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Hi, guys! Today I would like to give a review of another program I recently joined. It’s called EmmaInvest. Do you think it’s a strange name? Not if you know that Emma is the name of the admin of the program. Anyway, here are investment details on EmmaInvest. The program has three plans: Bronze (112% after 4 days), Silver (125% after 5 days) and Gold (138% after 6 days). My pick is Gold plan as EmmaInvest is quite a new program and I’d like to risk my money for 6 days. The program accepts deposits in e-gold (manual deposits), LibertyReserve and V-Money (automatic deposits). Let’s break down the main features of EmmaInvestthat in my opinion predetermine its success.
1) EmmaInvestis based on the same script as Invest4Games (X-HYIP). This script proved to be safe and secure (with 256-bit SSL certificate) and I consider it one of the best in the industry. I think one of the main advantages of the script is the possibility to see the statistics in real time (for example, you can find out Paid Out stats, Investors Top 20, Investors Last 20, Referrers Top 20 and Payouts Queue where all the pending payments listed).

2) EmmaInvest web-site is under DDoS protection by Zydus Networks and hosted on a dedicated server. As I’m always concerned about the security of the site I’m going to ask Emma the details about it in my upcoming interview with her that she agreed to answer exclusively for my blog. So stay tuned!

3) I find it interesting that the maximum amount you can deposit with in every plan is $100 only (the minimum to deposit is $5). I don’t know whether it’s some HAR protection or something else but it’s obvious to me that EmmaInvest is here for a long time because with such low maximum it usually takes more time to develop a program. Also in my opinion such low-maximum programs are more stable and can be run for a longer time. In the interview I’m also going to ask Emma why she chose such a low maximum. Also I’m interested in knowing more about bonuses that according to the script will get the members who deposited in Silver (1%) and Gold (2%) plans.

Considering that EmmaInvest is a new program (4 days online) and the admin just started her advertising campaign there is a good chance to be in profit in my opinion. Don’t forget that the payouts are made fast and within 12 hours of your request. You also have an option to redeposit the amount earned. As I can see from EmmaInvest stats page two members have already been paid (from Bronze plan of course) and I also received the first referral payout today. Anyway, I hope EmmaInvest will be here for a long time and will report when I get my first payment from the Gold plan I’m in.

Other news for today.

Invest4Games is unavailable again but it’s not what you think. The admin is just upgrading their server: “Today our hosting will be upgraded. During this time the I4G web-site will be unavailable. I apologize for any inconvenience. As soon as all processes will be completed I’ll inform you via e-mail.” I think there’s nothing to worry about as yesterday Philip processed many payments. Of course you should follow the 50/50 rule which is quite complicated but I still want to say that the admin’s efforts to upgrade Invest4Games with more secure features deserves at least my respect. You can read my interview with Philip here to find out more details about this program.

BetHYIP already returned back online. I remind you that the program was changing servers yesterday and therefore was unavailable for the members. Now it has level 2 protection from BlackLotus and I’m sure this will make BetHYIP stronger and attract more new investors. Recently the admin Snaik opened a forum on BetHYIP website where you can ask admin some questions about his betting activities or you can refer to my interview with him for more information. Since BetHYIP is back online and paying as usual I put it back to my list of 5 TOP Recommended programs.

An hour after I finished my post about MoneyTrip last night I received rather strange email from the admin with the following message in it: “Here I am with your daily update again, I do not have any big news for today, except that our program is getting very big now! Because of that, I may not be able to make the payments as fast as they are now, as you all agreed in our FAQ, it may take from 1 to 3 days, going up to 5 sometimes. Of course, I’ll try to make it as fast as I can, as usual, but don’t get mad if it takes a little longer, they are going to happen! I am sure you will understand“. I agree that MoneyTrip is growing bigger with every day but I don’t consider it as much of a work overload for the admin as the payouts are made upon expiry (once in 13 days). And I’m sure that such a serious change from very fast payouts to up to a 5 day delay will be considered by many members as a big red flag that indicates some cashflow problems in MoneyTrip. Also I noticed that right after the afore mentioned email was sent David was nowhere to be seen on the forums or even on Yahoo messenger on the site. Some of the members already expressed their opinions about this new change. And they were not positive to say the least. I don’t want to say that MoneyTrip is in danger but in my opinion these new changes will certainly not do nothing to enhance the program as the members will certainly be more cautious now. Therefore it’s almost inevitable that the amount of new upgrades will decrease. But if MoneyTrip is really the program that is backed by stable outside income from betting and not just ponzi-game it will not be a problem for David to honor all payout requests. Anyway, we will see where things are heading in a couple of days. As for now giving all the facts straight I would recommend you to hold back your money, wait for a while and don’t make any new upgrades. In my opinion it’s always better be safe than sorry. I’m also temporarily taking MoneyTrip out of my top 5 recommended list. If things go back to normal in the course of days I can reconsider my decision but not now.

LibertyReserve was apparently under a minor DDOS-attack today as many had some difficulties with accessing the site. Of course it somehow affected the programs that accept LibertyReserve but I somehow managed to receive my cashouts from YourProfitHere, EmmaInvest, BetHYIP, SafeAtom, UltimateHYIP and SurfLibertAd. The LR site is still extremely slow and unstable for me but I hope it will be ok in a few hours. At least it’s working now. Otherwise, this downtime could affect many programs that accept LibertyReserve as their main payment processor. But I hope everything will be ok as even on LR blog I didn’t find a word about this attack.

That was all I had to report to you today. See you tomorrow with more news and updates!

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