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8DailyForever which is only 7 days online is celebrating some success with more than 400 members registered already. I wonder if it was the result of a massive online advertising campaign from day one or just many new members were attracted by it being so totally different from other autosurf sites. Anyway, the result is the impressive growth after just a week online we were all witness to. The achievement was outlined in the first weekly update which all the members of 8DailyForever received today:
We reached 400 + members this morning!!! This awesome growth has happened in the ONE week since we launched…..WOW! That is truly amazing, and proof that 8DailyForever‘s unique plan is making an impact in the surf community. People are talking about 8DF folks, and you are here at the very beginning of something BIG!!

This really unique concept was finally clearly explained not only by me but also by the 8DailyForever team. Here’s how it works:
We want to make sure that everyone understands the concept of 8DailyForever. When you purchase units, your units will continue to earn daily as you surf, and they will do so as long as you wish them to keep growing. In other words, YOU are in the driver’s seat.
So say you buy $100 worth of ad units. In Phase 1, you earn 5% daily for your surfing….. that’s $5.00 daily. It will take 20 days of surfing to earn your money back, and after that, it’s all gravy. You may chose to cashout after 25 days (and make $125); 30 days (and make $150); 40 days (and make $200)……or you can just keep going forever! It’s up to YOU!! Now do you see what an amazing concept this is?

The good news for e-gold users: 8DailyForever started to accept e-gold beside other popular payment processors, such as LibertyReserve, AlterGold and AlertPay. It’s also a piece of good information for the members because more options to upgrade will surely attract more investors. You just need to remember one thing which is very important: “When you cashout, your units expire, so do make sure that that’s what you want to do!!!

If you remember my previous posts regarding 8DailyForever I was complaining about some glitches in the script because of this the program had to disable 2% for 75 day plan with daily cashouts. Well, it seems the problem still persists at least when it concerns referral commissions:
Several members have attempted to cashout their ref coms and this too has expired their units, because all cashouts work through the same link it seems. As it will be Monday or Tuesday before the script author can modify this feature for us, we will close the Cashout feature until then, to prevent further early expiries. If you wish to cashout your commissions, please put in a request via support, and we will do it manually for you.

The thing is that the 8DailyForever team keeps working on small mistakes in the script and that is worth mentioning. But in my opinion disabling the Cashout button for a couple of days will not affect anybody. As you may have noticed with such a high level of interest nobody will make a cashout until at least 3 weeks pass to make some profit. Until then I predict that 8DailyForever will not gain bigger upgrades. But after the first payouts are processed and the program steps into Phase 2 with 6% daily interest instead of current 5% the growth will be simply phenomenal.

So my good advice to all of you is to sign up in 8DailyForever now and purchase at least 1 ad unit (each unit costs $10). Then when Phase 2 starts (it will happen when a sufficient amount of members are active participants in Phase 1) the active members will have an advantage to upgrade in Phase 2 and start earning 6% daily. If you still can’t fully understand 8DailyForever concept please refer to my review of this program published here where I have clearly outlined how this scheme works.

Other news for today.

The admin of ProfitsAddict issued their first monthly update today. ProfitsAddict is about three weeks online and still paying daily with the rate of 15% for 8 days – 120%. The two major changes were announced in this update: adding e-Bullion and raising the minimum to deposit from $1 to $5. For more details about ProfitsAddict program please refer to my interview with the program manager Christopher. And here I’m publishing this monthly update from Christopher:
ProfitsAddict Investment project continues performing best rates and accurate payouts. All payments are transferred to your currency accounts as usually. We are proud to announce that today in June number of our clients has noticeably increased. We thank all our partners and customers for trust.
Today, June 1 we have executed our plan to improve our program payment system by adding E-bullion into our new payment processors. We are now accept 3 major e-currencies; LibertyReserve, AlterGold and E-bullion USD currency. E-gold deposits will remain disabled.
The management of the project cares about our clients and does all the best to make our cooperation as much convenient and mutually profitable as possible.
There is another significant update of our program;
The promotional of minimum $1 deposit has passed, we have set the minimum deposit to 5 USD.
In the future we are going to work on with the purpose of giving the best service possible to our investors and partners.

12Daily.Pro admin Brian issued another update last night regarding the issue of not crediting the accounts automatically after purchasing the ad packs via LibertyReserve: “Due to LibertyReserve‘s temporary inaccessibility from our server we had to switch to manual upgrades. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing and avoid surfing until they are visible on your account balance.” I don’t think this temporary problem will stop the amazing growth of 12Daily.Pro which currently counts more than 800 members (with about 350 upgraded active members). Bear in mind that the support the admin Brian does is superior in my opinion. The upgrades are added very fast and the payments are issued even faster. The growth of 12Daily.Pro autosurf may be a mystery for you if you haven’t read yet my interview with the admin Brian published here. For me it’s not a secret: he just keeps delivering the profits to happy surfers without yakking too much on forums. I appreciate this personal quality and hope 12Daily.Pro will please us with fast easy money for a long time ahead.

Another highly recommended autosurf site is Surf-Redefined. What I like here the most is daily cashouts. The interest seems not to be so high as in 12Daily.Pro – only 9% for 14 days (126%). But if you consider that you can withraw and reupgrade on a daily basis it will become clear to you that the potential to earn is simply huge in Surf-Redefined. Despite some difficulties yesterday which caused a long downtime period of more than 12 hours the admin managed to get things back on track and by today he credited all missed earnings from the members that were not able to surf because of the downtime. The admin of Surf-Redefined explained what it might be in his recent update sent to the members:
Sorry for the downtime again, I am not sure if the programmer I hired who was doing the security updates was the one who caused it or it was a server problem or something else, I will confirm and make sure what happened later and let you know after I hear from both host and the programmer. Weekends make it slower. Anyway, whoever was not able to surf yesterday please send an email to surfredefined@gmail.com and let me know about it. You may surf for today too. Again, sorry for the hassle, but we’re back in action now. John Keller
By the way I think the admin of Surf-Redefined John is doing a great job (read my interview with him here) and so far the number of members reached 191 after 19 days online which is not bad in my opinion.

I hope you have already read my interview with the admin of V-Project Amanda published here. I’d like to add that she seems to be a very nice person and I’m in constant contact with her as I always support hard-working and devoted admins. I’d like to pass on to you some news from her that she expects some restyling of the V-Project website in the near future for faster loading and providing more info to potential investors. Also Amanda let me know that you should expect to see some test plan soon for small investors willing to deposit from $5 to $9.99 (the current minimum deposit is $10). I will let you know when I have more details on this but even now I believe V-Project deserves your close consideration if you think of yourself as a serious investor.

I hope this first day of summer was full of events for you and I really wish you all good luck in all investment projects you’re involved in. See you tomorrow on my blog!

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