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Today I found and joined another short-term program FastProfit4You that is based on Waylex script which is becoming very popular among HYIP owners. FastProfit4You offers 3 plans: Light (55% for 2 days), Silver (115% after 2 days) and Gold (40% for 4 days). It accepts LibertyReserve and e-gold. Light and Silver plans has a very low minimum of $1 but to join the Gold plan you need to have at least $300 to invest with. To tell you the truth, I joined the Light plan but if I had $300 on my LR account I would go with the Gold one as FastProfit4You is very new and there’s a big chance to be in profit there. Let’s have a closer look on the main features of the site.

1) FastProfit4You uses Waylex script which I mentioned before in my review of YourProfitHere. Many users and admins claim it has the highest level of security. If you’re curious to see how it looks from the inside just go to the main page of FastProfit4You website and try to log in with the following info: username – test, password – testtest. Then you will have a general idea of how it works. And yes, the most positive thing is that the payouts are instant and you will not have to wait and worry for them. In my opinion using Waylex is a definite advantage of FastProfit4You website.

2) I can say that FastProfit4You is fully protected against DDOS-attacks and the admin uses a secure BlackLotus server, secure Waylex script, makes regular back-ups of all the data and is available online 24/7. If it’s true and he’s online all the time I don’t think that he works alone, but I can ask him about this in an interview I will try to conduct with him soon. As far as I know his name is Thom Nelson and he really provides fast support.

3) It’s showed on Fastprofit4You site that it’s online for 3 days when actually I noticed it accepts deposits only for 2 days. I think the first day was a testing day to try the script. The plans are very reasonable in my opinion (from 10% to 15% after 2 days) and with good management FastProfit4You can be run for a long time. The risks right now are very low as the site is brand new and provided you will be in profit just after 2 days why not try it?

4) I already told you that the admin is a really hard-working guy and is constantly improving his site. Today for example he added another banner and assured me that FAQ section was under construction and would be available soon. The promotion campaign is already impressive so we can expect stable growth for the next few days. For instance, the admin has already added more than 20 monitors. That is crucial in my opinion for every successful promotional campaign so I expect many new members in the last couple of days joining FastProfit4You.

Other news for today.

As I predicted Invest4Games couldn’t recover from the constant rule changes and problems with hosting so the admin decided to close the program and issue refunds: “Invest4Games project is officially CLOSED. Now I try to move database to new hosting without domain to calculate how much I can refund to members.” I will watch this process and report to you if the refunds really are processed because I’ve heard too many refund promises from admins that they almost always fail to deliver. So I would be surprised if we see some refunds here!

It’s already been two days since I saw David, the admin of MoneyTrip for the last time. He suddenly disappeared from all the forums and even from Yahoo Messenger where he was available every day for the last number of weeks he ran the program. I assume it’s not a good sign and something obviously happened. I don’t like to believe that he made this program just to scam us but the silence is deafening and simply makes me more and more suspicious. So even despite the last payouts being paid two days ago and still within TOS (up to 5 business days) I consider this lack of communication as a very strange and disturbing factor that made me downgrade MoneyTrip to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. Please don’t upgrade there until you hear something positive from the admin and until the payments are resumed. I still hope it’s not the end.

In view of the fact that MoneyTrip is gone I made SurfLibertAd my next “Pick of the Week”. The admin Robert is very active with support and prompt daily payments and wants to make his program even better. Today in a private conversation with me he admitted that he’s going to make SurfLibertAd 100% backed up by real business in the near future. I remind you that SurfLibertAd is not just an autosurf site but partially backed by car and mobile phones trading. Read the details in my interview with the admin here. So far the payments are processed daily and I consider SurfLibertAd as one of the best choices now.

YourProfitHere is still paying but not instantly. The admin mentioned recently that they had some script issues so it was decided that the payments would be processed manually: “Instant payouts had to be disabled again due to some script issues. But we will process them as fast as possible manually.” Although I can say that I received my payments from YourProfitHere very fast after making a request so I think there’s nothing to worry about yet. To read my interview with the admin Marc please click here.

I’m also glad to report that I received payments today from OG Fund, AcmosTrade, EmmaInvest, BetHYIP, SafeAtom, UltimateHYIP and PSTraffic. See you, guys, tomorrow!

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