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Hi, dear readers! I had to postpone all the news and reviews because of LibertyReserve still being down. Therefore all the info will be published tomorrow. Today instead I decided to publish the long-awaited interview from the admin of ApolloInvestGroup. I realize that ApolloInvestGroup is shrouded in controversy at the moment and if you read my review of the program published here you will understand what I mean. Anyway, I hope the admin of ApolloInvestGroup will be able to explain some points and introduce his program to potential investors. In my opinion, ApolloInvestGroup is a promising low-ROI program and I still think it’s worth your attention.

1. Please introduce yourself to the readers of my blog. When did ApolloInvestGroup first come online and what was the purpose of opening your own HYIP?

Hello, my name is Bob Schoenrock. I am the founder and CEO of Apollo Invest Group (AIG). Before I start I would like to say “Hello” to all current and future AIG Investors, also to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present AIG.

Official AIG online opening was on 1st June / 2008, the decision to expand our online activity was taken during the “General Meeting” of the shareholders in January / 2008.

2. Can you clear up the main concerns my readers had regarding the stolen texts that ApolloInvestGroup site uses from www.my-investment.com? How can you explain this?

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. We received numerous support emails about the stolen texts from “My investment” website. The only explanation we can give is that the content writer we hired used just copy / paste. We assure you everything will be changed in a few weeks, another content writer is already working on new content for AIG website.

3. Please tell us about your investment plans. What is the difference between daily and weekly plans? What is the term of investment? Is principal returned at the end of the investment term? Is compounding allowed? Do you think your plans are sustainable in the long run?

AIG is currently offering 2 investments plans:

– “AIG Summisse“. Making an investment with “AIG Summisse” we give the opportunity to earn daily 1.8% – 3.0% fixed interest depending on the amount invested. The minimum deposit for this plan is $25 and the maximum deposit is $25,000. Earnings are assigned to investors account only on business days, from Monday to Friday. Also we offer 10% first deposit bonus to all our new investors. The investment term is 77 days, at the end of the investment period investor will get the principal amount returned.

– “AIG Valens“. Making an investment with “AIG Valens” we give the opportunity to earn weekly from 12% to 22% weekly fixed interest depending on the amount invested. The minimum deposit for this plan is $50 and the maximum deposit is $50,000. Earnings are assigned to investors account every week for the period of 11 weeks. We also offer the compounding option for this plan, you can chose from 0% up to 100%. The investment term for this plan is also 77 days, at the end of the investment period investor gets the principal amount invested back.

Everyone knows that is possible to get up to %% daily with a real Company which has experienced traders. We know that the key to getting more investors and to have success is to have stable regular profits and not to allow big risks.

4. What bonus do you offer for the first investment made in ApolloInvestGroup? Why do you do so? Can the bonus be withdrawn or will it become the part of the principal? How can an investor claim it?

We currently offer 10% bonus for first investment made with AIG. The bonus can’t be withdrawn, it will be invested instantly to the same plan in which you made the initial investment.

5. What e-currencies do you accept and do you have any plans of extending the list of the e-currencies in the near future?

We accept LibertyReserve, e-gold, Pecunix, V-Money and e-Bullion. In the near future we plan to setup an automated payment system for AlterGold and PerfectMoney.

6. What anti-DDoS protection do you have to ensure the stable work of the site for the long time?

Currently we have a dedicated server with NVH, but in the near future we will change our website including our database, name servers , etc to a more powerful company.

7. What script do you use on your site? Is it safe and secure? Do you have SSL installed?

A custom script is installed on our website, everything is customised, safe and secure. We offer strong 256 big encryption to all our customers. SSL is installed, the website can be accessed using SSL connection. Also every time an investor logs in to his account he is automatically redirected to our website using a more safe encrypted connection via SSL, so every investor is fully protected.

8. Do you have any real sources of income apart from the new spends? If yes, what are they?

AIG is backed by offshore funds, we will never depend only on the cashflow from active investments. We are able to sustain our payments through various business activities and they don’t depend of our online activity.

9. What advertising strategy do you use to make ApolloInvestGroup known to your potential investors?

We have invested a lot of money in advertising. As you might notice we have banners on all forums and hyip monitors, also we have premium and diamond listings on all monitors. We are also advertising at some search engines and advertising companies.

10. How much time do you plan to stay online and what are your plans for the near future?

We are very stable, powerful and serious. Our plans are also stable and we can offer guaranteed earnings to our customers. This is not a game or a “Ponzi” like 99% of HYIPs programs are. Our team is working 24/7 on this project, a lot of effort was put into opening our online activity. We are going to change the industry, we are going to work and we will succeed. Our future plans will be found at our “News” section on our website.

11. Can you tell us what really differentiates ApolloInvestGroup from similar programs online? Can you name some unique features that your program has unlike others?

We have an activity history, we are 100% real and registered company with own capital and a great team of experts working 24/7 to deliver guaranteed earnings for our customers. We invested a lot of time and money in starting our online activity. Our multiple payment processors, unique script and original website makes ApolloInvestGroup one of the top in this industry.

12. What would you like to say to the readers of my blog to encourage them to join ApolloInvestGroup?

Stable, safe, unique! Invest wisely – Invest with ApolloInvestGroup“.

I would like to thank the admin of ApolloInvestGroup for his answers. And I will give them a chance to prove that their program is here for the long haul. Of course, I can’t tell you ApolloInvestGroup is the best program because of the stolen texts and other things. But at least they are trying to make a decent website with customised script and reasonable returns. I monitored other sites that were of much lower quality than ApolloInvestGroup. In my opinion, any program can be judged only by its performance and payments. So far ApolloInvestGroup hasn’t let me down and always paid fast and I hope it will continue.

Of course, that was before LR went down. Now I can’t access my account and cannot spend money or receive daily interest from LibertyReserve. I hope LR will soon give us some update on their blog regarding the current situation. By the way, SolidTrustPay also seems to be inaccessible due to some maintenance work. Payment processors are the lifeblood of this industry and I hope all the issues will be fixed soon and we will be enjoying our profits from the good programs again.

I’ll see you tomorrow on my blog with more reviews, analysis and updates of what is happening in the HYIP and autosurf industry. For those wanting to receive the blog posts daily to their mailbox I urge you to subscribe to it using the form located in the top corner of my left sidebar. The process is simple and will not take you more than a couple of minutes. See you tomorrow, guys!

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