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Hi, my dear readers! Today I would like to present you with another interview. One which I conducted a couple of days ago with the admin of FastProfitNetwork, John Smith. I remind you that FastProfitNetwork pays you 135% after 15 days of surfing (instead of 140% after 14 days like it was before). The program accepts four most popular payment processors (AlertPay was dropped recently) with AlterGold among them. By the way, I have just joined AlterGold out of curiosity and can say that this newly launched payment processor is getting more popular by the day as more and more programs are using it. I’ll probably write an article about AlterGold soon and will try to analyse whether it will be another big processor or not.

Let’s get back to our topic though. Running for about 4 weeks FastProfitNetwork is slowly but steadily building its reputation with very fast payouts upon expiry. This way it’s getting positive feedback and more investors daily. I consider FastProfitNetwork as one of the most promising autosurf programs now and you can read my detailed review of this program here. Now I will finally give you the opportunity to get to know the admin of FastProfitNetwork better.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Have you got any previous experience in running an autosurf program? How did you come up with the idea of running your own autosurf program?

My name is John Smith and I am 42 years old. My original town is Liverpool but now I live in France.

Let me tell the entire history. I went to this industry 6-7 years ago when a friend told me about this opportunity and started… Now we are a group of 12 people the “older” has 9 years of experience and the “younger” has just 3 years. The idea to run my own website came 4 months ago and was firstly just a simple but at a glass of beer with some friends. One month ago I made it. We built this customized script and started FastProfitNetwork.

2. Why did you choose 135% after 15 days plan with payouts upon expiry? Do you think it will be stable in the long run?

I chose the 135% after 15 days plan because it is the most reliable, safest and trusted plan even is very difficult to return 35% profit in just 15 days but we have many funds to sustain our program on this industry which gets bigger day by day. But the 135% after 15 days plan because it’s closest to the money that I could make via offline investments.

In those years I read many forums, many articles, saw a lot of scams but I think I had a lot of luck because I lost just a few dollars with them.

This plan is the best for my members because they earn 35% profit in just 15 days with just max 4 minutes per day.

3. What is the minimum and the maximum to upgrade with? What e-currencies does FastProfitNetwork site accept? Tell us about the upgrade fees in detail.

The minimum to upgrade is $5 – 1 ad-pack and the maximum $12,000 – 2400 ad-packs. We accept most of the important e-currencies:
E-gold: 2% upgrade fees
AlterGold: 2% upgrade fees
LibertyReserve: 5% upgrade fees
SolidTrustPay: 2% upgrade fees

4. What are the surfing requirements to earn the daily rebate in FastProfitNetwork? Are missed days penalized?

To earn daily ROI upgraded members have to surf only 15 sites and we also penalize the missed days for example:
– if you miss 1 day you will receive after 15 days just 126% + referral commission
– if you miss 2 days you will receive after 15 days just 117% + referral commission
– if you miss more than 4 days you will receive less than you invested + referral commission
– also if you miss all days you will receive just referral commission

P.S. – You receive referral commission if your referrals made upgrades

5. FastProfitNetwork is about 4 weeks online. Are you satisfied with the membership levels so far? How many new members join FastProfitNetwork in an average day and what is the percentage of active members? What promotional strategy are you using to make your site grow even faster?

Yes I am satisfied because today we have a big family – 512 accounts at the moment I wrote this interview and 125 active members. I am very satisfied because of the beginning was a little difficult with those spam emails but the problem was solved very quickly.

We get every day new members somewhere around 8-15 members per day and this is the answer to our advertising strategies.

We are making advertising on forums, other surf sites, monitors, paid emails via PTR sites and other surfs, PTC advertising, banner advertising etc.

We had a lot of traffic and many new members. Most visitors + members we’re over 10,000 at the end of March and the average visitors per day is 4000 and today we had over 1400 new visitors.

6. What script do you use on your site? Do you have some anti-DDOS protection installed?

We are using a custom script which has the latest security improvements. DDoS attacks are a serious danger these days especially in this big industry which is rolling millions or billions of dollars per day. Yes, FastProfitNetwork has DDoS Protection and I’m working right now on additional protection solutions, because DDoS protection is very difficult to prevent those attacks. We are backing up our site every 6 hours and the database is backed up every hour automatically for more security.

7. Do you invest members’ money where you can make some additional income for FastProfitNetwork website or do you just completely depend on the cashflow from new members? If yes please tell us where exactly do you make investments?

I have a lot of funds in my accounts to sustain FastProfitNetwork. We will never depend only on the cashflow from active deposits. That’s the secret of a diamond autosurf site – NEVER DEPEND ON THE CASHFLOW FROM ACTIVE DEPOSITS: YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR OWN SAFE AND SECURE MONEY INCOME SOURCE. A part of my personal money is invested in P2P since May 2007 for more income in my personal usage and if in emergency these funds will be used for FastProfitNetwork but won’t be necessary. We have many banking investments, shares and online shops.

8. I heard that you’re now affiliated with another site DailyIncomeSurf. Please explain to us what it means for the future of FastProfitNetwork program. Are you planning to expand your network soon?

Yes the affiliating with DailyIncomeSurf was planned since the launching of FastProfitNetwork but wasn’t official. Maybe you observed that our AlertPay upgrades were made to alertpay@dailyincomesurf.com. This means that our affiliating was planned. We, me and Karen, are old friends and we helped each other many times in the past. Finally the agreement was signed and it will be posted soon. It contains “Affiliates Joining Agreement” and finally our signatures in original, John Smith, Karen and Vincent Simon.

9. How is FastProfitNetwork different from similar programs online? Do you have some unique features that can attract new investors to your site?

The design is not very different, if you refer to this but I think we have the most responsive and friendly support because many of the requests and upgrades are solved in less than and half an hour. Unlike other autosurfs we afiliated with DailyIncomeSurf which is rare to see in money online industry. We are open to alternatives.

10. What are your plans for the near future? What would you say to your potential investors to encourage them to try FastProfitNetwork?

The one you can say we’re planning to get a supporting forum for ourselves and getting other autosurf affiliates. We have some projects to extend our network but we will publish them when they are ready for launch. Maybe we will have new plans for those who like long investments. We have some features in mind now, perhaps a new plan will also be given, we will see.

Finally I just want to say something to readers “THINK TEN TIMES AND MAKE IT ONCE”.

11. What is your opinion about my blog? What information do you consider the most useful for the investors to know about the new programs?

Great blog, many visitors in the last days came from money-news-online, thank you. I am reading your blog since September 2007 and I found precious information.

Now your blog got bigger, high rank, more readers and you are doing good work. Also it was original idea with those interviews. Great job! Thank you for inviting to this interview and I wish you more and more interviews.”

I’m glad that John took this interview seriously and answered all my questions in detail. I wish him every success with making FastProfitNetwork one of the best programs online. I’m sure that if he keeps up the great work that we have seen so far he will be able to achieve both this and the investors’ appreciation.

P.S. Don’t deposit in ProfitBay as the admin disappeared last night and the payouts stopped as well. I already put ProfitBay to “Waiting” status on my monitoring site. Read more details tomorrow!

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