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Hi, my dear readers! As you can see I’m working on some small improvements for my blog. I hope you noticed that from now on you can take part in the polls that will help me make my blog even better. So I encourage you to vote and tell me what you really like. I will change polls once a week and every piece of info I can collect will help me know more about my readers. I hope you don’t mind it and if you are receiving my blog updates via email I encourage you to please go on my blog and vote. You will see the first question on the left sidebar of my blog and can reply by choosing the appropriate button. You can also see the results of the poll by clicking “View result”. Thank you for your time in advance!

I also noticed that my readers are coming from many parts of the world and for many of them English is not their native language so they may have some difficulties in understanding my articles. Specially for them I installed Google Translator (you can find it in the left sidebar) and now you can easily translate my articles to several languages including: German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and many others. All you should do is choose the required language from the dropdown menu and in a matter of seconds you will get the same page in the language of your choice. The translation is not always precise and the grammar gets a bit confused but I think it’s better than nothing and I hope you will be able to understand the general meaning. I’m open to more suggestions from you that will make my blog more user-friendly and easier-to-navigate. Please contact me if you have some suggestions. It will be appreciated.

Now back to the news. I received my first payment today from FastProfitNetwork that was processed really fast (it took only a couple of hours after expiry and the money was in my LR account). In my opinion the admin is doing a great job and constantly improving the program. Recently he added Skype and YIM support on the site so you can chat with him in real time and ask all the necessary questions. I also like the fact that now four payment processors are accepted: SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, e-gold and AlterGold.

By the way I funded my AlterGold today with e-gold and I had money on my AlterGold account instantly. I only took my first steps in using AlterGold payment processor but I like it already. I decided to reupgrade in FastProfitNetwork using AlterGold and all went smoothly and within seconds so in my opinion this payment processor is really fast and secure (read the interview with AlterGold representative here). As for FastProftiNetwork, finally I can say that the site is paying and I hope it will stay like this for a long time. I remind you that FastProfitNetwork offers you 135% after 15 days of surfing and you can read my interview with the admin JS here.

Unfortunately EmmaInvest program has ended and the admin gave us the following reasons why:
1. As you know domains in .com and .net zones has been suspended. Site has lost a part of trust after this action.
2. Thread on MMG forum has been moved to the category of closed projects (without strong reasons). Site has lost a part of trust again.
3. New patch for script which been installed had a serious bugs (doubled transactions via LR API). Now ALL bugs fixed, but a lot of members received their payouts two times instead of one. I sent an e-mail to these members, but no answer. Site has lost money and part of trust again.
I decided to close registration for new members and stop accepting new deposits. Thank you for understanding.

Also the admin Emma promised to refund the members not in profit and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that EmmaInvest site is not accepting deposits anymore and the admin has really started to issue refunds. You can actually find it out on the main page of EmmaInvest. I consider this program to be a success as it lasted for over 3 weeks and with the 4-6 days cycles you should be in profit. Even today the admin started issuing refunds and it shows us that Emma wasn’t actually a scammer and the program was run honestly as there were really many factors out of her control that prevented EmmaInvest from lasting longer.

Another program on X-HYIP script just launched a couple of days ago and I think it will be successful as well. I’m talking about Point4Invest – a brand new program with 3 plans: 112% after 4 days, 120% (+1% bonus) after 5 days and 126% (+2% bonus) after 6 days. I have made another deposit today in Point4Invest though the first payouts are yet to be processed. I feel that the admin is sincere in his intention to make Point4Invest a long-lasting program as the maximum for every deposit is $50 and it will greatly affect the “hit-n-runner” strategy that can destroy any program. More details about this program can be read in my interview with the admin Paul here. Please have a look before making an investment.

SurfLibertAd has really disappointed me as I considered its admin Robert as a man of his word. But now since he is not on the forums for some time and doesn’t answer emails I have some doubts about his honesty. I really hope that he will return with some explanation soon but so far it looks like a scamming tactic to me: leave the site open for upgrades and feed the members with promises. I’m putting SurfLibertAd to “Not Paying” status on my monitoring page and I still hope that Robert will prove me wrong. But as time is running out there is less chance that we will see him again.

That was all the news for today and I will see you tomorrow, guys!

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