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Today LibertyReserve (LR) was down for the most part of the day. And as you can imagine many programs were affected by this fact but especially it applies to those programs that use LR as their only payment processor (LRStream, iNetCapital, Tradelite and similar programs). They just couldn’t process withdrawals and accept deposits as they totally depend on it. That’s why the programs that accept different payment processors can function properly in spite of this LR downtime which is still continuing and the reason for which is still unknown.

The program that I’m going to review today accepts LibertyReserve but also it accepts e-gold and AlterGold. I’m talking about 12Daily.Pro – the brand new autosurf with a concept taken from the famous 12DP. You should surf 12 sites daily to earn your 12% for 12 days. It’s that simple! But there’s also a non-surf plan available that pays you 10% for 14 days. All payouts will be paid within 48 hours after the expiry. One ad unit costs $6 and you can have up to 1,000 units at a time. There’s 1% upgrade fee that is used to cover payment processors’ fees.

As you can see the rules in 12Daily.Pro are really simple and if the program will pay for a while it can really become popular, maybe not as much as the old 12DP was but it will surely catch the attention of the surfers with such a familiar name. It was probably the admin’s intention to gain some attention in the early stages of 12Daily.Pro‘s existence. Anyway, as the site’s slogan tells us: “12% daily for 12 days – just like the good old times…

I like 12Daily.Pro graphics, it’s really beautiful. Although when you enter every page of the site the sound is too loud and annoying in my opinion. The rest of the features are standard and they are good.
1) The autosurf script came from Neversay and is very famous and familiar to most of the surfers. Therefore you will not have any difficulties in surfing 12Daily.Pro.
2) 12Daily.Pro is hosted on BlackLotus protected server and is protected from possible attacks and downtime.

My conclusion: 12Daily.Pro can be good for investing and certainly will gain some attention from surfers. I predict that many investors will join it after the first payouts have commenced. I received some referral commissions today to e-gold but I can’t say that I can recommend it yet. If you’re a risky person then go ahead and upgrade today as there’s surely a bigger chance that you will be in profit. If you prefer stability I would advise you to sit and wait for a while and upgrade after the first payouts start. The choice is yours only but I opted to join fast while 12Daily.Pro is still new. I will report after I receive my first payout on my blog so stay tuned!

By the way, the admin of 12Daily.Pro published an update regarding current LR downtime: “Due to the current LR downtime all pending payouts for this processor will be processed as soon as it gets back online. Until then we work with E-Gold and Altergold.” I would like to add that soon the interview with the 12Daily.Pro admin will be published on my blog and you will be able to get to know him better. So far I can see him on forums constantly updating the members.

Other news for today.

Tradelite site was back online after a short period of downtime but it seems they have some script issues again so they had to remove the site temporarily. While Tradelite site was online many members had received their payouts though the platform was still unstable and LR payouts were being processed manually. I was unfortunate again and first had some problems with accessing my account. Tradelite investment platform refused to recognise my username in their database. After some consulting with support I was finally able to log into my account and request my payout. But unfortunately LR was offline by that time and I couldn’t get my payout anyway. By the way, the support member told me that “The interview questions have not been forgotten and you will certainly receive them once our license has been renewed, as we would like to announce this in the interview.” So I will eagerly look forward to the interview soon and as soon as I receive it I will publish it on my blog.

LRStream‘s admin Rick announced that due to LR’s inaccessibility he would temporarily remove the withdrawal option from the site. Therefore you can’t withdraw your money now while LR is offline but you always have the choice to redeposit it for another 1, 2 or 3 day plan. Although in my opinion such long downtime can really affect LRStream in a negative way as it surely depends on more money to come into the program and no incoming spends means no money to pay back. For such a short term game it can be suicidal. So I would recommend you to hold back your deposits in LRStream right now and see how things will develop further after the LR processor is back online.

Lay4You admin Ernesto only appeared on forums today to tell his investors that he had changed his hosting provider as the old one didn’t meet his expectations. He promised Lay4You site would be online today but so far the site is still offline. No comment on this!

iNetCapital paid me again today even before this LR downtime started. I consider iNetCapital the best choice now and that’s why I put it to my #1 spot. Here’s the latest update from the admin Stephen: “Surprise! I know I said in the last update that I would be processing cashouts made on the 29th later on today after I returned to my office from my trip but I decided to go ahead & just finish them all now before my meeting, so enjoy! I guess you could say it’s a celebration of the fact that we have now reached 400 members at iNetCapital & surpassed 15,000 USD in payouts! I’m very proud of the growth of our program & I have faith that when members work together, promote, & share their experiences with others on forums & monitors or write about us on their own personal websites or blogs we will continue to grow by leaps & bounds. Let’s surpass 1500 members registered by the end of June, we can do it!” Read my interview with Stephen here to find out more details about iNetCapital.

Bad news from Point4Invest! The program is an official scam as the admin has disappeared and doesn’t answer emails. Beware and don’t invest there!

Dreab, my new monitored program hasn’t paid me yet today because of LR downtime. And I hope tomorrow it will pay me so far the status of Dreab is “Waiting”. But I think it’s really logical to wait till LR is fully back on track as for example AcmosTrade paid me 6 (!) times instead of one. There was probably some glitch in LibertyReserve payment system and it’s really not advisable to process payments now till LR is back on track. On LR official blog there’s no mention of this downtime and hopefully it’s nothing serious! Anyway, we will see tomorrow when I hope to see you again on my blog.

P. S. There’s a new post appeared recently on LR blog regarding this downtime: “Out site is currently subjected to a massive ddos attack. We are taking measures to rectify the situation and will be back as soon as we are ready. We apologize for any inconvenience during this unplanned outage.” Hopefully LR site will be back soon!

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