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Hi! There’s really not much news to report today. So I chose just to mention Point4Invest. My first deposit has expired today, and guess what? Sure, I got paid in a matter of hours. It was very fast like in every program using X-HYIP script. I remind you that if your deposit expires you can actually withdraw any part of it and use another part to redeposit. It’s very convenient in my opinion and can save you payment processor fees. I still think Point4Invest is the best choice as the program is less that a week online and there is a perfect chance for you to earn from 112% to 128% after 4-6 days. With such a short cycle you can do it again and again or you can just take part in one cycle and take your profit. The choice is yours but don’t miss this opportunity as like with any HYIP on this script Point4Invest is worth your attention. If you want to find out more just read my review of this program here or the interview with the admin of Point4Invest Paul Jones here.
The admin of another X-HYIP program EmmaInvest who decided to close this program recently started to issue refunds and as I can see on the site 10 members not in profit have already been refunded and the total amount reserved for refunds actually exceeds $150. It’s not so much but Emma promised that many members will receive their refund so we should just wait and see if it’s true. So far I saw actual comments on forums from people who received their refunds though didn’t expect to see them. So the beginning of the refund process is really encouraging. I was in profit so will not wait for my refund but better to enjoy another program Point4Invest.

Today when MMG forum actually put SurfLibertAd to “Closed” programs it became obvious for many of us that the admin Robert really scammed the members using his constant changes and confusing updates. Most probably he used this time to withdraw the rest of the money from payment processors to avoid complaints and money freezing, mostly from STP and AP. So now I can say definitely say that another autosurf site bit the dust.

After so many autosurf site failures in the last month I decided to stick with the proven ones and wait for a possible big hit. Such an autosurf site is FastProfitNetwork that is paying 135% after 15 days of surfing and the interview with the admin John Smith you can read on my blog here. Today the admin announced a referral contest that will start tomorrow and will last for one month where the three best promoters will get money prizes. I think it’s a great idea to further promote FastProfitNetwork and let people know that the program is really paying. There are many registered members in the program that are still not active (less than one third of upgraded members) so I think John should therefore promote FastProfitNetwork better.

Three other low-ROI HYIP paid me today. They are SafeAtom (2% for 150 days), AcmosTrade (1.15% for 210 days) and OG Fund (variable daily ROI). I’m still on the lookout for a good new program for monitoring so if you joined one recenly please let me know.

I really appreciate everybody who voted in my poll that is located in the left sidebar of my blog and I encourage everybody to take part in it. This way you will help me make my blog better. This is all for today and see you tomorrow!

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