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What can be more helpful in this money making industry that a positive attitude towards things? I’m sure that a positive attitude is a very important factor when it comes to money making. And not only myself thinks that positive thinking is a must if you want to become successful.

DreamTeamMoney forum was initially created as a community of positive minded money makers. Maybe this new attitude made DTM forum so popular after just a short period of time? Now it’s the third forum after MMG and TG and I think it has the best chance to overtake them soon. Recently I was honored to get their Approved/Informative Blog status and created a thread there where I can communicate with my readers. I think after reading the following interview with one of the administrators of DTM Forum you will understand why I chose them.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us what function you perform in DTM forum.

Hello readers of Money-News-Online Blog. My name is John Raven and I am one of the Administrators of the forum. You can take a look at our forum here: http://www.dreamteammoney.com Here is the splashpage of the Online Marketing Forum: http://www.dreamteammoney.com/splash

2. How did you come with an idea of creating a new forum for money makers? What purpose did you have in mind when creating it?

Over the past few years, we have come to the understanding that networking is a very important part of money making especially on the Internet. Learning how to make money the correct way is also an essential ingredient to success. The problem with most online forums is members are just trying to spam and promote their programs, earning them a one time commission and that is the wrong way. We want to create a networking forum where serious internet marketers help each other make money and build strong teams for many years to come. Not only do we focus on money making, we are also into General discussion like, Webmaster, SEO, Articles, Internet Marketing, Pets, Vacations, Health and so much more. We believe that money making comes only after friendship.

We want a forum where members can get to know each other better and interact with each other the traditional way. That is the reason why we feel the need to really educate online marketers on the true way on money making and networking. DTM is created for serious like minded money makers where not only do they want to make money, but friends too.

3. What is the history behind DTM forum? How did it develop and grow in popularity?

Initially it started as a small money making forum but with constant care, love and serious effort and ideas we put into the forum it grew popular with the love from time. Listening to our member’s feedback and the sincere attitude attract a lot of positive minded money makers to gather in DTM which is what make DTM so well known as a platform for free discussion of all kinds of money making opportunity.

4. Tell us about the DTM forum team. How many people are working on it online and who is behind the scenes?

We have an amazing team from the US and Malaysia. There are 5 staff now and we work all day and night to make sure we fight spam to the minimum as well as implement and inject new ideas whenever we have the time. We have lots of plans coming up and you are bound to see a huge growth very soon.

5. Can you tell us about the main threads one can read and discuss on DTM forum? What are the most popular threads?

There are many hot and educating forums on the DTM Network but I will just highlight 3 of them.

1) Our HYIP, Autosurf and other money making opportunity like Affiliate, GPT and MLM are very hot discussion forum where serious money makers gather and find informations and money making opportunities. You can take a look at the Make Money from home forum here: http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showforum=128

2) The Internet Marketing is also one very hot forum where serious Marketers meet to Learn the latest Internet marketing tricks, Network with the gurus and read about the latest trend on money making on the internet. Take a look at the Internet Marketing forum here: http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showforum=869

3) The Money Making Educational Contest is one place you must go to if you are serious about money making online. We have quality answers on various money making contest. You can participate in the contest here and you might just win a contest award and even some cash. Take a look here: http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showforum=689

6. Please tell us about the type of memberships you are offering. What advantages do you have for your supporters?

Take a look at our current promotion on the Life Time supporter account here: http://www.dreamteammoney.com/crazy

Why You Should Upgrade Your DTM Network Account to get a Paid Subscription?

Access to Lifetime Supporter Private Forum with Countless great products and resources! You will be able to access our special private Lifetime Supporter forum where you can find countless of amazing products and resources. The private forum will be updated from time to time so you will be able to get tons of free products from your one time Investment! This alone is well worth over $250 USD

380% or More Exposure of your Topics and Replies with the Unique Username Color System! With the Unique Username Color assigned to your paid subscriptions, every comment, topic or reply your make will appear with your username shown in a unique coloring system. Thus increasing the exposure of your comment or topic by an ASTOUNDING 380% or MORE! Thus increasing the exposure of your Business!

Special Group Logo and Name Assigned For You! Stand out from the rest with the Special Group logo and name, increasing your credibility and be outstanding!

Your Choice of Tagline Under Your Username and Avatar! You will have the choice of adding anything you want in your Tagline. You can also advertise your website in the Tagline. This is what we call Effective Advertising and Branding!

Your Name Always Stays at the Top of the User List on the Homepage! Your Username will always stay On Top of the User List on DTM Homepage in front of thousand of other Usernames. It is a great way to Grab More Attention and branding your name!

250 Private Message Box Storage Slots! With your 250 Private Message Box Storage Slots (Normally 50 PM Slots), you do not have to worry about your private message inbox being full. You can now store your Important Messages or Information without deleting them very often. This save you time and make sure you will never have to miss another important PM again.

Be the First Group of Leaders to join the DTM Network Builder before the Rest of the World! Great Passive Income Deal! (Coming soon). Our Network Builder Program is in the Pre-Launch Phrase and you will have the Opportunity to be the Top Leaders to Join and Build once and enjoy a Lifetime of Multiple Source of Passive Income.

$35 worth of Banner Advertisement Impressions for You to Advertise Your Business to all the Like Minded Netrepreneur! (This one alone cost over your one time investment!). You will be given 35,000 468×60 banner impression worth $35 where you can Advertise any of your Money Making Opportunity to over 30,000 Like-Minded Netrepreneur! This alone is well worth over your one time investment! Total Value: $640.00 at only $34 now.

7. What advertising options do you have on DTM forum for programs’ admins? Is your site popular among advertisers?

This question is very well answered here:
http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?autocom=pages&do=show&id=1 We are very popular among online investment advertisers. We even have Affiliate, e-currencies, online journal and even MLM promoter advertising with us.

8. Is DTM forum secured and safe for visitors? Do you have any protection from DDoS-attacks that occur quite often nowadays?

DTM is very safe for any visitors. We do have DDOS protection. Attacks are not frequent but we are doing our best to avoid it.

9. In your opinion what distinguishes DTM from your main competitors – MMG and TG forums? What unique features do you have what others don’t?

MMG and TG are very good online forums as well. In fact we are regular visitors to their forums. We have a unique points system that makes us different from them. We are more of a Webmaster and Internet Marketing forum and they are more of an Investment forum.

10. What are your plans for the near future? What other features do you plan to implement soon to make DTM forum even more popular among investors?

We have serious plans coming very soon. We are still not looking at the looks of the forum, we are building the system first before we revamp the look of the forum. Stay tuned and you will see the increased value of the Dream Points. We have 101 ideas in mind to make the forum a better place for everyone. Our mission is to create a dream forum and we will do everything to achieve that for you!

11. What is your honest opinion about my blog? Do you like the info I provide investors with? What will be your suggestions for making it more useful for my readers?

I can see the enthusiasm in you and your blog. You are very hardworking so keep up the good work. The interviews on your blogs are great information for any investors. So far so good, we really love your blog. I think you are well on your way to becoming one of the best investment review blogs.

I’d like to thank John for this detailed and informative interview and hope that you will join me on DTM forum and visit my thread there. As usual you will be able to read the daily news from the online investments world tomorrow on my blog. So stay tuned!

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