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23/03/08. JRProfit and Tramael Failures: Are Investors To Blame?


Hi, my dear readers! Today’s post will be about the programs whose admins don’t do anything special to promote their programs properly and instead hope for manna from heaven. But when the time comes and a program inevitably comes to an end they have the audacity to blame the members for their own failure. I hate such practices and will be glad to point out those admins so next time if they want to run round 2, 3 or 4 of their programs you will be aware of what type of people they are and will avoid their programs like the plague. That’s the main reason I’m posting this today instead of going out with some news!

Take JRProfit for example. Everybody thought it would be a hit. Why? They had everything to be a successful profit-sharing program. And the most important thing is honest and experienced admins who as many of us hoped will lead this program to prosperity for a long time. Although Jodi and Raz were not so experienced at all. Just a few days after the launch it was clear that they chose a bad hosting provider that couldn’t handle DDOS-attacks so they went down. And of course after they changed their provider it was already too late and the daily ROI dropped to 1% or less. It was obvious that there was a problem and they couldn’t continue like this (the BPP scenario was repeating itself) but they just preferred not to see it coming. There was only praise on the forums when in reality JRProfit was in severe trouble. I tried to persuade the admins to implement urgent measures to save their site from collapse but instead of hearing what I was trying to say they started to attack me and telling me that I was destroying their own program by publishing the truth.

Moreover, the night before they announced their closure I got a PM from MMG mod called “fishie” (really strange nickname, isn’t it?) with this message: “I am sorry to do this, but I must warn you for trolling in the JRProfit thread. You can express your opinion or discuss the program, but the trolling (incessant posting of the same thing over and over) is not allowed. I can’t stop you from posting your opinion unless you overstep the boundaries. Your continual downgrading of the program such as highlighting the low ROI or saying the site is offline when it is not can be construed as trolling. Please be more careful in the future.” So it was like a polite way to say “Shut up!” Well, I was shocked that I got this message from MMG moderator and it just reminded me of similar messages from MyCashForum before I was banned from there just because my point of view was the opposite from the admin’s (by the way, he’s also a known scammer called Kent Black). That’s what I least expected: that MMG also had censorship as I thought it was an independent forum where everybody could say what they think. I was probably mistaken but I hope it was just this mod’s personal opinion and it doesn’t reflect MMG’s official position.

Anyway, how did it happen that JRProfit‘s admins had to close the site down so fast? They were not satisfied with the members’ support? As if anybody would deposit in a site that pays 0.14% profit-share? Well, in my opinion it’s a huge red flag that can tell you everything about any profit sharing program online. The maximum daily is 20% and current daily ROI is 0.14%. What will that tell you if you are smart enough? The admins were unprofessional and arrogant. That’s true. Period. Any profit-sharing program that closes after just 3 weeks online and that claims to have taken all preventive measures against hit-n-runners is not worth being mentioned on my blog. But this discussion here is just to help prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

I can’t dispute that later on the admins tried to revive the program with some silly measures (like adding a so-called Happy Hour or similar crap) but smart investors just refused to deposit. Then guess what they did? They said some thing like this: “We’re going private because we only want to see the supportive members”. I think supportive members in their opinion means those who blindly throw in money without any trace of good sense. They call it “Team Work” – well, I call it “Stupidity”. Everybody is entitled to his own opinion but if they think that investors are here just to support them because they are honest and the program will go well without their participation they are terribly mistaken. Look at other admins for example. Look at Jamie, PSAdvertising admin: he encouraged members to vote on forums and being more active and those who vote frequently will get their payments faster than inactive members. That’s what I call the right approach! Look at Philip, Invest4Games admin: he was proactive enough to save his site, opened and registered another domain and did his best to get his site working. I think he will soon reap the rewards of this approach too!

Anyway, as I expected I was the one to blame after they sent out the goodbye email. I was blamed for being a hit-n-runner though I deposited my own $10 when the ROI was 0.14% just to show my support. Yes, I was in profit and I didn’t want to put all my money back in just to see it disappear after a few days. So was I “hit-n-runner”? Sorry, but I don’t think so. And I will not reply to the accusations from so called team players on MMG forum because I don’t want to be banned from MMG forum just to make sure my opinion was heard. I think such an unprofessional program run by such losers like Jodi and Raz (let’s call spade a spade) doesn’t deserve it. I’d better promote proper programs that are run maybe by not so “honest” admins like Jodi and Raz but where I and my readers have a bigger chance to be in profit. Because in all Jodi-Raz programs the possibility to be in profit is close to zero.

Oh, and did I mention that Jodi called one of her members “an ass” in a private conversation? Well, it’s no wonder according to how first she was excited to be listed on my blog but when I dared to tell my personal opinion out loud she started to attack me. It’s the same old approach: just tell me what I want to hear and if it’s not what I want to hear you are an idiot. Thanks, but I don’t tolerate this.

I’m just telling you that because soon they will start to send out invitations to join their private program. That is the reason why they decided to go private: “We don’t need HAR’s or members who are not helping the others and because we want to protect the members who are trying there best to help, JRprofit will become PRIVATE.

I know the latest news that the refunds were announced (you will get 75% of you initial deposit minus all your payouts if you were not in profit). I can only say that of course I support this though I have yet to see any members claiming that they received their refund. But why are they doing it you must ask yourself. The answer is obvious. They need more members for their private program that I’m sure they will start as soon as possible. We saw so many cases when some program went private and it was the beginning of the end. So beware of their invitations and if you don’t want to be at a loss again (or get 75% of your deposit refunded in the best case) don’t join it!

