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Hi, my dear readers! Today I would like to publish the interview with the admin of SourceLinkAds which, despite being online for only 10 days, is already were gaining some attention from professional investors. All the main features of SourceLinkAds program were broken down by me in the review that was published here so there’s no need to repeat it. I’d just like to add that in my opinion, SourceLinkAds can become a very big hit in the autosurf world very soon. Mostly it will happen due to the professionalism of the admin which is capable of solving any issues. For example, today the STP issue was finally resolved and now STP upgrades are enabled again. Nothing can stop SourceLinkAds from growing now.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us if you have any experience in running any online program or site.

Hello everyone. First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present SourceLinkAds in this interview and also I would like to wish all USA readers a Happy Independence Day.

As most of you already know, my name is Robert Hobson and I live in the USA. I am new to the surf industry but I have been online for a few years now.

2. How did you come with the idea to open SourceLinkAds? What is the purpose of this site?

I was planning on opening a surf site for a while. I thought, it might be a good idea as I have lots of free time and I like challenges and taking initiatives. This results in a fast and high quality support for the SourceLinkAds customers. You can read, on various forums, lots of positive feedback about the fast support in SourceLinkAds.

The purpose of this site is to create a safe environment for surfers, where they feel comfortable to earn profits and create more exposure for their sites.

3. What investment plans do you offer for an online investor? Do you think it will provide the longevity and sustainability for SourceLinkAds?

SourceLinkAds provides its members with two plans.

The first one is SourceLink Alfa, which provides you with a 13% rebate for 9 days with a maximum of 3 active purchases running at the same time amounting to 1000$.

The second plan is SourceLink Beta, which gives you the opportunity to earn a 144% rebate in 18 days with a maximum of 6 active purchases amounting to 4000$.

Basically the plans are balanced and well thought in advance so to create a stable cash flow and re-upgrading behavior for the long run.

4. What are the surfing requirements to earn daily returns? Are missing days penalized? When are the payouts made?

Surfers have to surf at least 10 sites a day in order to earn their rebate for that particular day. You need to surf every day and missed days are not being credited.

All cashouts are processed on the next BUSINESS day. So, no cashouts are processed on Saturdays and Sundays.

You have to request your cashout manually for your earnings in the SourceLink Alfa plan and your referral commissions.

You cashout request for SourceLink Beta is requested automatically when your upgrade expires and it is processed on the next BUSINESS day.

5. What is the minimum and the maximum to upgrade and to withdraw? What e-currencies do you accept and do you have plans to accept more e-currencies in the future?

One adpack costs 4$ and you can have a maximum of 1250 active adpacks in your SourceLinkAds account, which results in 5000$ in active purchases.

SourceLinkAds accepts several payments systems: LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, AlterGold and E-gold. At the moment I am not planning on adding more e-currencies as I believe SourceLinkAds already accepts pretty big variety.

The minimum amount to request a cashout via SolidTrustPay is $2.5. To all the other processors is $0.01.

6. What script do you use to run SourceLinkAds?

SourceLinkAds uses neversay script and which is licensed and secure.

7. What hosting provider do you use to run you site? Does it provide you with necessary DDoS protection and guarantee 100% uptime?

At the moment SourceLinkAds is hosted on BlackLotus with level 3 DDOS protection. As of now, I cannot make any complaints about this hosting. It provides a 100% uptime and high level of DDOS protection.

8. Where can the potential investors reach you if they have any questions? Do you offer live support?

I am considering adding a live support option. However, at this moment members can reach me at http://www.sourcelinkads.com/contact.php

9. What is your advertising strategy for the next couple of months? Where are you going to promote SourceLinkAds mostly? What reward will investors get to promote your program?

At the moment we have reached most of the main ranking sites and we are climbing their charts due to the enormous help from the SourceLinkAds members. Next target would be advertising in the money making forums.

Also, SourceLinkAds has a referral program which gives every active member the chance to earn 6% on every purchase their referrals make. It is a good reward for those who are good in referring people to the program and advertise SourceLinkAds.

10. How much time does SourceLinkAds plan to stay online? What are your plans for the near future?

SourceLinkAds does not have an expiration date. As we grow as a community, I will try to make the program more interactive for the members. I am planning on starting a referral contest really soon.

11. In your opinion what differentiates SourceLinkAds from similar autosurf programs? Basically please tell my readers why they should choose your program.

SourceLinkAds is well planned and not just a fly-by program. It has all the benefits of being strong and resilient to attacks and has a powerful structure to provide a stable cash flow. Also, I am hard working initiative taking administrator who doesn’t give up easily. My work up till this moment proves that.

12. What is your opinion about my blog? Do you think it helps online investors choose the best online programs?

I like the fact that you are constantly active, and I see you online on the forums collecting information all the time. You are doing a great job with providing the most up to date information on a DAILY basis and I think most of the online investors appreciate that.

I would like to thank Robert for his time and effort to answer my questions. I know that for the last couple of days he was quite busy and so it’s even more appreciated. I’m sure that SourceLinkAds – this new autosurf with reasonable plans and daily payouts is destined to succeed. And remember, that those who join earlier will reap the reward of collecting the most of the profits.

I would like to join Robert with his congratulations to my American readers on the 4th of July. I know that approximately every 4th reader of my blog is from the US so please accept my sincere congratulations on this wonderful occasion. Remember, that I’m working hard to provide you with the best reviews and interviews and hope you will stay with my blog. See you tomorrow!

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