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Today I would like to present another interesting short-term program called Profit-Family. In my opinion, the fact that the program is only one day online significantly increases the chances to be in profit. The plans Profit-Family offers are:

1) Start A – 10% for 12 days. You will be paid 10% daily during 12 days and your principal is not returned. So you will get 120% at the end of your investment term. The minimum for this plan is only $1 and the maximum is $1,000.

2) Start B – 120% after 10 days. You can’t withdraw daily in this plan but will receive your profit after 10 days. The minimum for this plan is $1 and the maximum is $1,000.

3) Premium A – 14% for 10 days. This plan is intended for larger investors willing to risk $1,000 and more. The withdrawals can be made daily for this plan.

4) Premium B – 140% after 8 days. It’s the riskiest plan for larger investors starting from $1,000.

Profit-Family only accepts LibertyReserve. But the most important thing you should consider before joining is that all the withdrawals are instant. It means you don’t need to wait a minute before you get your interest to your LR account and all withdrawals are done instantly and automatically.

And you shouldn’t be worried about the security of such instant withdrawal features as Profit-Family has SSL installed protection and is hosted on a DDoS-protected server. It’s obvious to me that the admin of Profit-Family knows how to run a successful short-term program with instant withdrawals. I doubt very much that Profit-Family is his first program but in my opinion an experienced admin is a definite plus for any program.

The design of the site applies to the theme of family. In our case it would be an investors’ family. It’s strange of course but I liked the neat design of the program at the first glance.

The script of Profit-Family is the best suitable for such programs with instant withdrawals. It’s licensed GoldCoders script. I like that after every transaction you get sent an email confirming its completion including processed instant withdrawals with LR batch number. In such a way as you can control your withdrawals better. There are some stats on the site where you can check the investors Top 10 and Last 10, and paid out statistics in real time.

I should also mention the fact that I was aware of this program from the very beginning as well. I mean advertising. Profit-Family is advertised on many large HYIP monitoring sites (including HYIP.com and HYIPinvestment.com). Obviously the admin has some starting budget which is very good in my opinion because it will attract more investors in a short period of time.

Of course, in such programs like Profit-Family you should act fast and join them during the first days of their online lifecycle. Given the fact that Profit-Family is only 1 day online and the first instant withdrawals have already been processed (I’ve got paid instantly as well) now is the perfect opportunity to join Profit-Family and earn some money. I’m in the 10% for 12 days daily plan as I think it’s the least risky and profitable at the same time.

The admin of Profit-Family already gave me his consent to conduc an interview with him for my blog. I guess we will know more details about him soon after the interview is published. Stay tuned for that!

Other news for today.

I told you yesterday about e-gold‘s difficulties and it seems some of the programs were already affected by it. For example, LargeSum having quite large amounts in e-gold can’t withdraw them. LargeSum have since issued an update in which they temporarily suspended all principal withdrawals for at least 2-3 months. It’s a precautionary measure that will assure the programs’ stability until a solution to withdrawing e-gold is found. I think it’s a completely logical decision and it doesn’t raise any red flags for me because you still can request your interest daily and you can reinvest your deposit at the end of your investment term and get your profit again. I’d like to believe that this will be a good lesson to learn for any online investment program (and not just for LargeSum) because the signs of the coming difficulties with e-gold payment system were visible a long time ago. Anyway, here’s the latest update from LargeSum administration:
Only one payment system is allowed for one investment account. Of course we could change from e-gold to e-bullion or LibertyReserve and we shall certainly do this in future. Moreover you will be given an opportunity to choose between LibertyReserve and e-Bullion. However, we can’t do it now, cause there is a large amount of funds stored on e-gold accounts. We need time for taking the funds out. We are gradually moving it out and in order to complete this procedure and exchange e-gold to LibertyReserve or e-bullion at minimal rates which is pretty hard to achieve now, we need time which is about 2-3 months. This period is the maximum deadline. You know of the troubles in e-gold and right now it is really hard to find any good and reliable exchanger who would exchange large amounts of e-gold into other e-currencies at the appropriate rates. We are negotiating with some of them at the same time. Some agree to exchange small part, some refuse. Anyway the process is moving and we have already started paying the delayed profit to some e-gold investors. Wait for a while and you time will definitely come.
Of course we could easily exchange all e-gold right now, however we would then lose more than 50% of it. It makes no sense to exchange under such circumstances.
That is the reason we ask you to wait for a while and reinvest the profits and deposits meanwhile maximum 2-3 months, until the issue is resolved. Meanwhile you can request for reivnesting both the deposit and the profit earned by now.
We would appreciate your patience and understanding and are terribly sorry for the payout delays caused with e-gold policy change. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding.
Mail us anytime, the address is support@largesum.net, support@largesum.com or support@largesum.biz. You can also contact us in the Livechat, available on our site. The buttons are on every page of the site. You can also contact via ICQ 474267607 or MSN michaelgrinner@hotmail.com

