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As you may have noticed recently I introduced several low ROI HYIPs to you. It’s not a coincidence as I’m really diversifying my portfolio and am now in search of stable low ROI programs that can pay me regularly for a long time. And one such program I joined is OG Fund that started only recently, from the 15th of February. It offers a non-fixed daily interest (only on trading days) with a lock-up period of 180 days for a principal. Only two e-currencies are accepted: LibertyReserve and e-Bullion.

The site of OG Fund has a simple but stylish purple-while layout. But it looks simple only at first glance. Looking closer and observing its features you will find out that it’s something not as typical as we are used to seeing in the HYIP industry.

First of all, OG Fund is allegedly a registered company and is located in Panama City: “OG Fund® is a registered entity in Panama City, Panama. We are successfully operating as a registered entity since 2006 and as an online investment platform company since December 2007“. You can find their physical address in the “About Us” section of the site. The admin already agreed to answer some questions for my interview so hopefully next week you will be able to read it.

Secondly, OG Fund doesn’t promise a fixed daily rate of interest. Instead of this the interest you will get for a trading day completely depends on the results of their trading performance. So far the highest daily rate was 1.46% while the lowest one was 0.46%. In my opinion it’s a reasonable return and the only promise OG Fund gives you is that the daily ROI will be more than 0%: “Minimum rate of return for “OG Performance” is >0% daily, thus far making new projects for investments to be taken cautionary. “OG Performance” does not practice any provisions in which OG Fund would be responsible for returning the performance fee in an unlikely event of fund value decrease“. More information about their trading activities is available on their website in “Learn more / Investment Philosophy” section.

Third, OG Fund invests mostly in stock markets therefore they honestly warn you about the possible principal risks connected with this. This is how they are explaining their trading strategy on the website: “We try to make full use of our aggressive trading strategy, using a semi-automatic trading platform, combined with traditional stock-picking and trading strategies. Our Fund managers choose companies that maintain a high level of liquidity at all times. We also focus on highly volatile companies’ shares to make full use of both long and short selling strategies, rather than those with long term growth prospects. Since we employ the strategies of both short and long selling, we are able to maintain sufficient yields even under coarse market conditions“. You can see the chart of their historical performance for the year of 2007 with the highest yield in May of 36.20% and the lowest in September of 21.10%. As you can see the return is very reasonable and you can count to at least double your capital by the end of the 180 days investment term.

Finally, I was very surprised that the audit of their trading activities for the year of 2007 was provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world’s largest firm of accountants and professional services. I’m going to ask them about it too and hopefully they will be able to provide me with some facts confirming it. There’s now only an ICQ number on their contact page along with physical address but originally they had a phone number that for some reason was withdrawn from OG Fund website but is still available in Google cache history. I’m going to ask them about it also because it is obviously not a Panamanian dialing code. And finally, apparently a man named David Sansom appeared to be a senior trader and CEO of OG Fund LLC. So there are many questions to be answered which I will definitely ask in the upcoming interview with a representative of OG Fund.

As you can see, OG Fund is an interesting and professional looking program with daily trading results and returns based on their performance. Of course, I’m going to ask them some questions to confirm their full transparency but even now I can see that the program can be very profitable with a minimal risk. Sometimes I’m really curious to try real investments for a change and OG Fund would be a program where I can successfully diversify my portfolio. Hopefully this program is transparent enough and I will get the answers to the questions about the facts I’m interested to know.

Other news for today.

Finansert finally paid me today and I put it back to my list of paying programs. I don’t know what the cause of this delay was but I’m really glad Finansert is paying. If you want to know more about this program please, refer to my interview with the admin Andrew here.

JRProfit was offline for the most part of the day and it’s obviously again affected by this downtime. According to the admins’ words it was not caused by DDOS-attack this time. But anyway at the moment of writing this Live Share % for LibertyReserve investors is still 5.61% though it seems that SolidTrustPay accounts are not affected at all and they are already on its maximum of 20%. I use LR so I will wait and see and am not going to redeposit till the things with LR get back to normal maximum of 20%. I know that it sounds harsh but despite the admins’ honesty and transparency the LR part of the site is really in big trouble. Regarding STP I don’t see why you have to worry about it yet as its daily Live Share is looking healthy and stable.

I got paid last night from BusinessProfitPro that is now rebuilt from profit-share to regular HYIP paying 2% for 70 days but was unable to report about it earlier because the post had already been published. As for another program run by Dave – SurfProfitPro – it’s also looking good as many members are redepositing and the stats seem healthy. I’m also going to redeposit in SurfProfitPro later today. Really no unpleasant surprises here – SPP is still going strong!

And finally some good news for those of you who were not in profit in AttractiveAds and waiting for a refund: Larry recently reported that that the refunds will start next week though he didn’t give the exact timeframe in what it should be finished: “Refund will start next week and on weekly basis as I cannot refund all members altogether. That is why I stated that all I need is time. Thank you for all of your patience“. He still has no plan for re-opening his site for a while but I will keep you updated on that.

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