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Hi, guys! LRStream is really on top now and continues to gather momentum. I got my first payment today but it was only referral commission as I decided not to withdraw my first deposit and reinvest it instead. I’m pretty confident that LRStream will be here for a while longer. That’s why I’m doing it. The X-HYIP the site is based on provides you with the opportunity to re-invest the whole amount or to withdraw part and reinvest another part. Of course you’re free to withdraw the whole amount to make sure that the admin is paying really quick but if you want to save 1% on LR fees the script gives you such an opportunity.

I recently noticed an article on another site and the author was saying that LRStream site was crap and he monitored it only because of the lack of good HYIPs recently. I’m pretty sure that he has absolutely no idea about the programs based on X-HYIP script but my regular readers must know that if you play it smart with such programs will always be in profit with them. Even if they come from the same admin (which is highly possible in my opinion) it’s much better to play with LRStream than to trust your money with some low-life scammer that will not even finish one full cycle and run away with your money overnight. So my choice is to stay with LRStream for a while!

Other news for today.

I don’t know if you have noticed it yet but when another new X-HYIP program appears you should leave the previous one and jump in with the newer version. I think the flourishing of LRStream really caused the slow demise of Point4Invest. Yes, I was paid today from Point4Invest and reinvested the minimum just to monitor the site further. But also I received a complaint from one of my readers. This is what he told me today: “My pending withdraw request keeps going back to expired status after a while and is removed from the pending payout stats.” No need to comment on it further as the same stalling tactics and piled-up payout requests could be observed in EmmaInvest before it stopped paying. So be careful with Point4Invest from this point on! I can’t confirm yet that it’s not paying but such a complaint is a very true sign of it’s imminent demise. I already excluded Point4Invest from my Top 5 Recommended list and would not advise you to deposit there until the things are clear.

I hope you enjoyed my previous article about the proposed strategy in iNetCapital (read it here) and it was so good that even the admin Stephen mentioned it in his latest update that was published on iNetCapital site and the most important part of which I’m publishing here:
Don’t forget that email support is now available for those members that do not have regular access to live chat applications. We respond to email inquiries within 48 hours. For account related issues make sure to provide us with your Member ID # & email address you registered with so we can assist you promptly. You can reach us at: incsupport@gmail.com
We have now exceeded 13,000 USD in payouts & are fast approaching the 400-member mark. It is the support of you, our current members, that has allowed us to grow as we have. At the end of this week our first Promoters Contest will end & we will announce the Top 5 promoters who will be eligible for bonuses to be paid in cash directly to their LR accounts equal to 1.5% of the total spends of their referrals. Keep up the good work!
What I am most thankful for as an administrator is to have contacts with loyal members that are committed to spreading information when it is announced, helping others with their questions & showing dedication by posting their payment proofs on discussion forums where we are discussed. I would like to see even more of you active in doing this. It not only helps you in that you will improve your promotions work but it also helps the program as a whole since more & more members will know that we pay on time & consistently.

As you might have noticed the site of Lay4You has been offline for 2 days now but the admin Ernesto assured everybody that his site will be online by Tuesday: “I’ve changed the admin panel to access on server and unfortunately this change will take up to 12 hours the site down. Anyway I will credit all surfing day till Tuesday. After Tuesday site should be stable and I will introduce new terms and new plans. I’m a bit disappointed for this situation but it’s better to have this kind of problem now, than later with more members. When the new server will be complete no downtime will happen.” We all just need to be a little patient and hope that the admin will keep his word. I just see no reason for him to run away when having a little over $400 in upgrades. I hope we all bet on a good horse and will soon reap the rewards of our decision, so let’s stay positive and wait for Lay4You site getting back online soon! For those interested I published an interview with Ernesto that can be read here.

Thank you to all of you who took part in my poll and voted on my blog. Now I know that LibertyReserve is the top processor among my readers and soon I will prepare a small tutorial on how to open your LibertyReserve account that will be published on my site so that everyone could start their investment activity using LR almost immediately. The next question for my weekly poll sounds like: “What type of program do you like best?” Please cast your vote as it’s important for me to know your opinion! That’s all for today and I’ll see you on my blog tomorrow!

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