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Hi, guys! Recently I decided to pay more attention to long-term stable programs and one such program I joined yesterday was Tradelite. First of all I liked its originality in everything even in the small details. Take the investment plans:
1) 118% after 20 calendar days (it’s my choice). I can recommend this plan for the investors who don’t like risk but rather want to have a small income. Don’t forget that in this plan you can withdraw your principal anytime with just a 10% fee.
2) 147% after 40 calendar days. The plan suits investors prone to medium risk. The reward is higher but the risk is also higher. But if you want to test Tradelite first, this plan is not for you. Remember also that you can withdraw your principal with 10% fee anytime.
3) 194% after 60 calendar days. The riskiest plan and I would not advise using it if you’re not a gambler. There are plenty of things that can happen in this industry in two months but remember that withdrawing your principal with 10% is also applicable for this plan.
You should be also aware that from time to time they may offer special limited investment plans so you can keep an eye on their Investments page.
Tradelite Finance Corp.
The two major drawbacks I saw in Tradelite that I can tell you from the beginning are: the high minimum for the investment ($50) and using only one e-currency – LibertyReserve for deposits. But in a strange way these drawbacks can also become great advantages for Tradelite in the long run. Just consider it as a limit for many investors artificially implemented by Tradelite admins to cut-off small investors, investors who don’t use LR (this is a minority now though) and investors who can’t allow themselves to risk the whole amount for such a long time. It’s a big chunk of all the investors who will not risk their money from the beginning but rather wait till the first withdrawals are processed. It will take about two weeks as the program was going from early April. So it will enable slow but stable growth from the beginning. First Tradelite will not be very popular in my opinion as there are too many scammers out there that are hunting for easy money. But knowing how much time and effort was spent to get Tradelite live I can predict the stable work for 2-3 months at least and it’s only if we take Tradelite as a regular HYIP but not a real investment opportunity. If we accept that there is real income involved and Tradelite is a real investment company like they inform everybody on their site, Tradelite program can run for a much longer time.

Here are the main features of Tradelite program that I’d like to mention in my review:

1) If you are a Tradelite active investor like me you’re granted full access to the incorporation documentation of Tradelite Finance Corp., as well as trading history from the main traders. They actually uploaded their registration proof (they are registered in the Republic of Panama). The document is translated into English by an authorized public translator with the date of January, 28, 2008 on it.

2) Tradelite site affirms that the company was registered “in file #478913 since March 13, 2005 in the Public Registry of Panama is an offshore investment company operating since 2005, when it was first established as a private company by two former JPMorgan derivatives traders. The decision to expand the operations online was taken during the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders in June 2007 which became reality only a few months later.” I would take this info seriously only if somebody could confirm this fact but so far I would not pay much attention to it since all this can easily be faked. Just treat it as a risky HYIP where you can earn some money until it’s proven otherwise. From my side I will try to contact the admin and ask him for an interview and if he agrees I will definitely ask this question about Tradelite‘s genuineness.

3) It’s obvious that the Tradelite website was planned very carefully and thoughtfully. You really can find much useful info in the FAQ section, watch some documents proving their trading and really find out more about the company and its investment activities. Moreover, I really liked “Getting started” guide where you are shown in detail the entire investment process starting with opening your LibertyReserve account and the signing-up process in Tradelite and finishing with how to make a deposit and a withdrawal from your Tradelite account.

4) The security on Tradelite website is top-notch. First I would like to mention that the site is hosted on BlockDOS that I consider to be the best anti-DDoS solution that can prevent Tradelite site from possible harmful downtime caused by malicious attacks from their competitors. Also Tradelite uses a state-of-the-art investment platform with advanced technology for automated payment verification and processing. Any investor willing to secure his account can implement the additional login authorization options like access code by email on IP/Browser change, access code by email on every login or SMS authorization (coming soon). You should also enter your personal keylogger-proof security PIN-code that only you know on every withdrawal which will prevent your money being sent to a hacker’s account. I also would like to mention up to 256-bit SSL Encryption for your data safety. With so many security features available I consider Tradelite site as one of the most secure among HYIPs now!

5) All deposits and withdrawals are made instantly. This feature is provided by Tradelite‘s unique and secure investment platform. I can confirm that the platform is really genuine and hacker-proof. At least I had such an impression when making a deposit there. From their site: “Our company has made quite substantial investments to make sure we offer one of the safest platforms in terms of security and protection.

6) Tradelite program provides its investors with perfect banners that will help you to promote the program and earn some referral commissions. They already placed their advertisement banners everywhere including famous MMG top banner and is actively promoted on the main investment forums. In view of the fact that Tradelite will not be able to attract many serious investors from the very beginning and will grow rather slowly I can make the conclusion that the program is here for the long term of at least several months.

So I was really impressed with the originality of the Tradelite website and consider it as a good investment decision at least for the next couple of months. Bear in mind that such programs are not fly-by-night scams run by dishonest admins but rather a perfect investment opportunity run by one who knows how this industry works. And if you have $50 or more to risk, Tradelite will be a perfect pick for you to diversify your portfolio!

Other news for today.

Recently the admin of FastProfitNetwork John made a lot of discussion on the forums after he proposed to add another payment processor instead of the recently dropped AlertPay. But be it e-bullion, MoneyBookers or PayProNet I’m sure the admin will do the right thing for the program. He’s really doing his best to provide all the investors with the best support: currently he implemented instant YM support and is working on adding Skype support now. If you click on the YM icon placed under “contact us” form in FastProfitNetwork site you can chat with John when he’s online and solve all your problems more efficiently and quicker. The admin encourages everybody who received his payment (they are made quite fast btw) to post and vote on forums and monitors. I support his suggestion and consider it any investor’s obligation if he wants to help a program to run flawlessly for a long time.

Now EmmaInvest site is more secure than ever after the admin installed a new level of data protection: “The SSL-certificate has been re-installed. Now your privacy is protected. Data transfer between your computer and EmmaInvest web-site is encrypted.” I’d like to point out also that the site is still paying though I’m sure it’s on the way down.

By the way, if you liked X-HYIP script based programs like EmmaInvest or Invest4Games here’s a piece of good news for you: a new program called Point4Invest has been launched today. And if you jump in fast you can earn some money if you know what I mean! The plans of Point4Invest are actually the same as EI used: 112% after 4 days, 120% after 5 days and 126% after 6 days but the maximum to invest in every plan is $50 only. I wonder if the site is from the same admin because all the sites on X-HYIP script actually look alike. If it is true I consider Point4Invest will be a very safe pick for a while and seeing the low maximum of $50 I would not say that Point4Invest is aimed to scam fast. Read the detailed review of the program tomorrow on my blog and see you then!

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