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Hi, guys! Today I would like to introduce to you Paul Shinn, the administrator of CapitalizedInv program. It seems to be gaining more popularity every day. What is so special about this program you might ask? Well, I’ll let you decide after you read the review of CapitalizedInv that was published a couple of days ago here. In my opinion, such programs like CapitalizedInv are a really rare find in the deep jungle of online investments where it’s hard to have real trust in any admin. So I’m glad that Paul found me himself and suggested I monitor his program. After careful studying of his past experience I agreed of course so today I would like you to read the interview with the admin of CapitalizedInv program.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have any experience in running your online programs?

Hi. This is Paul Shinn. I am a businessman. I do any type of business to produce profits. I do have experience because I ran t3invest.com before.

2. Please tell us about your first program in detail. Was it successful in your opinion and what were the reasons for its closure?

I can consider it successful, especially because we were able to roll quite a good amount of capital deposits and produce profits. Unfortunately, one day my partner decided to run away and swindle me. Luckily, there was only a fairly small amount that was lost and we were able to produce a lot of profits for 95% of the members and no one really lost a huge amount. If you notice my signature in MMG forum, you will see that I am pointing out that there is always a risk no matter how real an investment is. In my situation it was my partner who caused the failure. So now, I am doing this myself and only myself from now.

3. What lessons did you learn from running your first program and why did you open CapitalizedInv?

Since I have gotten back on track on my investments and entered a new side of the investment industry in my business area, I decided to open a new program to offer this chance to make profits with me in this business I know of. I did learn how to try to centralize everything to myself so limiting risks only to possible theft of funds. Which is not likely to happen.

4. What plans does CapitalizedInv offer to its investors? What is the minimum and the maximum to deposit? Is compounding allowed? Do you think the plans will be sustainable in the long run?

It is actually not the plans that will mainly make my program stable but the actual investment we are doing to make profits for your deposits. But the medium-term plans will give us space to make more profits with the capital in hand. We have 2 plans right now.

One is 6% – 6.5% – 7% per day for 20 days, depending on the amount you deposited, range is $5 – $1,000 maximum for this plan.

The other is the 110% after 12 days. This one has a minimum of $50 and maximum of $500 deposit. This one pays after the maturity of your deposit which is 12 days. The good part here is that you will profit already after only 12 days compared to the daily plan.

There is no compounding option. You may make multiple deposits anyway.

5. What outside income if any do you have to sustain the payouts to the investors for a long period of time?

As explained when you click the plan names in the website.

The daily plan (6-7% daily for 20 days) – This is the previous investment we were doing in T3Invest. We invest your money as capital for buying in bulk of gadgets such as mp3, mp4 players, optical mice, and more cheap gadgetries.

The 110% after 12 days plan – This is the investment that pays after 12 days. Your investment will be used to backup some purchases made by small businesses and they pay us within 11 days, but give us 12 days total to complete 110% of your investments.

As obviously described in the 2 plans above, we invest your money in the market and loans.

6. What e-currencies does CapitalizedInv accept and do you have plans to add more payment processors in the near future?

At first we accepted E-Gold but they are becoming a pain in the butt already for our type of business so we decided to remove it and just accept AlterGold & LibertyReserve. Some members suggested that I add PerfectMoney but I am not sure yet. What do you think?

7. Why did you choose to run your program on GoldCoders script? What hosting provider do you use and does it have some anti-DDoS protection?

We all know that GoldCoders HYIP Manager pro is the best HYIP script around with all the features I need to run a good program. My hosting is with NVHServer and we are protected from DDOS attacks. I seriously think that DDOS attacks are nonsense as long as I keep in touch with everyone, besides downtimes of websites wont affect the real investments involved so why be scared of them, right?

8. Have you planned some advertising campaign for CapitalizedInv? What sources will you rely on in making your program known to your potential investors?

Paul you know what? I seriously think you are helping the program very well already and you know that. I don’t think expensive advertising is needed unless I am desperate, which I am not. So let the members do what is needed. Besides you don’t need to have a deposit in order to earn referral comm. 2.5% is not bad, right? But I won’t mind advertising more if I am able to produce some good funds in the coming days from my own investments too.

9. For how long do you intend to run your program? What will happen if your business fails? What are your plans for the future?

If all else fails and the risk overtake us, I take full responsibility and I will come up with the funds needed to pay the full interest and profits. When there is a real investment involved there is no worry that we should have. Though time would always be a factor. And that is reality.

10. In your opinion what differentiates CapitalizedInv from other online investment programs?

CapitalizedInv sets the bar high because we are doing real investments, though there are still risks but not risks to lose but risks to the production time of profits. I, as your administrator and project manager think that processing withdrawals in a quick manner giving the depositor / member the chance to reinvest or redeposit to make more profits will make CapitalizedInv a better program compared to the rest of the HYIP websites out there.

11. What would you like to say to my readers to make them think about depositing in CapitalizedInv?

In everything, I want to always tell everyone to just try it out and see if a program with real investments makes you feel better being part of it, compared to being a member of other programs out there. I am also easy to deal with, talk with, interact with, so just visit the forums or send me an email and I will get back to you the soonest I can. I am sure that will make you feel more comfortable that I am always in touch and quickly react on things and respond to questions the same way I answered this interview.

12. What is your opinion of my blog? Do you think it’s necessary to provide daily news and reviews for online investors?

To be honest I first saw your blog just 4 days ago and I was amazed to see how well organized and transparent your reviews are. Transparency has always been a big factor to your credibility, which I think you have already built a long time ago. Thanks Paul for the wonderful opportunity to be part of your blog. Funny how we have the same first name, Paul!

I would like to thank Paul for his extremely fast answers to my interview and wish him good luck with his program and his investments. I will always support such dedicated admins like Paul and keep spreading the word about them on the pages of my blog. I really hope that CapitalizedInv will be as successful as Paul’s previous program and will bring us all some good profits. Anyway, the program has all the necessary features to achieve much in this industry.

By the way, don’t be surprised if you noticed some changes in your CapitalizedInv account because, as stated by Paul, he had to reset the database hence the changes. I’m sure this small mess will be cleared up soon though. Here’s his latest update:
Our Database was reset to a few hours older one because my database backup tool had a bug and it overwritten the current one with the old one. Please sign up again if you did in the past couple of hours.
If you made a deposit in the past couple hours and you don’t see it now please contact me. Also if you made profits and referral commissions too and don’t see it now please contact me. If you requested a withdrawal and you don’t see it in pending now and you see it in your balance again. Please request it again.
If you had a downline who signed up and his account is not here anymore, please have him sign up again and contact me if he made a deposit and don’t see it now.

I will see you on my blog tomorrow or on Sunday! I’m not sure yet because I may take a day off work and concentrate on entertainment a little. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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