BristolCapitalGroup seems to be concerned that not many investors are taking their story about registration in the UK seriously. So they issued an update last night where they tried to re-assure them:
There was a lot of controversy when we started this online project, many doubts and questions coming from our clients about “reality” of our company. This is why we decided starting this month to publish reports of our trading activity on the main company account. Hopefully it will increase your level of confidence in our skills and security of your investments. To understand the report you must have some basic understanding of trading on FOREX. This is why we encourage our investors to study “BCG blog” section of our website. You will be able to find wealth of information which will help you understand FOREX in general and this report in particular. You can find link to the list of trading reports in upper menu of our website.
As for me I tend to believe that BristolapitalGroup is a registered entity until it’s proven otherwise. So if you have some info that can prove that BristolCapitalGroup registration documents are genuine or false you can contact me directly or leave a comment to this post. If you still haven’t read my interview with the admin of BristolCapitalGroup you’re welcome to do it here.

TrustyPig‘s admin Costy reported on the work that needs to be done on the site to get it back on track as soon as possible:
I’ve worked all day long to fix the script security breaches. Due to the fact that the script Zend encoded this job was not an easy one. It required hours and hours of work in order to make it again fully functional.
After we’ve completely decoded the script I had some unpleasant surprises. But I’ll talk about this in a future post.
All I can say so far is that if you ever want to open your own autosurf program you’d better think twice before deciding to use rollersoft’s solutions.
I’m currently working on finding the security breach that made possible for the intruder to mess up with our database. The script will be tested with the latest Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner and all the breaches will be repaired.
We’ll come back online only when we’ll be fully confident about our advertising software solution, even if this could take more than we expected. However, we hope that in about two business days the site will be back on track.

The admin of TrustyPig also assured investors that everybody who requested a refund would be paid within the next two business days.
Please note that in order to receive a refund you must follow the next steps:
1. You must access the Helpdesk and send a ticket to the “48 Hours Refunds” department. Click here for the link.
2. Please specify the exact date when your upgrade was purchased and the batch/ID number.
3. The final step, and the most difficult for some of the members: wait until the refund will be processed. As told on our Terms and Conditions all the refunds will be processed within 2 business days.

The attack on the site’s database was explained by Costy as made from the side of the competitors who also used RollerSoft script:
We have reasons to believe that the last night attack on our site came from one of our “competitors”.
I can’t prove anything with solid evidence right now but a pretty new autosurf website that also uses the rollersoft’s script may be the cause of the recent attacks.
I’ll do my research as good as I can and I’ll keep you all informed about this.

Anyway, I hope we will soon get all the answers and TrustyPig will get back on track and be more secure than ever.

I have received today’s payments from various programs including: UniCreditInvestment, Tradelite, ApolloInvestGroup, e-Confidence, AgriFund, EliteMoney, Profit-Family, CapitalizedInv, MaxShare, BristolCapitalGroup, SafeAtom and LargeSum. See you tomorrow on my blog, guys!

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