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Hi, guys! Very many big programs are facing great problems today and even LibertyReserve is not loading and is under DDOS-attack (at least I noticed an announcement about it on its blog). So maybe it’s time to pay attention to the program that is just flying under radar but slowly but steadily gain popularity. I’m talking about FastProfitNetwork – the site that is paying 10% for 14 days with payouts upon expiry. In total 5 payment processors accepted: LibertyReserve, AlterGold, E-Gold, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay. AlertPay is the only payment processor which is not automated and is added manually. Bear in mind that there is some upgrading fee involved (it depends on your payment processor: but the biggest one is for LR). The minimum to upgrade is $5 and you should surf 10 sites daily to earn your daily rebates. Needless to say that like in any surfing program you can advertise your site using the surfing credits available on your account after upgrading.

FastProfitNetwork is not just a name. It’s really becoming a network as from now on FastProfitNetwork affiliated with DailyIncomeSurf that is now a part of their network. I haven’t joined DailyIncomeSurf yet but now I will give it a second thought and will consider of doing so in the future. I’m still testing FastProfitNetwork and haven’t paid yet but so far I only heard great feedback from the members about the fast payments after expiry. So I decided to give the program a try. By the way, FastProfitNetwork is exactly 3 weeks online and has more than 450 members. You can actually see on the main page how many members join the site daily and from what countries they are.

The admin of FastProfitNetwork claims that he has multiply sources of income to make his site more sustainable (he mentioned about piggybacking to other stable programs as well). Taken from FastProfitNetwork website: “Why FastProfitNetwork? Your principal is managed by a team of professional investors and funds received from deposited members are invested in various on-line and off-line activities. Profits from these investments are then shared with our upgraded members and also re-invested in very stable long term investments to guarantee our overall program’s stability.

Alexa Ranking of FastProfitNetwork is growing but not too fast (I think it’s even better) and reached already 145,086 weekly. The admin is very easy to get in touch with on different forums and I know that he spent some money on advertising campaign and reap the rewards now with such stable growth. In my opinion, FastProfitNetwork can become the next big hit especially after sudden changes in SurfLibertAd (the details are following) and I think possibly autosurf sites that are paying after expiry are more stable than those paying daily and will be able to run for a longer time. Though you should always remember that it’s NOT an investment site and spend only money you can afford to lose.

Very soon on my blog you can read more details of FastProfitNetwork website and find out more about the admin’s background after I conduct an interview with him. Stay tuned!

Other news for today.

Today was a bad day for many programs but the worst surprise came from the admin of SurfLibertAd. In a nutshell, he admitted some financial troubles and disabled all upgrades and withdrawals temporarily until he made some necessary calculations and will open the site again in several days with a new plan of 8% for 15 days with payouts upon expiry and reduced to 3% referral commission. It was very surprising for me because before making such a decision he intended to open even another website CashLibertAd but now its future is under a big question. I’m going to write a complete analysis of the current situation and you will be able to read it on my blog tomorrow. At the moment, not all is clear to me and not all things are finalized yet but I hope by tomorrow we will have a better picture of what has happened today and what the admin’s plans are for the future of SurfLibertad. Now I’m putting SurfLibertAd to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page.

Another quite successful HYIP site YourProfitHere is also on hold. The site is not accessible now but the admin assured everybody that it would be online soon: “Attention! We’re working on the problem diligently. It should be solved within the next 12 hours or even sooner. Please, don’t panic and give us some time.” I would not have amounted to very much here just because of the nature of such games. We all knew that it would end pretty soon and I already warned you a couple of days ago as I saw YourProfitHere Alexa ranking was decreasing. So I will just look for another short term promising program soon!

I received my first payment from EmmaInvest very fast today but also had to put it to “Waiting” status as the domain with .com extension has been suspended and Emma is trying to find the best solution possible for this issue. This is the last update I received from here an hour ago: “Mirror #2 has been installed and will be activated very soon. Old site domain has been suspended. Domain will be unblocked ASAP (need transfer to another registrar). Now EmmaInvest program located on domain with .net extension. Also mirror #3 on another domain will be ready tomorrow.” I haven’t got access to my account yet as the site is still under maintenance but I hope it will be ready by tomorrow. Anyway, don’t worry. I think Emma will be able to get through it soon. Update: it’s done and EmmaInvest is available here. I’ll return the program to my regular listing as soon as the payouts are resumed.

Because of the severe DDOS-attack on LibertyReserve several sites were unable to process payments today. Among them this email I received from the admin of UltimateHYIP which is one of my top 5 Recommended now: “Liberty Reserve is once again under ddos attack. Due to these circumstances we were only able to process a very limited number of Liberty Reserve withdrawal requests today. If you have requested a Liberty Reserve withdrawal with us, please be assured that they will be processed tomorrow morning when I am back in the office, presumed that Liberty Reserve is up and “alive” again. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.” The interview with UltimateHYIP admin Chris you can read on my blog here. It’s really a stable program with three attractive plans that is hopefully will be with us for a long time.

So as you see today was a really bad day for many programs and I just hope that tomorrow will bring us more luck. It’s always better hoping for the best and I will do it too. See you tomorrow, guys!

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