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Hi, guys! I know that I intended to write an article about SurfLibertAd today but I had to delay it because of a new investment program that is launching today and that I don’t want you to miss out. It’s called ProfitBay and in my opinion it will be very successful. The admin made all the necessary preparations and surely it will be big. Of course those who will join first will reap the rewards of possibly bigger profits. ProfitBay pays you 24% for 5 days so totally you will get 120% on your every deposit. ProfitBay accepts e-gold and LibertyReserve and based on well-known and currently very popular Waylex script.

Let’s break down the main features of the site and find out what persuaded me to join ProfitBay:

1) First and foremost it’s Waylex script and security that it provides. In my opinion it’s the most secure script in the HYIP world to date. I first noticed it in YourProfitHere (which is back and paying by the way) and it proved to be very stable. Although ProfitBay uses professional and secured script they don’t want to take any risks with processing instant withdrawals so it was decided that the withdrawals will be made several times a day. On the main page of the site you can see the latest transactions that were processed recently which is very convenient for collecting statistics.

2) The admin uses protected hosting from BlackLotus to avoid DDOS-attacks. In addition to hacker-proof and secured script it gives an almost 100% guarantee that the site will not be hacked or expect downtime which is a very important factor for any successful HYIP project to run flawlessly for a long time.

3) The investment plan is (and there is only one): 24% for 5 days and you can deposit any amount from $1 to $5,000. You should remember that using Waylex script you should first add funds from you e-currency and only then deposit them in the appropriate plan. Only two payment processors are accepted currently: e-gold and LibertyReserve but the admin promised to think about adding SolidTrustPay soon. Although you should remember that ProfitBay is just a game and not a real investment site and the admin assures us that he will run it honestly and till the end. In this case ProfitBay has a very good chance to run for a long time. Members support is also crucial here but it seems the members are very excited to join this HYIP and I noticed many big spenders already so it will be a good ride.

4) The admin Alex made all the necessary preparations for the launch. First he made a two day prelaunch period where everybody could sign-up and get acquainted with the admin. By now the program main page shows that there are about 200 accounts registered (I consider this a good level for the prelaunch stage). ProfitBay should have been launched yesterday but a DDOS-attack on LibertyReserve made the admin delay the launch by one day. Since LibertyReserve is back today ProfitBay has just launched.

5) The ProfitBay site has been just launched but it’s already heavily adveritised on the forums and monitors (including a big banner on the top of MMG forum). The admin spent a lot of money on advertising and it should pay off in the next couple of days when I predict an explosive growth in membership so if you want to be the first join now and start earning.

6) The admin Alex is a very friendly and supportive person who is always on the forums ready to help so if you have any questions you can ask him and I’m sure he’ll answer them fast. As for me, I decided to ask Alex my own questions and publish it as an interview on my blog soon. So stay tuned!

Bottom line: ProfitBay is 24% for 5 days (120%) site based on Waylex script and with BlackLotus protected hosting, heavily advertised and extremely hot now. Of course it’s the best choice for your investments now that’s why I made ProfitBay my next “Pick of the week” and hope it will even better my expectations.

Other news for today.

As you remember LibertyReserve site was under heavy attack for the most part of the day yesterday and that’s why many programs were also in some trouble. It’s not a secret that most of the programs but especially those short-term ones depending heavily on new deposits to pay older ones were having some difficulties because of that. Fortunately I’m glad to report that every program is now paying on time.

Take EmmaInvest. It’s completely back on track now though it’s available on the new domain while emmainvest.com is suspended and it will possibly not return. Anyway, EmmaInvest is fully functional on the mirror site now and all withdrawals are processed in time (within 12 hours of the request). It’s one of my favorite programs now and I encourage you at least read my interview with the admin here to find out more about EmmaInvest. Maybe it will be your choice too?

Strangely AcmosTrade also lost its domain today and it was suspended for some reason. So now temporarily it’s available on the mirror site that is located here. The support person Jenifer didn’t give the reason why it was suspended and I hope there’s nothing serious. Anyway, I requested my withdrawal on the mirror site and am waiting now.

The biggest surprise came today from Marc, the admin of YourProfitHere. Not only did the site get back online after much downtime but (the most important thing!) YourProfitHere paid all the pending payments. I had three of them and I received them all which was a big surprise for me. Here’s the latest update from the admin: “As we promised the site was returned back to normal work. Unfortunately due to the YPH downtime the e-gold pendings will be delayed for up to 12 hours from now on. Also due to the recent LR downtime, the LR pendings will be delayed for up to 24 hours from the point when LR returned. We hope for your understanding and support.” The interview with the admin of YourProfitHere Marc you can read on my blog here. But I must add that despite this wonderful return I can see that the popularity of YourProfitHere is still declining and you should exercise caution from now on and remember that it’s only a game.

Also today I received payments from UltimateHYIP, SafeAtom and OG Fund. The delays with payouts in two of Jamie’s programs PSAdvertising and PSTraffic made me put these programs to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page (I hope temporarily). The admin of these programs is not available anywhere and doesn’t give any update on the current situation with payouts so I ask you to be cautious and don’t upgrade for now. See you tomorrow with more news and updates!

P.S. I just joined another promising short-term HYIP called ProfitGame. It pays you 25% for 5 days and only 1 day online. E-Gold and LibertyReserve accepted. The details are on my blog tomorrow!

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