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Today all the news is kinda uncertain and I can’t say if it’s for the best or not. For example, regarding SurfLibertAd there appeared this update from the admin Robert:

I am back from my short vacation. I have noticed a slow growth on our program now, and I would like to do another change that will definitely make you happier with the results. I am going to move all of your previous active upgrades from previous SurfLibertAd database to our new one now, and will just change the plan to what our current SLA plan is 8% x 15 days. Instead of also making it cashout after expiry, I will enable the option to cashout once per week starting Next week 04-14-2008. I will work on this now so you will all be compensated for the waiting time too.

I support this change but am wondering if this will be the last change because the admin seems to be very uncertain about what to do next. Anyway, we will see if the payouts resume next week. I see that SurfLibertAd still has the potential to revive itself and the members should see that Robert is committed to fulfilling his promise to start payouts. Otherwise, our upgrades there are not much more than just numbers.

Though I received my payout today I feel kinda uncertain towards ProfitGame as some members reported that they were waiting for their cashouts to be processed since yesterday. Since the admin was on the forums and didn’t answer them I consider this as a warning sign and am putting ProfitGame to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. I hope it’s temporary and I will update my blog as soon as the payouts resume.

The situation is uncertain with EmmaInvest as well. Although the payments are being processed fast as usual the situation with multiple ID’s is still unclear. MMG forum put the program in “Closed programs” folder and I noticed that the gap between total deposits and withdrawals is getting closer. I don’t know if it’s only temporary but in my opinion this story with MMG forum greatly reduced people’s trust in the admin. I emphasize that EmmaInvest is still paying and paying pretty fast but I would advise you not to deposit too much in this program now.

It’s still uncertain for me if Michael from SurfWarrior and Jamie from PSTraffic are the same person but many people seem certain of it. Here is what I read on forums today:
Do you remember our programmer Michael? You and I had the same people working for our scripts and designs! Hmmm, I don’t blame them though. They should not take care of you. You are not a baby. You are the only one responsible for your actions. May be one day you will understand that what goes around, comes around. Karma will do a good work with you. If you had only remained silent, this would have been a lot better for you but I am afraid you made us both, Martin and I to show your true colors but as always, you can?t help showing your arrogance, you had the nerve to come here and tried to “laugh at” those who are not that stupid as you want them to be. You failed here Michael, didn?t work. It is too much as to remain silent anymore and after your last big scam.
I’m also not sure if the new project RandomROI is being run by Jamie/Michael but it’s always better be safe than sorry so I encourage you not to join this site but if you joined already be prepared for the multiple ID’s game and leave the site when you’re in profit as soon as possible.

So now you understand why a feeling of uncertainty followed me today and I still can’t understand many things. I hope they will become clear tomorrow when I will post my new article.

And I would like to make a small announcement here too. Check out my blog soon for an exclusive interview with the support stuff of AlterGold – new payment processor that can become a great competitor for LibertyReserve and other well established payment processors. I wish you good-luck and will see you tomorrow!

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