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Hi, guys! What a day we had! AdProsperity closed the day after it became obvious that MoneyTrip was gone. Is it just a pure coincidence and how can it affect the industry? Wanna know? Then read tomorrow’s post on my blog. Even my new favorite pick FastProfit4You has some problems now (hope they are temporary). But there are many really good programs out there left with dedicated admins who know how to run HYIP project and make it successful and stable. Among such admins I can name is the admin of EmmaInvest, Emma, who started her program only six days ago but made it already quite popular among investors. I have a deposit running in its Gold plan (138% after 6 days) and also I received some referral commissions. I also know that some members have been paid already and redeposited. I will not repeat here my opinion on EmmaInvest (overall it’s positive, by the way) but if you want to know it just refer to my review of this program here. So let me introduce you to the admin of EmmaInvest– one of my best picks for now.
1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us what experience you have (if any) in running your online projects. How did you come up with your own HYIP project?

Greetings! I’m Emma, the admin of EmmaInvest. I’m glad to introduce my program to your readers. First I would like to thank all members for making the choice. Yes, I have good experience in the administration of online programs. I have opened the EmmaInvest site for people who know well what HYIPs are all about, and who know how they work. I’m ready to share my experience with everyone. I’m ready to share a chance to earn good profits with everyone.

2. Why did you choose to use X-HYIP script? Do you consider it secure and safe enough from hacker’s attacks?

I like X-HYIP script because the work of the site is fully transparent for everyone. Yes, it is a secured script. X-HYIP has several account protection options, such as GeoIP or User Hot Data Protection. The member can also see when someone visits his account.

3. Does the EmmaInvest site have some anti-DDOS protection in place? Are you ready for possible DDOS-attacks that nowadays seem to occur quite often?

DDoS attacks is a serious danger. Yes, EmmaInvest has DDoS Protection and yes I’m working on additional protection solutions, because DDoS protection is a very difficult and expensive task.

4. Please tell us about the investment plans EmmaInvest offers to its investors. What kind of bonuses do you offer to the investors who will make deposits into Silver and Gold plans? What is the purpose of these bonuses?

EmmaInvest has 3 plans. You can Withdraw your money only after your deposit plan expires.

Bronze: 112% after 4 days
Silver: 125% after 5 days, bonus +1% from initial deposit
Gold: 138% after 6 days, bonus +2% from initial deposit I’m interested in long term stability for
EmmaInvest, so I decided to give bonuses for investors who prefer longer plans.

5. What e-currencies do you accept in EmmaInvest? Why is the maximum deposit in all the plans only $100? Do you plan to increase the maximum deposit in the near future?

E-gold, LibertyReserve and V-Money. Yes, maximum deposit is limited. Also the total amount of all your active deposits can’t be more than US$250 per account. I’m interested in stability for EmmaInvest. I hate “hit-n-runner” types. I plan to set the deposit limit from $100 to $50 soon.

6. What promotional strategy are you using to make EmmaInvest known to your potential investors? Are you satisfied with the program’s growth so far?

I use many ways. Advertising on popular forums such as MMG, TG (banner,
link), DTM (big banner). Advertising on popular monitors, on autosurfs programs, banner and link exchange. Mailing via PTR sites, PTC advertising, banner advertising etc. Yes, I’m satisfied with the program’s growth, but I’ll continue
EmmaInvest advertising.

7. Do you think with such high ROI plans EmmaInvest has a good chance to become a sustainable program and run for a long time? What are your plans for the near future?

I’ll be honest. This is HYIP world, I think it possible if members will always support EmmaInvest. I have plan to do the EmmaInvest most popular program in fast HYIP segment.

8. What differentiates EmmaInvest from similar online programs? What are the key factors that will determine its success in your opinion?

Full transparency of the work, I think. And of course fast payouts and fast support.

9. What would you like to say to all the investors that are reading this interview right now to encourage them to try your program?

I would like to thank them all for their attention first. What can I say? Welcome to the EmmaInvest.

10. What is your opinion about my blog? Do you think it provides investors with necessary info for picking the right programs online?

Great job! I received many visits from your blog. Yes, you share a good analysis of information about every program. Keep it up! Good luck and thank you for the interview.

So we can see that EmmaInvest has everything to become a successful HYIP: “hit-n-runners” protection, stable and secure script, reliable hosting, attractive plans but the most important thing – it has an experienced admin in Emma, devoted to her project. I would like to thank her for taking some time from her busy schedule and answering my questions and hope EmmaInvest will be here for a long time.

If you like what you have read and want to know more about HYIP and autosurf opportunities online please check back with my blog often. But not to miss any new interesting articles I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS-feed or via email to receive daily news and updates just into your mailbox every day. See you tomorrow!

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