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Hi, guys! I finally found another autosurf site – Lay4You – that can be very profitable in the long run and even if you haven’t heard of it yet I’m sure you will in the near future. Lay4You offers a very conservative return but if we take it as an investment betting club and not as a ponzi-game it makes sense. As a rule, the sites offering ridiculously high returns are pure ponzis from the beginning. Of course it doesn’t stop us from playing them but one should recognize that such high-ROI programs have a much shorter lifespan than those like Lay4You backed with real investments.

Let’s talk about the plans first. Lay4You website offers you 4 low-ROI plans: 8% for 15 days (120%), 3.8% for 30 days (114%), 2.2% for 60 days (132%) and 1.7% for 90 days (153%). The first two plans are “Surf plans” meaning you should surf 7 websites daily to get your interest and the missing days are penalized. The 60 and 90-day plans are “Non-Surf” so you should do nothing special to get paid on expiry.

Three of the above mentioned plans are not fully recommended by me as of yet. Not until the program establishes itself in the industry anyway. The best plan is 8% for 15 days in my opinion (though I made an upgrade in two plans). But this plan has its limitations:

1) It’s a test plan and is available temporarily but all members who will choose it will be paid in full of course. I consider it as a clever marketing trick that will attract more investors to Lay4You program.

2) The minimum upgrade is $10 (compared to $5 in other plans) and the maximum upgrade is only $100 (compared to $3000 in other plans). So it really looks like a test plan to me but it doesn’t make it less attractive to investors.

There are 4 payment processors accepted at the moment and there are some upgrade fees involved depending on the type of payment processor: LibertyReserve (1% fee), AlterGold (2% fee), SolidTrustPay and AlertPay (3% fees for both). So as you can see it’s better to use LR and AG for upgrades though STP and AP are giving you more guarantees by allowing chargebacks. So the choice is yours! All the 4 payment processors are fully automatic and adpack purchases are instantly credited to your account without delay.

All plans are paid upon expiry as the money is needed for betting and gambling purposes. According to Lay4You TOS you will be paid within 72 hours after your upgrade expires. There are actually 4 streams of income that will be available for Lay4You program and they are listed on the website:

1) Horse laying. As far as I can understand this type of profit gave it’s name to the slogan from Lay4You website that goes: “Where Losers are Rich!” In a nutshell, horse laying is a system that allows you to make a bet on a horse that is supposed to lose in a race. It’s really strengthens your chances to win provided you’re a professional of course.

2) Live bet dutching. It involves the process of correct risk calculating by backing more than one selection in a race. That will greatly reduce the possible risks and allow to get the return if any of the stakes win.

3) Arbitrage betting is the process of placing bets in different betting companies that have different opinions on event outcomes or plain errors. Using these different options the better can diversify the risks by placing one bet per each outcome with different bookmakers and eventually make a profit. So it actually works like the principle of diversification in HYIP and autosurf industry where different options reduce the overall risk and allow you to be in profit to some degree. If you’re a member of Money-News Club and read e-zines you should know what I’m talking about.

4) Selling ads. We know that Lay4You site is too new now to generate much income but as the project gets more popularity and grows it will get easier to have this sort of income from the site. Advertising revenue is the site’s future income in addition to their betting activities.

As you can see from these briefly outlined sources of income Lay4You program has a very logical and structured plan for investing members’ funds and future developing of a program.

But what about the proof of their investment activities you may ask? Well, I have found one file that you can see here. The admin honestly warns you that what he’s doing is risky business so only spend money you can afford to lose. Even if they fail (which is unlikely but possible) the admin promised to show their bookmaker statement in public and will not claim a fake failure like many sites did in the past.

I must say that the Lay4You site itself didn’t impress me at all. It uses simple design and based on famous NeverSay script. I also haven’t found anything that indicated that the site is hacker-proof and DDoS-protected. I hope it’s temporary and once they pick up some steam they will order the safer hosting with anti-DDoS protection. Anyway, this and many other questions will be put to the admin in my upcoming interview with him. You can read it on my blog very soon, so stay tuned!

P.S. I joined another HYIP program, iNetCapital, today. It is very stable in my opinion. It’s a short-term HYIP that started on March 13 so it’s been paying for over a month. And don’t worry about stability as it offers a low-ROI return of 18% for 6 days (108% total ROI). iNetCapital has a very interesting design, customised and friendly interface and you actually have the opportunity to earn more than 108% by constant redepositing. Read all the details in my review of iNetCapital tomorrow!

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