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Hi, guys! Please pay your close attention to this interview as in my honest opinion iNetCapital can bring something new to this industry. Maybe even change it once and for all. The admin’s commitment to his business and the burning desire to make iNetCapital the best in the industry by slow but steady motion to the top is astonishing and deserves my full appreciation. When I first received this interview and read it for the first time I was impressed with his communication skills and business capabilities. I believe therefore that iNetCapital can become the next big thing very soon and we will all be witness to it. I will not distract you from reading anymore but first would like to remind you that if you want, you can read my full review of this program here. Now enjoy the interview as it’s really worth reading!

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have any experience in running online investment programs? How did you come up with an idea of making your own HYIP?

Hello everyone! My name is Stephen Mann & I am the owner & administrator of iNetCapital.

Before opening iNetCapital, I was introduced to high yield online programs by an associate that was actively promoting various sites in the business from several years ago. Then many problems came such as demise of Stormpay & eventual closing of doors by E-gold to high yield opps.

Associates then encouraged me to develop a program that would bring some enjoyment back for members & this is the main idea behind iNetCapital. We want to serve as a source of long-term satisfaction & benefit for the business. I am bringing over ten years of offline managerial experience to the table & for this reason you will not find any better of a program then iNetCapital when it comes to member support & commitment! My staff & I value our members & will set a positive example in making sure all feel welcomed & taken care of.

2. Please tell us about your investment plan. Why did you choose it? Do you think it will be sustainable for a long time? What are the minimum and the maximum deposits? Is compounding allowed?

Our program features a realistic yet appealing payments plan. We offer 18% daily for 6 days on your spend with us, for a total return of 108% (100% principal & 8% profit). The catch is that members don’t have to wait until expiry to get paid! Your earnings credit to your Wallet Balance daily & for this reason, by cashing out daily & redepositing your funds, you can multiple your money with impressive results.

This is sustainable for the long term as we have proven to be paying online now for 6 weeks under this plan. The minimum deposit is 1 USD & the max is 10K USD. Compounding is not directly an option available for members through their back office, but like I said, you can redeposit your cashouts to boost your internet capital faster. To give you an idea, redepositing your principal plus earnings just 5 times a month, or every 6 days, will yield you close to 147% return in 30 days!

3. Why do you accept only LibertyReserve? Will other e-currencies be added in the future? Why is there a 2 day interval between making a withdrawl and actual receiving money to LR?

By accepting LibertyReserve only, we reduce operational expenses for our program since no currency exchanges are necessary back & forth between two or more processors. We in turn pass this savings on to you by not charging our members administrative fees.

Other e-currencies may be considered in the future, but there are no immediate plans for implementation of any at this time. Anyways, for members that are new to LibertyReserve, we have prepared an explanation on how to open an account & fund it.

Cashouts are processed within 48 hours from the day after a request is made as a security feature. We verify all cashout requests prior to placing them in our withdrawal queue list. This ensures that members are being paid to the correct LibertyReserve accounts & in the correct amounts. This method of payment has been flawless since our opening & we plan to stick to it. Members can rest assured that their payments will be processed in a timely manner & can thus focus on other things such as promoting & introducing our program to friends & colleagues.

4. What kind of script do you use? Is it safe enough to handle members’ funds? What unique features does it have?

We are using a proprietary script designed for us by a hired programmer. The script is safe to handle member’s funds because members cannot change their LibertyReserve accounts after registration. So assuming that someone steals your log in information, it won’t matter anyways because they wont be able to request cashout except to the LibertyReserve account you entered when signing up to iNetCapital. The script is great for promoters because you can keep track of all your referral sign ups & their email addresses are listed for convenience, as we like to encourage our members to maintain contacts with one another. Networking is the key to success & growing this program to the highest levels as we aspire to.

5. I know that many good HYIPs suffer from DDoS attacks nowadays. Do you have some anti-DDOS protection installed?

We are hosted on a dedicated offshore server with 24/7 monitoring & DDOS protection. We are secure & our provider is able to handle issues if any were to arise.

6. iNetCapital is more than 5 weeks online. What promotional strategy do you use to make iNetCapital more widely known to your potential investors? Are you satisfied with the program’s growth so far?

I believe that the key to success for any program is quality member support. My staff & I are available 7 days a week for Live Chat assistance. We will soon be offering email support as well for those members that don’t have the access to chat software. Some members have said that our commitment to answering questions & addressing inquiries is better than the support offered by many payment processors even! Can you imagine that? We are very honored for this.

As for promoting I like to encourage all of our members to refer others. One interesting factor to consider with our site is that the referral rates seem low at first but in fact they are not at all. Like they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Let me explain…

Since deposits last for just 6 days, your referral can conceivably redeposit 5 times in every 30-day period. If your referral spends from 1 USD to 999 USD, this is really 5% referral commission rate over the course of one month of redeposits (1% referral commission X 5 redeposits = 5% total). If your referral spends from 1000 USD to 4999 USD, it is 10% referral commission rate (2% referral commission X 5 redeposits = 10% total). And if your referral spends from 5000 USD to 10,000 USD, it is a whopping 15% referral commission rate! (3% referral commission X 5 redeposits =15% total).

