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SurfLibertAd came back from a supposedly hopeless situation and from today on you can surf and earn again. Those members not in profit will get the amount equal total deposits minus total withdrawals plus a bonus of 10%. The members that were in profit will have zero in their accounts and will have to upgrade again in order to participate. The three main changes that happened are the following:

1) The plan changes from 10% for 14 days (140%) to 8% for 15 days (120%). This change is the most important one and will be popular but only after the admin proves the seriousness of his intentions by paying the first expirations in 15 days. Of course some investors will believe in Robert and upgrade straight away. But my recommendation: wait 15 days and upgrade after the first payouts are processed. This way you will be sure that SurfLibertAd is here for a longer time and that the admin really has some outside income to back up the investments with.

2) Withdrawals are not processed daily anymore but upon expiry. The members will not like this change of course because they will risk their amount for 15 days while they used to risk it only for 10 days (with daily withdrawals). This change can greatly increase the sustainability of SurfLibertAd in the long run and so everyone will benefit more. This can also provide stable growth for the program for the long term and allow Robert to manage his offline investments more efficiently.

3) Referral commissions are reduced from 6% to 3%. This will lessen the number of active promoters but since SurfLibertAd is becoming a more conservative ROI site with payouts upon expiry it will not affect the program’s growth much. Anyway, any program with conservative ROI growis much slower that high ROI programs so it’s normal. If the admin really intends to make SurfLibertAd more stable, the lower growth will be enough to run the program for a long time.

Now that you read about the changes, I would like to remind you how it happened and the chronology of events. First Robert announces that CashLibertAd (CLA) is being opened where the plan will be 10% for 14 days (the same like in SurfLibertAd) but the cashouts will be processed upon expiry. He said the idea of CLA was to bring in more funds to his car trading plan and ensure that CLA will be 100% backed by real investments. Then suddenly in the morning of March 31 Robert admits that the funds in LibertyReserve and SolidTrustPay are depleted and he can’t process the cashouts anymore and that he’s open to any suggestions. Then he decides to disable the cashout button temporarily. Moreover it appeared that the only REAL aim of opening CLA was to bring in more funds to pay debts in SurfLibertAd. But then because of some problems with script he makes a decision to stop upgrades in CLA and refund all the members that managed to upgrade in the new site (now all the members have been refunded). So actually the real ponzi model to prolong the life of SurfLibertAd by opening CLA was on Robert’s mind. But then he changed his mind and actually saw that he was creating a new ponzi model that is destined to collapse soon. Since his real aim was always backing up SurfLibertAd with real investments (read my interview with Robert here) he realized that’s going nowhere.

So after much consideration the admin decides to restart his program from scratch and get rid of the debts SurfLibertAd collected at the same time. So despite of the members’ opinion that advised him to reduce the number of cashouts to weekly or after expiry or reduced the ROA to 120% but NEVER advised him to zero out members’ accounts in profit. But he did it anyway. It just shows me that the cashflow problem was much more serious than Robert admitted. So actually Robert saved much money on his members.

What he really wants is to save SurfLibertAd and make it strong and stable again. This I can understand. But if his intentions are serious and he really doesn’t want to build a ponzi again it will take time. First he will have to regain the trust of many members that were very disappointed by how SurfLibertAd ended. But the main advantage Robert has: he didn’t scam and run away with the money like many others. He preferred to stay and continue with a hard job. And I think that’s worth applauding. I think 7 weeks of very fast payouts in the old SurfLibertAd deserves our appreciation and we should give the admin another chance to prove that he is capable of building a stable and non-ponzi based program that will be running for a long time. I would tend to give him this chance, and you?

Other news for today.

My pick of the week ProfitBay (24% for 5 days) is paying me quickly and dependably after requests and I already received about 50% of my initial investment back. Unfortunately the admin Alex had to delay replying to my questions for the upcoming interview because of continuous DDoSing attempts to bring his site down. I actually didn’t notice them myself as the site loads quite fast for me but Alex is actually thinking of moving his website to BlockDoS which he considers the best DDoS protection provider. I’m looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with ProfitBay. And if you want to know more details about it please refer to my review here.

Another great program is ProfitGame. It pays 25% for 5 days is also doing great. I keep receiving payments again and again. Hopefully it will be here for a long time. Anyway, to read ProfitGame review please click here.

Today EmmaInvest domain with the “.net” extension has been suspended again due to some complaints but the admin was fast enough to move the site to a new domain and now EmmaInvest is accessible again on the “.biz” domain. The downtime was not long and of course it didn’t affect the program’s performance. The admin Emma assures us that it will not be repeated again because of the new registrar she registered the “.biz” domain with. Now EmmaInvest is located on a protected server by BlackLotus and of course it increases the level of security for the site. I must say that EmmaInvest is still paying fast within 12 hours of the request and I received another payment today. If you want to read my interview with Emma please click here.

YourProfitHere continues to amaze me when paying even with a declining Alexa. I wonder where the admin gets the money to pay the members especially after DDoS attack. The stats for today: Total deposited $78,201.11 Total earned $70,257.74 Anyway, with such a gap between deposits and withdrawals I don’t think YourProfitHere will stay online for much longer but all the effort deserves my appreciation for sure. This is the latest update from the admin: “The YPH website was inaccessible for some time due to a powerful DDoS attack. Our techs were able to mitigate it, but unfortunately, the http(s)/SSL connection won’t work for some time. Please use normal http and update your bookmarks/reflinks“.

It became clear today there was no DDoS-attack on BetHYIP but the admin just used this as a crappy excuse to close his program and run off with the money. I wish he could be more honest with the members and didn’t expect him to be such a coward. Anyway, I feel sorry for all members that lost their money in BetHYIP but it’s time to move on.

The same thing could be said of Jamie, the admin of PSTraffic and PSAdvertising and possibly the admin of newly launched RandomROI. He’s just a coward, keeping members in the dark and not communicating regarding delayed payments. I despise such people and I’m asking you to be cautious with all his new programs! And if you are a member of RandomROI just use “hit-n-run” strategy. Then at least you have a chance to be in profit.

This is all the news for today, guys! I would like to say good-bye now and announce that tomorrow one interview will be published. But with whom let it be my little secret and you will see it tomorrow when you check my blog again. Thank you for your attention!

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