profit for I4G members.

4. You are using the same script like it was used in I4FP. Is it pure coincidence? Where did you buy it? Can anybody confirm that the script was actually licensed and anybody can buy it from Lanysoft, Inc.?

As I told earlier ONLY similar script (see p. 2). Nobody, except the R&L network Admins can’t buy this script, because all rights reserved for R&L network. Developer is LanySoft, Inc. I can give you an e-mail of R&L network coordinator to confirm it.

5. Is Invest4Games site secured and completely protected from possible DDOS-attacks? Are you still having them or can your provider fight them successfully?

Yes. I4G web-site is under DDoS Protection from BLCC. How can I check it? It’s easy. Click on BLCC verification seal on I4G web-site to be sure (Java scripts must be enabled). Also see thread on MMG.

6. Tell us about your investment plans. Why have you introduced a new plan that pays 125% after 5 days? Many members are especially concerned about any changes that a site has and they consider any change in plans as a disturbing sign. What would you say to them?

Hmm … Old plans are saved with no changes. New plan? Yes. I received
approximately 10 e-mails from members regarding new plans, because according I4G Terms no payouts on Sunday. For extending time frame for deposits I decided to introduce new plan. For example. If member invests in Plan B (120% after 4 days), he will receive payout on Wednesday. So, if member invests again in plan B on Wednesday, next payout on Sunday, to avoid this I introduced new plan. That’s all.

7. Why is the maximum deposit only $500? Is it supposed to be some kind of protection against “hit-n-runners”? Do you have plans to raise this maximum in the future once Invest4Games grows bigger?

Yes, it is supposed to be some kind of protection against “hit-n-runners”. The limit of US$500.00 for deposits won’t be increased. This is my strategy. I accept only amounts which I can process.

8. What e-currencies do you accept and do you plan to accept more options in the near future? Why are e-gold deposits added to the members’ accounts manually if the site is fully protected?

I4G web-site accepts E-gold, LibertyReserve and V-money. No other
e-currencies in future. As for manual e-gold deposits this is due to our new Anti-DDoS Shield.

9. Your program is 40 days online. Are you satisfied with members’ support so far? How many active members actually join Invest4Games daily and how many of them are reinvesting? What is your aim to achieve in amount of members that can make your program stable in the long term?

I do the best I can to keep I4G web-site running for a long time. I4G always provide TRUE statistics. Simply look at Real-time Statistics on the web-site for getting fresh information. I’ve only one target – keep I4G web-site for a long time. I always search for new ways for advertising I4G web-site to collect new investors.

10. You introduced a new 1% payout fee recently. Please tell us where will the money go? What are your plans and strategy on further promotion of Invest4Games?

Yes, payout fee has been set to 1% for every deposit plan. All collected money will be used for additional advertising of I4G web-site. I’m thinking about big forums, PTR/PTC web-sites.

11. What are your plans for the near future? What should your members expect from Invest4Games soon?

I think, only one plan – increase the stability of I4G web-site.

12. What actually differentiates Invest4Games from similar programs? What made it so successful and what factors determined its success?

Fast payouts. Fast Support (e-mail, live chat, forums). I do the best I can to give the best service for every investor.

13. What would you tell to the members that is watching your program from the sidelines but hesitate to join and deposit? What would you suggest to them to encourage trying Invest4Games?

Every person can make choice. Simply test I4G with US $3.00, I think, it will be better than many words.

14. What is your honest opinion about my blog?

I like your style in articles. I like your honesty. Continue your great job. Good luck.

I’d like to thank Philip for giving me the opportunity to conduct this interview with him and wish Invest4Games every success. If you want to know my opinion of Invest4Games please take the time to read my review of this program here. And if you like my blog you have the opportunity to subscribe to RSS-feed or receive my daily news every day to your mailbox. Just fill in your email address, confirm it and you’re done! I wish you good-luck and see you tomorrow on my blog with another interview with SurfLibertAd admin.

P.S. I know that today the admin of Invest4Games changed the payout rules completely but he told me not to worry and that he needs some time to modify the current script. Anyway, we will see what will come of it. But so far the payments are processing as usual and I see no reason for panic. I just look at the changes the admin is trying to implement now as preventive ones against hit-n-runners. And I’m sure everything will be fine soon as he knows what he’s doing and I trust his professional abilities at least when it comes to providing stability and longevity for the program. Anyway, the interview was conducted before the admin of Invest4Games introduced this 50/50 rule to fight “hit-n-runners” and I will discuss this in detail in a later post. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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