So we really strive to grow our site by word of mouth marketing. This is the most efficient way & I have close relations with members & active promoters. I even welcome discussion & my staff & I are available for setting up chat conferences with any promoters who want to introduce us to their downlines in a sort of ‘one on one’ setting.

You can rest assured that we manage our site with a budget. I will not purchase extravagant banner ads on major forums or portals that only deplete our programs liquidity, which is what many other sites do. I would rather pay this money to my members. We are very happy with our growth thus far & continue to see more & more interest in our site. As more & more members grow tired of losing their money in high ROI sites that are unrealistic for long-term sources of online income, we feel that more will see the advantages of iNetCapital.

7. Is iNetCapital a pure ponzi game or do you have some additional sources of income to sustain the payments?

The rate of return that we offer is keeping in line with realistic achievements made in my own personal dealings with private associates & short term high yield loans. So while our program relies on member interest for liquidity, we are able to sustain our payments through various business dealings that are of a pre-established & secure nature.

8. What are your plans for the near future? How much time do you estimate iNetCapital will run successfully?

In the short term, I hope to grow iNet-Capital to at least 1500 members by the end of June 2008. With member support & commitment to promoting, I feel that 10,000 members or more is achievable by the end of the fourth quarter of this year. We anticipate to be online well into 2009 & beyond.

By directing our advertising efforts to offline markets we are able to bring in new members that would otherwise have not heard about the business. We have prepared a flyer design specifically for the purpose of helping our promoters in introducing iNC to friends & colleagues that may not regularly visit discussion forums or be aware of such opportunities online. Check it out here.

By adding your contact details to the flyer, promoters can spread their promotions work & grow their downlines with greater results. This will in turn benefit the program & help us offer a longer-term source of income & benefit for all members.

9. What makes iNetCapital unique and differentiates it from similat short-term HYIPs? What are the key factors that will determine its success in your opinion?

I wouldn’t classify iNetCapital as a short-term HYIP. I think this is where we are really unique in that even though deposits expire in only 6 days, the rates we offer to our members are sustainable for the long term. Our success will come as a result of the committed support we provide to our members, our accessibility to our members, and consistent payments & communication. These are the key factors that will direct the course of our future success. My staff & I take our jobs very seriously & you will find with us what you will not find in any other program: direct contact options without ever feeling ‘out of touch.’

10. What do you think about current state of things in the HYIP industry where there’s little if any trust left now? Do you think iNetCapital can change members’ scepticism towards short-term programs?

I think the current state of things is unfortunately a direct result of greed. When investors chase after sites that pay very high for only one or two upgrade cycles, the chances of success are not in their favor. Another thing that needs to be understood is that programs which really set the standard for others encourage team work & networking, not an ‘every man for himself’ mentality. This is what my staff & I strive towards teaching our members. The programs that offer real sources of income are those that members can feel comfortable placing significant amounts of money in without having to worry about a hit & runner cleaning out their money.

iNetCapital is specifically tailored to these types of investors that want sustainability & consistent performance. I feel that over the next 8 to 16 weeks more & more will catch on to what we have been saying to our members from day one & this will in turn benefit the industry as a whole. There are few high yield opps that are managed professionally. If all members commit to backing those that are serious about their work, more money will be made by all involved in the long term & the “glory days” as some refer to the past will inevitably return.

11. What would you like to say to all the investors that are reading this interview right now to encourage them to try your program?

Your money is yours to decide what to do with. While many sites offer an appealing short-term big profit, the odds are against you that you will win. Don’t be greedy & start thinking with logic. You will make much more money with a program such as iNetCapital if you are patient & committed. This is what I encourage for you. Our minimal spend is just 1 USD so we are affordable to test try by anyone. We welcome you & hope to see you as a member soon!

12. What is your opinion about my blog? What information do you consider the most useful for the investors to know about the new programs?

Your blog is information packed & constantly updated. This shows that you are committed to your work as a blogger & active investor in high yield opps. The fact that you strive to write articles & reach out to program administrators for interviews shows that you want to bring to your readers quality information that they can’t find anywhere else. I am happy to have had the chance to interview with you & it is a pleasure to know that you are up to date on what’s going on in the industry as a whole, including what’s happening with programs, forums & payment processors.

I’d like to thank Stephen for his detailed and informative answers to my questions. I believe his effort will be rewarded with more members joining iNetCapital who will enjoy the full benefits of their membership: in-time payments, top-notch support, always ready to help support staff and a devoted and professional admin. I’m so impressed with the concept of iNetCapital that I am going to write another article and to share with all of you how you can benefit from redepositing in iNetCapital even more. As Stephen said the low-ROI 108% is very deceiving and actually you can earn even more by redepositing daily. I’m going to explore this matter carefully and present it soon on my blog. So stay tuned and I will see you tomorrow as usual!

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