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Hi, my dear readers! Not too much news to report today so I decided to introduce to you Stiven – the admin of ProfitGame, 4-days old short-term HYIP that pays 25% for 5 days. Stiven doesn’t hide the fact that his program is just a HYIP game but it’s well thought-out and organized and in my opinion, especially in such programs, you have a bigger chance to be in profit. If you want to know my detailed opinion about ProfitGame please refer to my review here. Anyway, below is the interview with the admin of ProfitGame. Enjoy!

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. How did you come up with the idea of running your own HYIP site?

Hello, my name is Stiven Mccallow. I got an idea of creating a HYIP-game after losing my own money at some similar ones. So I decided to make HYIP which would work stable for the long time without any deception, helping to earn money for people and myself.

2. What kind of script do you use? Is it safe enough to handle members’ money?

We use GoldCoders script. As you noticed there was an unconfirmed discussion about the script at MMG forum. One has said that this script is easy for hacking. I can reply just the opposite – I immediately wrote to the technical service support – goldcoders.com and they answered that only unlicensed versions are vulnerable to SQL injection and hacking. Licensed versions don’t have Backdoors.

3. I heard you bought the highest level of DDoS-protection from BlackLotus. Are you sure now that your site is 100% hacker-proof and DDoS-protected?

Yes we buy Enterprise Protection from BlackLotus for $2200.00 a month. You can check it through ‘whois’. Our servers: NS1.ENTERPRISE.BLACKLOTUS.NET and
NS2.ENTERPRISE.BLACKLOTUS.NET The price of the protection can be checked here.

4. Tell us about the investment plan of ProfitGame. Do you think it will be stable for the long term?

Of course, 25?5 The Gold Plan. During 4 days the user gets his deposit and just at the final profit at the end 125% TOTAL ROI. It is very easy to make withdrawals with such a Plan.

5. What are the minimum and the maximum deposits? Is compounding allowed? Why don’t you pay on weekends? Which e-currencies do you accept?

Minimum deposit is 5$. Maximum deposit is 1000$ per account. With the 5-day Plan I decided that compounding is not required. We don’t pay at weekend just because admin should have a rest as well. I must notice that weekend earnings would add on. We accept LR and E-Gold.

6. What promotional strategy are you using to make ProfitGame known to your potential investors? Are you satisfied with the program’s growth so far?

We have invested a lot of money in advertising. As you might notice we have bought premium listing at almost every monitor. There are our big banners on the most famous monitors. At last we have a big banner for $400.00 at hyipsensor for one month.

7. What are your plans for the near future? How much time do you estimate ProfitGame will run successfully? Will there be another round after this one ends?

I want ProfitGame to run more than 60 days, with the 5 Day Plan I think there will be no problems. Will there be another round after this one ends? I don’t know so far, we’ll see.

8. What differentiates ProfitGame from similar short-term HYIPs?

We don’t deceive our investors that we work at Forex. Everyone knows that it’s impossible to earn 25% a day there.

9. What is your opinion about my blog? Do you think it provides investors with necessary info for picking the right programs online?

It goes without saying that your blog is the best on the Internet. I must admit that when I invested money in HYIP myself I was often a reader of your reviews. Thank you for your attention, Paul. Have a nice Day!

I’d like to thank Stiven as well that he found time in his busy schedule to answer my questions. I only wanted to emphasize that ProfitGame has big potential to grow and develop and you can at least try it with the minimum deposit of $5. I wish you all success in your investment activities and don’t forget to check my blog often!

Tomorrow another interesting interview will be published on my blog and I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS-feed or to join my “Money-News Club” to be in touch with my blog on regular basis.

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