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Hi, my dear readers! Unfortunately I have to postpone my review of TrustyPig promised yesterday because of some difficulties the site experienced today. That caused the admin to temporarily put the operation on hold and wait till everything gets fixed. Here’s the explanation posted by the admin Costy on the website:

TrustyPig is experiencing some technical issues
As you may already know our advertising platform relied on a script made by ROLLERSoft. I did truly believe in the integrity of this company when I bought the script and put my trust in their capacity to ensure the security the script needed but as it appears ROLLERSoft left, deliberately or not, breaches in the security system of the program.
So this is how it happens that this night (GMT time) there was detected a breach in our database. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop the person/persons that did this and part of the data was tampered.
We’ll have to suspend the activity of the program until we manage to get things back on track.
I hope you understand the fully seriousness of the situation and that you’ll find the inner resources to support the program until we get it back online.
Meantime for questions and suggestions you may use the new Helpdesk. Please use the Helpdesk instead sending mails as it is simpler for me that way and you’ll get your answer quicker!
The 48 hours money back guarantee is still active for the persons that bought upgrades in the last 48 hours. (Valid only for purchases made after 27.07.2008 – 00.00 a.m GMT Timezone)

So if you joined TrustyPig already and are worried about your money you can write to Costy and request a refund. I will not do it as I believe the admin would not develop such a great program just to finish it after a couple of days. The admin assured me that the site will be back on track as soon as possible. The script should be fully revised by a professional programmer to exclude such a thing from happening in the future. I guess this is very important and appreciate that Costy put his program down until everything is solved. I will update you on my blog after the site is back on track and will publish the review then. Stay tuned as TrustyPig is a really interesting program!

Other news for today.

Despite still accepting e-gold, SafeAtom made it clear today that those who made deposits via e-gold and asked the interest to be paid to other e-currencies will not be tolerated:
The most frequent question: “I made deposit via E-gold, can I withdraw funds to my LR or EB account? Because I can’t change e-gold funds to any other e-currency…”. We ALSO have huge amount at E-gold and we ALSO can’t withdraw funds from E-gold. So, if deposit was made via E-gold you can withdraw to E-gold only.

I think it’s absolutely a valid point and I wonder why a program should pay to other e-currency and therefore endanger its own long term stability. Everybody knows that e-gold‘s market value is really low now and in my opinion everything that is deposited via e-gold should be paid to e-gold ONLY. There are other programs like AcmosTrade for example that are still allowing this option and I think it’s unwise. But it would be a great choice for those who have some spare funds in an e-gold account and would wish to deposit it in AcmosTrade and be paid a profit to other e-currencies (for example, to LR).

LargeSum which is one of the longest paying programs (paying for more than 19 months now) also dropped the e-gold option for the time being and is now considering other options to process payouts except LibertyReserve. Here’s the update that was published on LargeSum site:
Dear partners and investors of LargeSum. Due to the fact e-Gold has stopped its work for the period of 6-9 months (you can find the detailed info here) we are forced to stop taking investments via e-Gold starting from July 22, 2008. All profit payouts are handled manually. The management of the company is now considering alternative methods of paying the profit.
I remind you that LargeSum pays 1.6% for 30 business days with principal withdrawal at the end of the investment term. The minimum is quite high though and is currently $150. The reasons for joining LargeSum are shown in my review of the program published on my blog here. I am going to finish my first 30-days cycle in LargeSum in a couple of days and of course I will update you when I receive my principal back.

I received my payments today from the following programs: SafeAtom, e-Confidence, AgriFund, CapitalizedInv, EliteMoney, Tradelite, ApolloInvestGroup, LargeSum, BristolCapitalGroup, MaxShare, UniCreditInvestment and AcmosTrade.

Today I joined another promising short-term program called Profit-Family. The program is based on GoldCoders licensed script and is hosted on a DDoS-protected server with SSL-protected channel. Profit-Family just started today so you have a pretty good chance to be in profit from it. The plans are well thought-out and in my opinion Profit-Family can run for a long time. There are two start plans and two premium plans available. You will receive 10% daily for 12 days or 120% after 10 days for start plans (only $1 minimum). For premium plans the minimum to deposit is $1,000 and you will get 14% daily for 10 days or 140% after 8 days. Withdrawals in Profit-Family are instant and only LibertyReserve is accepted for deposits. Read the full review of Profit-Family on my blog tomorrow and I’ll see you then!

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