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Last night I joined another short-term HYIP called ProfitGame. It’s really a game that will last till there are enough funds to pay you 25% for 5 days (e-gold and LibertyReserve accepted). So the admin doesn’t lie when he says that ProfitGame depends on more spends from new investors. And the admin really makes everything possible to attract more new investors to ProfitGame. How is he doing this?

1) Advertising, advertising and more advertising. For example, for 2 days online dozens of monitoring services have been added. Hundreds of dollars were spent on placing banners on different monitors and forums. And it’s only the beginning of a huge promo campaign that is getting started. You can understand now that ProfitGame is destined to be huge just because of these big advertisements everywhere. But that’s not all.

2) The admin even spent some money on top-notch hosting (level 4 Enterprise Protection from BlackLotus) that starts at $1,000 per month. It’s one of the most unique features of the site as I haven’t seen such strong DDoS protection elsewhere. Obviously, the admin has some money to spend to make ProfitGame one of the most secure sites online. And it indicates all his seriousness in my opinion as without strong anti-DDoS protection your site will be dead very soon especially when it depends on a daily cashflow.

3) The customized and licensed GoldCoders script that the admin installed on the ProfitGame site from the very beginning is also very good and will provide stability for a long time which is crucial for the success of any short-term HYIP.

4) As I mentioned already ProfitGame is only 2 days online but actually the first day it had a bad luck because LibertyReserve site was down for the most part of the day. But the second day was very successful and ProfitGame already attracted more than $11,000. I consider this as a very decent level and hope we will see more deposits after all the ads bought will pay off.

5) You should always remember that ProfitGame is a HYIP game and you only should spend money you can afford to lose here. But seeing a lot of potential and room for growth I can recommend ProfitGame to you. I have already received my first payment and can confirm that the program really pays within 12 hours of the request (according to TOS there are no payouts processed on weekends).
Remember that ProfitGame is getting hotter with every day mostly because of the massive advertising campaign and the faster you get in the more chance that you will be in profit. I’ll try to conduct an interview with the admin of ProfitGame if he’s not too busy and will publish it soon on my blog. Stay tuned!

Other news for today.

With more than $11,000 in deposits and almost $1,000 withdrawal ProfitBay stepped into its second day online. Despite a slow loading period that was caused by possible DDoS attack, today ProfitBay site is working smoothly and I already received my first regular payment very fast after making a request. I remind you that ProfitBay is new 24% for 5 days short term HYIP with strong anti-DDoS protection and based on Waylex script. It’s strongly recommended by me and is run by well known admin Alex. The details of ProfitBay program and the things that made me join it can be read in my review here.

EmmaInvest is going great and the admin Emma just can’t stop making new innovations in the script and plans. Ok, a new and very convenient feature that you can use on EmmaInvest site from today is: you can withdraw part of your deposit and re-invest the rest back (before that you could either reinvest the full amount or withdraw it all). I hope it will be great for the investors especially after the adjustment in plans that will apply to all new deposits. So some important info about the changes in plans: 112% after 4 days (stays the same), 120% after 5 days (reduced from initial 125% + you will get 1% bonus) and 132% after 6 days (reduced from initial 138% + you will get 1% bonus). The maximum amount for depositing in each plan remains $100, minimum is $5. I hope these new plans will add stability to EmmaInvest and make it really stable and long-term program.

Good news came today from SurfLibertAd! The admin Robert just made a tally page today where you can see the amount that will be transferred to the renewed site. A pleasant surprise for many investors not in profit will be the 10% bonus that will be added to their active deposit in newly launched SurfLibertAd that will become 8% for 15 days autosurf with payouts upon expiry. The tally page is available here. The more info about the date of launch you will read on my blog. Seeing that the admin actually keeps his word and continues his hard job on restructuring SurfLibertAd and backing it 100% up with real investments I decided to give him another chance and will monitor this program again. Moreover, later this week I’m going to publish a post that will be devoted completely to the current analysis of the situation in SurfLibertAd and its future perspectives. I’m just glad that Robert didn’t scam like David from MoneyTrip and Daniel from AdProsperity and decided to carry on. Stay tuned and I hope new SurfLibertAd will not disappoint us!

BetHYIP is offline for several hours now and the admin informs us that the site is under heavy DDoS attack which BLCC with their Level 2 protection can’t cope. This is the latest update from the admin regarding the current situation: “I’ve got answer from BL. They said that site is under heavy DDoS attack now. They do all what they can. I hope site will be back soon.” I can’t confirm this info and it seems rather strange to me why even before this supposed DDoS attack I had 3 pending withdrawals to LibertyReserve. I hope it’s not just an excuse from the admin to run away with the money and will continue to monitor the situation but meanwhile I put BetHYIP to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page.

I wonder what the status of YourProfitHere program is now. The site is mostly online but sometimes you can’t access it. For now only http version is available, https is not accessible. Although YourProfitHere is paying and I received my payment again today I cannot recommend you to join it now because of instability and dropping Alexa rating that continues its decline and it’s a very disturbing sign imho that indicates that YourProfitHere is slowly dying. I may be mistaken and the site might actually be ok but that’s how I can see the situation now. I will keep updating you!

I also received my payments today from AcmosTrade, UltimateHYIP, OG Fund and SafeAtom. They are all slow but steady performers and are the best low-ROI HYIPs in my opinion now.

I changed PSTraffic and PSAdvertising to “Not Paying” status on my monitoring page because all the payments are delayed and the admin seems to have forgotten his loyal supporters and even can’t come with some update regarding the situation. I was in profit with both his programs but will keep that “Not Paying” on my monitor to let you know that he’s not paying. By the way, if you intend to join RandomROI – don’t do it! I have a suspicion (in fact almost sure about this) that Jamie is behind this whole project and of course it will go down soon. Beware of RandomROI scam! that’s all for today. Bye!

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