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First I would like to warn you that LibertyInsider seems to have stopped paying its members and there’s no explanation for it from the admin. So I have to move the program to the scam section on my monitoring page.

UniCreditInvestment being one of the most popular short-term programs now is also experiencing some difficulties but in another way. It seems that somebody is trying to ruin this good program by blackmailing them and making sql injections to UniCreditInvestment site.

Here’s the email that the admin Ingrid received last night:
Hi Admin, if you don’t pay 100$ into our account U5420343 of LibertyReserve, DDOS attack with your UniCreditInvestment into 12 hours!

Of course it would have been stupid to pay them especially considering that they were bluffing and Ingrid has made the right decision. The site is still up and running smoothly but there’s another issue: somebody’s trying to change member’s details by making sql injections to licensed GC script. So you’re advised to check your account if you’re a member of UniCreditInvestment and change your e-currencies account numbers in your member’s profile. I checked it and my accounts were changed to different ones.

In my opinion, it’s definitely a serious problem but I hope the admin will be able to solve it successfully. Here’s her latest update regarding this issue:
It seems that someone has hacked this GC licensed script and made an sql injection. I thought that a licensed script should be safe but it appears that it’s not like this. Don’t worry, all the funds are safe and the problems are only in the database. That’s why I’m asking all of you to verify your accounts and correct the fake datas. I must relay on your honesty for this and I hope that you’ll appreciate my honesty and return it to me now. Once all the accounts were verified by you and corrected, we’ll change the script with another custom one, more safe. Please try to understand that the funds are safe and nobody will suffer any losses because of this. I won’t give up to these idiots who are so scared of us that don’t know what else to do more to hurt our program. Thank you for your collaboration and understanding.

And according the most recent update Ingrid is really very serious in his intention about upgrading the site. So she’s putting the site on hold for the next 24 hours for moving UniCreditInvestment site to new server and new script. The latest news is the following:
I’ve already told you that some guys have hacked our database. They managed to mess it up a lot. Funds are safe but we need to make a decision to fix what they’ve messed up. So, I’ve decided to put the site on hold (no upgrades, no new signups) and I’ve took the database offline to fix it manually. In the same time we’ll get a new host and a new custom script. We hope that within 24 hours to finish all these and after this site should be ok, up and running again. Please don’t request anymore withdrawals till we’ll let you know it’s ok. Also, please do not get scared if we’ll have downtimes (it might happen when we’ll move to the new host and install the new script). All funds are safe. We just need to fix the database. I’ve told you that I won’t give up and I won’t. Everything will be ok soon. Thanks for your support and patience.

UniCreditInvestment program has been successfully running for 15 days already. Obviously it’s becoming more popular day after day which brought such unwanted attention from scammers and spammers. Changing the script to a safer one will be a good decision and will definitely make the site stronger and more attractive to new investors. I know Ingrid can do this and continue her program as if nothing happened. Here you can read my interview with the admin of UniCreditInvestment.

All other programs seem to be fine. So I received many payments today from different programs including Tradelite, BristolCapitalGroup, UniCreditInvestment, ProfitsAddict, e-Confidence, AgriFund, EliteMoney, MaxShare, SafeAtom, CapitalizedInv, VideoAdSurf, ApolloInvestGroup and AcmosTrade.

Payment Processor News.

It seems that LibertyReserve SCI and API are working fine now which fixed a number of problems for many HYIPs. Now all the deposits and withdrawals can be done automatically again and there is no need for manual approval of all your deposits. It’s definitely some good news for online investors and for the programs as well. There’s no update on LibertyReserve blog yet so I guess they are still working on it.

Regarding LibertyReserve I had an email from one of my readers stating that it’s not safe to keep our money in LibertyReserve (or in V-Money either) as it is allegedly going to scam us soon. This is part of the statement:
I can promise you, even if you’ve been using them for a long time with large amounts of money with no problems, you WILL, one day, end up having your account (and your money) stolen from you by them. This isn’t a 1 time incident or a few unhappy customers that just happened to have something bad happen to their account. This has been going on for about a year that I know of. Accounts are getting stolen left and right, day by day. It’s only time until your’s is too. I say it’s an enormous risk because I can’t tell you how many people have come to me saying that they’ve been using one or the other for a year or more with no trouble at all. But then all of a sudden, one day, boom, they have $5k, $8k, $15k+, etc., locked up in their account and cannot get ANY help from the admin. For MONTHS they try and nothing. The money’s just basically gone and they’re not going to get access to it again. Having documentation to prove you are who you say you are and that the account is yours, means nothing. For months people have been telling me the same things were happening. As far as I am concerned, the administrations of V-Money and LibertyReserve are nothing but crooks that take advantage of the fact that they run a payment processor and can do just about anything with your money that they want. I would never go out on a limb and make such a claim if it wasn’t abundantly clear and obvious. I cannot stress how widespread and just flat out obvious I have found this to be.

Well, I’d like to stress here that this statement is just hearsay as I have never heard of such people whose accounts were frozen and the money was stolen. If you are one of them you’re welcome to leave a comment on my post. I only heard about successful hacking attempts but that was the member’s own fault as obviously they either clicked the link in a bogus email claiming to be from LibertyReserve or didn’t quite protect their passwords or did something that compromised their security in one way or another .