And the last but not the least point I’d like you to pay attention to. They stated:
Members who supported the site and helped will be invited to join the PRIVATE JRprofit. While we check all accounts we will also decide who will be invited in the PRIVATE site and those members will be notified soon with more details. PS: Do not ask more details about the PRIVATE JRprofit because only invited members will receive them. PS2: Do not ask for an invitation… if you deserve to be allowed in JRprofit PRIVATE you will receive an invitation.
Look, they will decide if I’m good enough for them! Just listen to that! And if they choose me (which I very much doubt because they only need team (i.e. fool) players) I should praise them for that and agree to all their conditions. And of course I will run to empty my wallet and give my money to those losers. I hope you understand that it was sarcasm but it’s probably how Jodi and Raz see it happening in their dreams. I repeat don’t be deceived by them again and you will get yourself out of trouble. Believe me there were many other decent programs to join out there. And some of them you can find on my blog btw. But if you decide to join especially after you get your refund (that’s what they expect you to do first thing after getting it) you will only have yourself to blame afterwards. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Otherwise, they will blame you personally in their arrogant manner because it will be you who was not very active and supportive in their new enterprise. So Jodi and Raz, accept my apologies that I ruined your site and thank you for being good ol’ admins in your hearts. Oops, sorry your site was already dead when I just posted my opinion on MMG forum which you disliked so much. But don’t you apologize. I know you have to blame somebody for JRProfit‘s failure because that way there will be more chance somebody depositing in your private site again and be burnt again. But I will not be one of them so you better find somebody else to blame for your future failure and I already have a suspicion who it will be, it will be your precious investors – team players.

Enough about this program but let’s speak about Tramael‘s closure. It was a similar situation with the admin Nein there blaming everybody but himself for his failure. It happened just like in round 1: sudden closure, no refunds and the talks about round 3. Sorry, Nein, but I can see a tendency that is not in favor of Tramael. Round 1 lasted eleven and a half months, round 2 – for six and a half months, so let’s count what will be in round 3. You don’t have to be a Nostradamus to say that it will be 3-4 months. I consider this term with such a low ROA of 6% for 20 days with payouts on expiry absolutely ridiculous and is not even worth trying and I will not support it and join Tramael round 3 unless Nein will come out with a better plan. I remind you that he promised to have worked out a very good ADS system and he told us that round 2 would be more protected and safe. We all saw the price of his words – it was nothing but words. And I don’t like the admins that don’t keep their word.

Even less respect I have for the admins that are blaming everybody (mostly the members) for the program’s failure. Just think out what he wrote in his goodbye letter: “I would just like to announce, that Tramael round 2 is over, after almost 7 months of non-stopping payouts. I truly hoped it would last a much longer, this time. But there was a lack of support from members and sillence, especially after they would get paid. Farthest they would go in promotion, was by means of using Hyper Vote. While posting in forums very rarely occurred. Thank you for your understanding.” Think about it! Tramael was great if not for the members. We are to blame again! The same old story! To tell you the truth I didn’t expect this from Nein. I really expected that he was a professional admin. But he appeared to be a professional scammer instead.

Judge for yourself! First the payments suddenly stopped BUT the site kept accepting new upgrades from non-suspecting members for two more days. And Nein was there on forums watching his site sinking down and waiting for the most convenient moment to announce about the closure and will not be called a scammer. Then he announced it and that was ok but what happened to the money he accepted for the last two days I wonder?

Also I published my opinion about possible paid voters he hired to praise his program on monitors. By the way, it’s strange that for the last two days there were a plenty of “paid” votes on monitors but I could find NO ONE “got paid”. Probably Nein used some trick with his Hyper-Vote feature in order to persuade everybody that everything was ok. First I thought he actually hired “paid posters” to do all his dirty work but now I think for a brilliant programmer like him it would be easier to make some script that will make all the necessary votes on monitors instead of bothering with “paid posters”. Of course it’s only speculation but else can I think seeing such a thing? I feel there’s something wrong about it but have no evidence of this.

Of course Nein sent me a PM asking me to edit my blog post about the “paid posters” which he told me he never used. Here’s excepts from this message: “I’ve looked and found no instant payments claims. They just said that they’ve received a payment! In those 2 days, some members have been paid! Few instantly, some latter through day and some hasn’t.” So the bots were not paying and Nein decided to pay himself but he paid only selectively? Hmm… that’s really strange to me.

Anyway, he has no substantial reason to blame investors. First he should blame himself for the lack of promotion he did for Tramael and for being so passive. If the admin is passive enough I don’t know why he should expect different behavior from his members. In addition with Nein’s practice to making selective payments (or cheating with voting system which is also not good) and “no refunds” attitude it will be extremely hard for him to gain members’ attention in round 3 which I’m sure he will launch soon and which I will not join anymore after this disappointing experience with Nein. I have no doubt about this because everybody loves easy money. But it’s an easy thing to cheat and then blame the members. Look in the mirror first and maybe you will see then why your program was unsuccessful! Maybe you’re just a loser or a pure scammer and people feel it?

So let’s not blame others for our own sins and maybe then the industry will become a little bit better and sincere. How do you think? It’s food for thought I wanted to give you today. I will see you tomorrow with more news and updates. Good-bye and Happy Easter!

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