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Hi, my dear readers! Today I would like to publish an interview with the admin of a newly launched autosurf site, Lay4You. (My review of the program you can read here). After the big scam from MoneyTrip many investors are very wary now and don’t believe the sites that claims to have outside income from betting. But what about low ROI sites like Lay4You? Is it possible to earn money on betting and create a sustainable program with conservative ROI that will pay the investors for the long term? I hope the admin of Lay4You knows the answer to these questions. Please read the following interview and maybe you will find out too.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. How did you come up with the idea of running your own autosurf program?

Hi Paul, my name is Ernesto (no it’s not a fake name, simply I’ve a European name) and this is my first program in this arena.

I have been gambling since 2005 with some friends and past results are impressive. Like 100% of gamblers I lose a lot of money during the first month but now I have a lot more experience. I’ve read MMG for a while before signing-up and I tried to understand this “world”. I believe that into autosurf arena there are many big investors and this is what Lay4You needs.

2. I noticed that first you opened your site on .info domain and it was an HYIP originally. What made you change your mind and transform from HYIP to autosurf program?

Yes, I wrongly opened an HYIP with .info domain, but when I realised that with an autosurf I can make some bucks by selling advertising and I can protect member’s money from gambling losses, I changed my idea. Also I read that members don’t like .info domain because it’s cheap. By the way the previous HYIP lasted only few hours and no members joined.

3. Can you tell us please about your betting activity in detail? Do you have any proof that you really place bets with members’ money?

So, I’ve explained our activities in this page, also you’ve explained well in your review.

Regarding proof I’ve posted a lot of screenshots on various moneymaking forums like MMG, DTM, MTT, ASA and Talk Gold and I will continue to post them.

Actually we bet with PayPal, Money Bookers and credit Card, but fortunately I’ve some friends that help me to exchange members’ money to “real” money.

4. You offer a very conservative return in most of your plans. Don’t you think it will be hard for Lay4You program to compete with other autosurfs offering ridiculously high daily returns while you offer low return and only upon expiry?

Sincerely I don’t want to compete with any ponzi autosurfs. I don’t want and I can’t. Lay4You is a long term project and I hope to become like advertising-surf.net during the coming months. I believe that members are smart enough to choose the right way to invest their money.

5. Tell us about your investment plans. What is the minimum and the maximum to upgrade with? What e-currencies does Lay4You site accept? What upgrade fees do you use and why are they different?

So, actually we offer 4 investment plans:
8% Daily for 15 Days (120%)
3.8% Daily for 30 Days (114%)
2.2% Daily for 60 Days (132%)
1.7% Daily for 90 Days (153%)

The minimum is 5$ and maximum investment is 3000$. Only for the high ROI plan (8% x 15 days) the minimum is 10$ and max is lowered to 100$.

We accept LibertyReserve (1% fee), AlterGold (2% fee), SolidTrustPay and AlertPay (3% fees for both) and the fees are different because each payment processor charges different fees for incoming payments. Actually we don’t plan to add more payment processors. Now I’ve fixed several script issues so only AlterGold upgrades are still manual.

6. Your site is quite new and so far not many members have joined. What promotional strategy are you going to use to make Lay4You grow and become more popular in the industry?

Well first of all I’ve not set up a big advertising campaign like a lot of ponzis do. I’ve a non rotating banner at http://www.17surfpro.com for 1 month and also I’ve added many reliable autosurf monitors. I will spend other money on advertising soon, but members should be able to understand that I’ve to make money with members’ money, so I’m not like a ponzi admin that doesn’t care about spending members’ money.

7. I noticed that Lay4You website is not very secure and not protected against DDoS-attacks. Do you plan to increase the protection once the site grows?

Well, Lay4You is 100% Hacker proof because we use a very good script called NeverSay script.
Regarding DDoS protection, yes we have a lack of it but we’ll increase site safety as the site grows.
Nowadays DDoS Protection is like a fashion. Members are accustomed to strong DDoS protection, especially with recent HYIP games.

But as I’ve said about advertising, members should able to understand that those who run ponzis could waste a lot of money because it’s not his money but members’ money.

May I remind you of ProfitGame and ProfitBay? Where are they now with their DDoS protection? We should use members’ money to make more money, not to pay for secured hosting!

8. What are your plans for the near future? What other new features do you plan to implement to make Lay4You more popular among online investors?

We have planned a slow start but we expected a rapid grown after 2-3 months when people have more trust in us. Low ROI and long plans don’t encourage people to spend on the 1st day. I’ve already planned to change the whole site design, the hosting and do some script customisation.

9. What in your opinion differentiates Lay4You from similar autosurf programs and makes it unique?

Our autosurf is unique because it’s really backed by something real and it’s not a ponzi. I don’t like to talk too much because I believe that action is better than words, so follow us and you will see that when other sites collapse, Lay4You will still be here. Unfortunately some crappy admins have used betting to cover his ponzi (MoneyTrip, BetHyip, Bet2Prevail) so people don’t feel comfortable with betting.

10. What would you say to your potential investors who are reading this interview now to encourage them to try Lay4You?

As I’ve mentioned before, action speaks louder than words so pick up your agenda, follow us and count down the days. We are here to stay. We really think that people should stop wasting their money on ponzi programs and we strongly believe that within a few months Lay4You will be one of the biggest autosurfs.

11. What is your opinion about my blog? What information do you consider the most useful for the investors to know about the new programs?

I started follow your blog since a program called BPP started and I could tell that your information is really unbiased and you wrote daily what people want to read: the truth. PS: Thanks for your support. You’re the best!

I would like to say “thanks” to Ernesto for the informative interview. Let’s hope that Lay4You will be here for the long time. I wish the admin of Lay4You the very best and every success with his program and of course more earnings from betting activities that will be beneficial for both him and the members of his site.

I will see you tomorrow with an undoubtedly interesting interview with Stephen, the admin of iNetCapital. Stay tuned! By the way, I received my first payment today and now iNetCapital is my new “Pick of the week” program. You can read why tomorrow on my blog.

P.S. Today strange news I heard regarding FastProfitNetwork. It appears that the admin changed the plan again to 8% for 15 days (120%) instead of 9% for 15 days (135%). Such sudden changes (this is the second one in two weeks) doesn’t add any credibility to the site so I decided to exclude FastProfitNetwork temporarily from my TOP 5 Recommended list. If payouts continue as usual I will consider putting it back, but not for the moment. I hope the admin will explain the situation better in his next update.

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