This is the end of the statement:
I know it’s a shame because many people thought LR was going to be the best e-currency around. But remember, people have gone 1yr+ without having ANY trouble with them. But they’ll all ended up having their accounts stolen at some point. The longer you stay with them, the better the chances this will happen to your money.

I can confirm here that this applies to any e-currency around now. There’s no such thing as a safe e-currency as there’s no such thing as safe HYIP or autosurf. There’s always some risk involved that your funds can get stolen or your account be hacked so it’s advisable not to store big amounts in any e-currency. It’s always better for your money to sit in your bank account that in your e-currency account, be it LibertyReserve or any other e-currency. There is always some risk and you should get used to it if you’re going to stay in the industry for a long time.

In my honest opinion, there’s really some kind of war between payment processors unfolding and every side in this war will do everything to justify their actions. Such rumours are always being spread by the competitors wanting to snatch some piece of the pie from their rival.

With the same skepticism I can present to you with a brand new myth about PerfectMoney payment processor:
When you do some research on above address they have provided. You will find one “old scam investment program” which certainly was huge one in its time. The name is “fidelity investment group” also known as “FIG”. They were enrolled with same incorporating company and if you keep past records then you will find several similarities in current PerfectMoney and previous FidelityInvestmentGroup cores.
Mr. Maurice (probably a fake name) but indeed from Russia is certainly behind another scam called PerfectMoney. How do I know this? My reporter got opportunity to host them. In start following program, FIG, was hosted by a provider which was later renamed to Katz global. Then they moved to Hosting2nv which was later taken over by LucidityHosting.
Mr. Maurice (only name we know) is the biggest and yet experienced scammer and we certainly discourage people using them in any way unless people want to be scammed. LibertyReserve is sure a great payment processor serving since 2002 and it will be indeed back and it certainly has no alternative.

As you can see from the statement published above PerfectMoney is a scammer and LibertyReserve is a great payment processor while the previous statement claimed that LR was a scam. Two opposite points of view about LibertyReserve but whom to believe? It’s your choice for sure but I would take all these statements with a grain of salt. It’s only the tip of the iceberg and we are not seeing the full story behind this conflict between payment processors that will certainly continue in the future.

Some seemingly great news came from AlterGold last night:
Another exciting news we have for you. As yesterday we announce “NO COST” deposited using LibertyReserve. Now we are offering “NO COST” withdrawals by E-Gold. That’s right. If you need E-Gold you can withdraw it from your AlterGold account for free. Simply go to “Withdraw Funds” page once logged in and you know the rest.
Also stay tuned as AlterGold will soon announce itself in multiple languages, backed by both USD and Euro as well as lower fee. Also, we will soon convert all good and known exchanger’s account at AlterGold to verified exchanger accounts type. We are also planning to add WebMoney as funding and withdrawing option.

I’m glad that AlterGold continues to develop and it’s certainly good news for the members. But about withdrawing your money from your AlterGold account to e-gold without any fees I wouldn’t be so sure.

The thing is recently e-gold released another update that clearly stated that e-gold is going to become more compliant with the US laws. But it seems that the e-gold founder Douglas Jackson will face the charges and will go to jail and e-gold will have to pay a million dollar fine. You can read the official statement regarding this on the FBI website here.

Many exchangers have already dropped e-gold and if you have an opportunity I urge you to change your e-gold funds to other e-currencies while it’s not too late. The e-gold system will go through some changes and exchanging e-gold and creating new accounts will be impossible in the near future. Just read this from the e-gold blog:
1) Effective immediately, new e-gold account creation is suspended until a compliant interim solution for Customer Identification can be ensured.
2) We are requesting that autoexchangers – even though the technical beauty of the autoexchanger concept is sublime – cease supporting exchanges to or from e-gold for the time being. The problem with the autoexchanger concept is that although the autoexchangers themselves may be perfectly compliant with requirements [promulgated by Webmoney and e-gold] to automatically put tracking data in their memo fields, and despite the fact that Webmoney is also committed to aiding in the suppression of cybercrime, the fact is that a substantial proportion of the cybercriminals that abuse e-gold have evolved into a modus operandi that involves autoexchanging possible proceeds of crime into Webmoney, sometimes within minutes of receiving the value, thus making interdiction a matter of catch-up or closing the barn door after the horse is gone

In any event, e-gold is completely lost for the HYIP and autosurf industry as obviously e-gold considers all these enterprises as cybercriminals. Please take all the necessary actions and withdraw all the money from your e-gold accounts while it’s not too late especially if you keep a large amount of money there.

This is all the news for today. Tomorrow I will present another detailed review to my readers. This time it will be CapitalizedInv – the next possible hit among medium-term programs. The admin seems to be an experienced hand and really has an outside income for his program. The plans CapitalizedInv offers to the investors are really sustainable and reasonable. In my opinion, 110% after 10 days and 6%-7% for 20 days are big indicators that the program is aimed to be run for a long time. I will tell you more details about CapitalizedInv tomorrow on my blog. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

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