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Today I’d like to present to you the interview with Robert, the admin of SurfLibertAd. Hopefully, it will help you know more about his personality and how the program actually works. I remind you that SurfLibertAd is a very hot autosurf program now that pays you daily 10% for 13 days. Mostly I would like to find out what differentiates SurfLibertAd from the sites with similar rebate plans like MoneyTrip and AdProsperity. I already received my first cashouts yesterday and today and can confirm that SurfLibertAd is paying promptly and you can always read my review of this program here.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have any previous experience in running a website and how did you come with an idea of creating your own autosurf?

Hi there, my name is Robert Lee, you can call me Rob. I am 41 years old, yes I am old but I am still young at heart so expect enthusiasm from me. I do not have experience running my own autosurf website in the past so this is my first time but this does not mean that I do not know what I am doing because I have familiarized myself with how a program should work, should a problem arise, I will be there to resolve the issues as soon as I can. I thought about making an HYIP program instead of an autosurf but I decided to make an autosurf for the fact that I know members would need to participate more and I will get more chances to meet them and introduce myself to them on the forums. Basically I would be doing investments, so I could have used an HYIP script instead but I like autosurf more for the fact that I can also make money with advertisements. Yes we do have some paid advertisements on our website so that is extra revenue for me as your administrator.

2. Why did you choose plan 10% for 13 days with daily cashouts? Doesn’t it cause a work overload for you with more than 600 members daily?

Daily cashouts would not be a permanent scheme on our program, I decided to start it with daily cashouts so that members would know and test how hardworking I am. I know that its not easy to process hundreds of cashouts daily but I am getting over it without any problems. After a while, when there is a need to stop daily cashouts, I would be upfront to members about the situation and would tell them why. Especially now that we are not purely relying on new investments to pay the cashouts. And I chose 10% daily for 13 days because its closest to the money that I could make via offline investments.

3. What are the surfing requirements to earn the daily rebate in SurfLibertAd? Are missed days penalized?

You only need to surf 10 pages to earn the daily return of investment, yes unfortunately they are penalized, this is to make sure everyone participates in our program. So you need to make it a habit to surf daily 10 pages that would take only a few minutes of your time.

4. What payment processors do you accept in SurfLibertAd? What is the minimum and the maximum amount to upgrade? How many active upgrades can one actually have?

SurfLibertAd accepts SolidTrustPay, E-Gold, LibertyReserve and Alertpay as our main payment processors. You can upgraded minimum 1 upgrade unit which is equal to $5 and a maximum of $5,000, if you want to upgrade more than $5,000 you can contact me and see if its possible at the time, if its not, then you cannot upgrade more than that. We have added a Car Trade Plan just in case you would want to invest more, but that would not be a daily cashout plan.

5. What do you think about SurfLibertAd‘s growth? Are you satisfied with members’ support? What promotional strategy are you using to attract more members to your site?

With only a little advertising and exposure, SurfLibertAd has exceeded my expectations on it’s growth, I would definitely need to give my members 2 thumbs up for doing a good job on promoting and advertising our program. Thanks for spreading the word guys! I owe it all to you! As time passes by, I would possibly do an advertising campaign on several popular forums and websites and blogs and that includes your website.

6. Please tell us about “Car Trade Fund” in detail. Are you really going to invest members’ money to offline business and become a sustainable program soon?

As you already know I am investing part of the upgrades on sales of iPhone clones, those are made in China and I acquire them cheap from a Chinese relative of mine, and I am able to sell them at double the price, but then of course you don’t actually sell a lot of them everyday so that would not be viable for a bigger investment plan so that is where I decided to try car trading. You can actually earn 25% – 60% profit in this business, I would buy low budget vehicles and sell them quickly for a good profit. More information on our car trade plan page here.

7. What script do you use? Do you have some anti-DDOS protection that will prevent possible DDOS-attacks?

Considering that I am a programmer too, I have modified and secured our script, it is basically the most popular autosurf script there, nothing fancy, but security is the number one priority so that’s where my website would excel. Yes DDOS protection is active.

8. How is SurfLibertAd different from other similar programs? What unique features do you have to attract new investors?

As you see, SurfLibertAd is just like any other autosurf programs out there but what makes it different? Well you see, not all admins are like me, I am very active and I actually do invest the money in offline ventures as mentioned above. I am very enthusiastic as you can see.

9. What are your plans for the near future? Do you have some aim to achieve with SurfLibertAd?

Well my plan is to think of more investment ideas so that I can make the upgrades grow in real money and so that it will be sustainable for a very long time.

10. What would you say to your potential investors to persuade them to try SurfLibertAd?

Try it out, I am always there to help you if you need some help on some things, members are very active as well in the forums so you can interact and meet them too. And did I mention I would sometimes, if not most of the time, process cashouts within seconds? Yes that is within seconds, ask some members if you don’t believe me.

11. What is your opinion about your blog? Your suggestions on how to make it better will be highly appreciated.

I would say that you are doing a wonderful job making your honest reviews on programs and that is what is most important, just publish what you think is right and I would say, it’s already perfect.”

I thank Robert for the detailed and comprehensive answers to my questions. I know that SurfLibertAd is a very popular program now but I hope that with my help it will become even more popular. I really believe that with such a committed admin like Robert SurfLibertAd can be a very good investment choice for a long time.

I’ll see you tomorrow with more news and updates as I have much to tell you. If you like my blog don’t forget to subscribe to it to get fresh daily updates to your email or to RSS-feed. You can also join my “Money-News club” and receive more privileges very soon. Stay tuned and you will be rewarded!

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