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16/07/08. UniCreditInvestment Review and Other News


Hi, my dear readers! Now that LR is finally back online I would like to publish another review of a potential hit in the HYIP world. And this program will be good for those looking for short-term yet profitable investments. I’m talking about UniCreditInvestment – a relatively new site which is only 9 days online. UniCreditInvestment offers the following plans:

1) Standard Daily Plan – you will be paid 13%-14% depending on the amount deposited. The minimum investment for this plan is $5 and the maximum is $2,000. So the profit you will get at the end of the term will vary from 104% to 112%. It’s not such a high percentage but the main advantage of this plan compared to others is the possibility to withdraw your profit daily.

2) 8 Days Premium Plan – you will be paid from 120% to 128% on your deposit after 8 days. The minimum investment required for this plan is $50 and the maximum is $5,000. Compared to previous plan the ROI is higher but the risk is greater as well as you should wait 8 days before you get anything from the program.

3) 10 Days Smart Profit Plan – you will be paid 130%-144% depending on how much money you will deposit. This plan is aimed at bigger investors willing to risk an amount not less than $100. The maximum to invest in this plan is $9,000. This is the most risky plan as you will get your payment only once after your investment term is over – in 10 days.

In my opinion, the second (8 day) plan is the best if you have at least $50 to invest. The percentage for the daily plan is too small and the minimum for the smart profit plan is too high. So I think the plan with the payments processed after 8 days is more balanced and more sustainable. I myself deposited the bigger chunk of my money to the 8 Days Premium Plan and some part – to the Daily Plan.

Now let’s analyze some other distinctive features to understand why I chose UniCreditInvestment to make a deposit.

1) Professional and dedicated admin. I’m sure if you were in contact with Ingrid, the admin of UniCreditInvestment site you would agree that she’s a nice person always ready to answer all your questions regarding the program. You can ask her any questions using the contact form on the site or even chat with her live on Skype. In my opinion, if you know what the admin is like and even if you get the chance to chat with him/her live you can make a better and more informed decision on whether you want to invest in this particular program or not. An admin that is active and always ready to help has a better chance for his program to succeed. It’s my strongly held opinion anyway. I’m also going to ask Ingrid some questions soon and will publish the interview on my blog.

2) Licensed script and DDoS protection. If you read my blog for some time you know my strong dislike towards BlackLotus hosting but it’s always better to have some level of DDoS protection than not to have any at all. And so I consider this protection as a definite plus for any program. Also UniCreditInvestment is based on licensed GoldCoders script. So unlike other programs UniCreditInvestment is protected against backdoors and hackers that can attack unlicensed GC scripts.

3) News features added. I like the fact that UniCreditInvestment‘s site is not static but is undergoing continuous development. As I told you before the admin Ingrid is very proactive and is constantly in the process of making her site better. For instance, today another payment processor was implemented (in addition to LibertyReserve and AlterGold) – PerfectMoney. So now you have more options for depositing. But the best part of using PerfectMoney is the fact that they don’t charge you any fees for the duration of 2008 year. If you want to read more about PerfectMoney payment processor please refer to my interview with the administration published here.

4) Huge advertising campaign. It’s already started and you can see the big banners of UniCreditInvestment everywhere including the top of the MMG forum. Of course, it’s great that the admin has an advertising budget and can afford to advertise her site on the main investment related sites. It will greatly increase the chances of the program being online for a long time. After 9 days online the investors deposited more than $2,000 and it’s only the beginning judging by UniCreditInvestment‘s advertising campaign.

All in all, UniCreditInvestment has obtained all the features needed to become a successful and long-lasting HYIP. It has reasonable and profitable plans, licensed script, DDoS protection, decent advertising budget but moreover it has a dedicated admin that is full of desire to make her program successful and one of the best programs online. I’m sure that with the members’ support it will happen sooner or later and UniCreditInvestment will become the most popular short-term program online.

Other news for today.

For the last couple of days a mighty devastating effect on many investors was caused by the news that SourceLinkAds scammed so fast. Well, it appeared that the admin of SourceLinkAds was really an experienced scammer. Judge for yourself: the program has not even lasted for 3 weeks. It stopped paying just as the first 18 day upgrades expired. It’s surely not a simple coincidence and I think the admin planned it from the beginning. Some members have noticed some warning signs even before the program stopped paying. There were two signs for it: referral contest and sticky topic on MMG. It was obvious that the admin of SourceLinkAds was desperate to collect some more money before vanishing. So from now on I will consider all the referral contests as a warning sign and I will immediately lower the program’s rating if such a contest takes place. I think there are too many examples of such contests being a hidden sign of the imminent collapse and a final attempt to collect more funds before vanishing. I’m very sorry for the losses SourceLinkAds caused to many members and only can say that such a huge scam is very hard to predict from the beginning. There’s always some risk involved in such programs and we should know this from the word go.

