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I hope you had a great weekend and came refreshed to start a new week! I certainly spent a nice couple of days away from my work and am now ready for the new week starting tomorrow. There was not really that much news for the last couple of days but anyway I would like to report everything which seemed important to me.

First of all, I’m glad to report that BristolCapitalGroup (which is #1 program on my monitoring page) started to accept different e-currencies alongside LibertyReserve. From now on you can make a deposit in BristolCapitalGroup using e-Bullion or Pecunix as well. The reasons to join BristolCapitalGroup were listed in my review of the program published here. Also you may find it interesting to read my interview with the admin of this program published here.

BristolCapitalGroup were not the only ones who extended their list of accepted payment processors. ApolloInvestGroup added PerfectMoney, AlterGold and WebMoney to the growing list of accepted payment processors. Moreover, ApolloInvestGroup is now hosted by BlockDos and this fact certainly should increase their credibility in the eyes of potential investors. So I made the decision to move ApolloInvestGroup up in my list of programs. The program certainly deserves it by constantly working on the website and adding more options and security which is certainly an obvious sign of the fact that it’s going to be online for a long time. The plans that ApolloInvestGroup offer also seem reasonable and sustainable to me. You can also read my interview with the admin of ApolloInvestGroup. The interview was published here.

As I live in Russia, WebMoney which has something of a claim on being regarded as the “national payment processor” here, intends to become the leader in the reliable payment processors list. But I think that recent decisions which were directed against their competitors will make them unpopular and lead to their decline in popularity in the long term. Here’s the update in which WebMoney published the “black list” of prohibited payment procesors:
WebMoney Arbitration System determines a list (not limited by the titles below) of financial and payment solutions that are strictly and undoubtedly prohibited from usage/purchase/selling by/from/to WebMoney Transfer System: 1. E-gold.com 2. LibertyReserve 3. E-bullion 4. Pecunix 5. Goldmoney 6. Inocard 7. Icqmoney 8. Deltakey 9. Imoney UAH

In my opinion, the Russian government decided to follow in the steps of the U.S government when it seized the assets of e-gold resulting in the decline and unknown future of that payment processor. Of course, this list is nothing more than an attempt to receive free publicity and an image of being fighters against money laundering. That will certainly be appreciated by Putin’s regime and Russian FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) and probably will lead to some tax rewards. But at the same time WebMoney doesn’t think about its customers that will have now less options to withdraw or exchange their money from other payment processors using WebMoney. It’s just a game in which WebMoney will lose eventually as using the difficult e-gold situation as an excuse, they try to deal a blow to other payment processors (such as LibertyReserve and e-Bullion, their strongest competitors). In my opinion such tactics will not go unnoticed and will have some bad consequences for WebMoney itself in the near future.

PerfectMoney also made it clear to its members about discontinuing any operations with e-gold (including the adding funds to your PerfectMoney account using e-gold and withdrawing money to it). Here’s the latest update from them:

Dear Customers, PerfectMoney system develops dynamically and we try to go ahead the whole market to offer you only the most qualitative services. We care for our clients and do our best to ring-fence them from any economic risk. For that reason the strategic planning department of PerfectMoney announces the cancellation of partnership with E-gold payment system. Such decision was caused by the situation at E-gold market where one can mark the critical volatility of e-gold as well as a drop in liquidity of this electronic currency. In view of all those facts the analysts of the strategic planning department came to conclusion that the work with such an unstable payment system can be insecure for our customers.

I found this decision to be rational and hope that PerfectMoney will take care of their customers funds in the future as well. You can read my interview with PerfectMoney administration here and to think about opening an account in PerfectMoney using the opportunity of 0% internal fee for the year of 2008. My experience in using PerfectMoney was flawless so far.

You may have noticed that more and more online investment programs have been starting to leave BlackLotus and transfer their sites to BlockDos instead. The most recent example of such a transition was UniCreditInvestment that recently moved to BlockDos after a lot of downtime and hacking attempts to the database on their server. Since then UniCreditInvestment seemed to become more popular than before and the only drawback of this transition was a slow propagation of their DNS so the site was unstable for a couple of days. Anyway, now the site of UniCreditInvestment is as fast and stable as it ever was before (read more about the program in my interview published here).

As you can see it is vital to choose the right anti-DDoS hosting properly for any online investment program. And if you don’t want your database to be stolen and your site to be DDoSed on a regular basis you should stay away from Blcc hosting (BlackLotus). In my opinion, BlockDos will be the perfect solution to be hosted on for any online investment that is serious about being DDoS-protected and which would like to stay online for a longer time without any issues. That’s why I made up my mind to conduct an interview with BlockDos administration and publish it soon on my blog. The investors may find it interesting as well because paying attention to the hosting company should be a priority when evaluating the quality of a website you’re researching before putting your money in it.

All the programs monitored by me are going great except two: 12Daily.Pro and ProfitsAddict. As for 12Daily.Pro it’s delaying the payments without giving any reason for it and some members have been waiting for their withdrawals for a week already. In my opinion, it’s a really bad sign and I will move the program to “Not Paying” if there’s no reason for this offered by tomorrow.

Regarding ProfitsAddict the program decided to close and I would not get too excited about the so called “promised refunds” as the program was known for paying selectively to only investors with small amounts while stealing the money from the big investors. Anyway, since my work is to provide you with some updates I should give you an update which was published on ProfitsAddict site so you will be able to try to get at least some of your money back even if the possibility is a bit slim in my opinion:

Please contact profitsaddict@hotmail.com for your principal refund. Please provide us your transaction batch number (Full detail) your username and your email address, refund will be processed as soon as we check your valid transaction and divide the amount we have left with total member deposit. If you are in profit with us, please don’t bother to ask refund, only some investor who lost money on this program will receive refund. Some members may only receive 50% of their principal back, some may get more, depends on amount left on our program. There is no need of explanation why program was closed, cause it will sounds like very lame excuse!! Good Luck!!

Other programs seem to be doing well and I received the payouts from the majority of them including: Tradelite, BristolCapitalGroup, MaxShare, ApolloInvestGroup, AcmosTrade, SafeAtom, LargeSum, e-Confidence, AgriFund, EliteMoney, UniCreditInvestment and CapitalizedInv. I hope your weekend was as great as mine and I’ll see you on my blog tomorrow!

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