SolidTrustPay site is finally back online today and fully functional so you can make payments using it. I cannot say the same about LibertyReserve which seems to be up and down all day long. I think the LR staff are still working on making the site more secure. On a brighter note, there’s gold backing available from your account now and now you can store some of your funds in gold which is especially useful now when the dollar is unstable. I still can’t understand why LR site is so very hard to load sometimes as yesterday’s latest update informed everybody that the downtime would be over soon:
We are happy to announce that we are finishing all the upgrades. We have installed all the physical equipment and testing it now. Gold backing is now available as promised. We expect to be finished before the end of the day (GMT-6).

And yes, it was yesterday’s update so as you can imagine LR is slow as usual. I think now many other payment processors will be considered by many investors to store their funds in. In my opinion, such processors as AlterGold or PerfectMoney are much better than LR in some respects. And at least they are online almost all of the time unlike LR. I think there will be some consequences for LibertyReserve after this. Their main competitors are very strong now and I think I will move part of my funds to other payment processors such as PerfectMoney or AlterGold.

Of course, LR downtime has affected many programs but some of them chose to pay even despite some difficulties with accessing LR and its unstable work. I was paid today from AgriFund, SafeAtom and UniCreditInvestment. By the way, the admin of UniCreditInvestment Ingrid issued such an update:
As you may see LR is up and down. Even if it was very difficult, we’ve managed to make all payments (except last 3 which we’ve got after LR went down again). If you’ve got your payments please post in forums and vote in monitors to support our program. We’ll continue to finish all payments as soon as LR will be up again.

I appreciate such an approach of paying despite of some problems with LR. But the majority of programs chose to delay the payouts and wait till LR is stable again. For example, here’s what I got today from the admin of LibertyInsider:
We have completed all AlterGold and E-Bullion pending withdrawals meanwhile we are unable to process any LibertyReserve withdrawals due to outages of LibertyReserve website. We are still unable to access LibertyReserve but there is nothing to worry about because as soon as LibertyReserve is accessible, all pending payments will be completed.
I can’t say it’s an excuse because my withdrawal to AlterGold was processed very fast and I still consider LibertyInsider as one of the best medium-term HYIPs online. I’m in the surf plan of 10% for 12 days now but there are different plans available in LibertyInsider for your consideration. More details can be read in my interview with the admin of LibertyInsider Cedric that was published on my blog here.

ApolloInvestGroup is currently offline due to the upgrading of some security features but before that there was an announcement on their site regarding pending LR withdrawals:
LibertyReserve website is currently not loading. All withdrawals will be have a “pending” status until the LibertyReserve website will be working properly again. We are sorry again for any inconvenience caused. All other e-currency withdrawals are processed as usual.
You can read my interview with the admin of ApolloInvestGroup if you haven’t done so yet here.

Some programs have only one payment gateway – LibertyReserve. So they will suffer from this LR downtime the most. Among such programs is BristolCapitalGroup that issued such an update to the members today:
Today LibertyReserve experienced strong DDOS attack which caused disruption of LibertyReserve service. As a result payouts were not added to your account. As all such attacks, however unpleasant and inconvenient they are, they are temporary. Once LibertyReserve becomes operational again, your earnings will be transferred to you promptly.

I don’t know if it’s really some kind of DDoS attack taking place on LR’s site but such programs as e-Confidence, VideoAdSurf and BristolCapitalGroup are the most vulnerable to such downtime. But everybody’s hoping for the best and keeping their fingers crossed. We really need LR to be strong and stable for the stability of the industry. Will we be heard by LR and will they take some precautionary measures not to repeat the same mistake again? Well, only time will tell. But in my opinion, LR will be in decline from now on as many customers have no trust at all in them so they will be looking for different alternatives to LR and I know that they will find them. There will always be some competitors for LR’s crown of the most popular payment processor and such LR outages will only make them stronger with time. I don’t know if it’s for better or for the worse but that’s the current state of things now. See you tomorrow on my blog!

P.S. Finally some good news was published on LR blog: “Please note that obligated to meet strict requirements of our gold backing provider for availability of service on-line and connection of gold price feeds, we are required to update slightly our software and provide you with uninterrupted service solution, which is currently being done through Prolexic. Our part has been done as we have promised before. We are now awaiting for Prolexic to to finish their installation routine. As soon as we get updated completion time we will post it here. We understand this may be frustrating to many, but please rest assured that these steps are necessary for the web site to work flawlessly in the future. We sincerely appreciate your patience.

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