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Hi, my dear readers! Sorry for not publishing last night as I was quite busy with my personal affairs. Today I will try to make up for yesterday’s day off. And first I would like to warn you about AcmosTrade which has suddenly changed the rules in the middle of the program’s existence which always raises a red flag for me.

It all started with strange delays with payouts that used to be done within 24 hours. The delays were up to 72 hours which was not encouraging at all and indicates some possible difficulties AcmosTrade could have experienced. But finally all the delayed payouts had been processed and the explanation had been published on AcmosTrade site. The rules of withdrawing were adjusted according to this new update. In my opinion, if there are corrections to the rules of withdrawing they will be seen by potential new investors as a warning sign and I can predict a further decline in deposits over the coming months which will eventually lead to its closure. Of course, it’s not a matter of days but rather months but you should be aware of this and exercise some caution when depositing in AcmosTrade. Let’s analyze why I think AcmosTrade has some difficulties.

1. The minimum withdrawal amount is set to $2.50 for all e-currencies. (Reason – all payments are made manually by our staff so we can not process payments like $0.12 (from deposit $10) because we have +2500 members. (Only 300 withdrawals = 5 hours…).
Well, when I see such an excuse for increasing the minimum withdrawal and therefore not allowing investors to withdraw their money (especially those with smaller deposits) I always think of the real reasons behind the decision. Why didn’t AcmosTrade set this $2.50 minimum at the beginning and avoid changing the rules mid-stream in the future? Didn’t they expect to see such a growth in deposits? Why didn’t they actually process all pending withdrawals in due time instead of delaying them? Finally, is it difficult for them to hire more staff to process the payouts if they are a real company operating with millions of dollars? Well, I can’t answer these questions but they will surely raise the same doubts in the investors’ minds.

2. All withdrawals to E-Gold accounts will be made 1 time a week. (Please do not make several withdrawal requests in 1 week! Only 1 withdrawal per week will be processed. (E-Gold blocks many accounts without any reason).
Then I wonder why AcmosTrade is still accepting e-gold. That should be their main concern if they are serious about the investors’ money and not the fact of how to reduce the number of withdrawals to ease the burden of processing them. If e-gold is blocking their accounts why not to stop using e-gold at all like for example LargeSum did? Why continue to endanger the funds stored in e-gold knowing for sure that e-gold is a no-go option for HYIPs now? Well, I don’t think it’s worthwhile and honest behavior for such a large company as AcmosTrade.

3. To all members. You can withdraw your profit in currency you invested. This means if you invest with e-gold you can withdraw to your e-gold account 1 time a week. If you invested using LibertyReserve you can withdraw to your LibertyReserve account and so on. E-Bullion -> E-bullion. Perfect Money -> Perfect Money. VIP members please check your e-mails with new details.
Well, I noticed this flaw in AcmosTrade more that a week ago and already mentioned it on my blog. I considered AcmosTrade as an option for those who stored big amounts of e-gold and couldn’t withdraw them. Well, now it seems this option has gone and I apologize for this. I’m only wondering why AcmosTrade allowed withdrawing to other e-currencies for such a long time if everybody knew there’s a huge difference among several e-currencies AcmosTrade accepted as their depositing options. Was it bad planning or just complete unprofessionalism? I don’t know about this but it’s surely not adding any credibility to the professionalism of AcmosTrade employees that were allowing this to happen for such a long time. This can raise even more questions about their awareness of doing some things properly.

4. Please note – members who will try to cheat and withdraw to another e-currency (other than you invested) will get their accounts closed without an available refund. Please do not try to check this. Every deposit is stored in our data base and we can check it at any time.
This is the most ridiculous statement of all I’ve found in this update. Why call the members cheaters if the script itself actually allows them to withdraw the funds to another e-currency? Why not change the script itself? For example, I have two deposits in AcmosTrade: one in LibertyReserve and the other one in PerfectMoney. Why should I count what percentage I should withdraw to LR and what to PM? If AcmosTrade is so lazy to change its script properly will I be accused of being a cheater with my account being closed if I’m mistaken in my calculations by one cent (figurally speaking)? This is an absolutely awful decision in my opinion which will cause further troubles in the near future.

My conclusion: please be wary of any changes being made in the HYIP world because of some difficulties the program is experiencing. And I don’t think AcmosTrade is an exception here. I suspect AcmosTrade is in some financial troubles right now that caused their administration to issue these updates. Some of them are absolutely unacceptable and stupid. They actually put the responsibility to follow their new rules on the investors (some of them maybe being unaware of it) instead of altering the script which would exclude the necessity to change the rules at all. In my humble opinion these changes will not add the to stability to the AcmosTrade program and can lead to the future collapse. And remember: changes are not to be made if everything’s going well. Think about it and be aware when making your decision of depositing in AcmosTrade next time.

Other news for today.

One of the most reputable programs online that has been running for about two years – LargeSum – started to accept e-Bullion as a payment option. I hope this will be the first sign of recovery after the funds the program stored in e-gold were actually seized by the e-gold system instability. This is the latest update which was published on LargeSum site regarding this:
Dear investors and partners! The project LargeSum is growing diligently and constantly working on improving the quality of services provided. We are happy to inform, starting from now, we have applied the alternative payment system e-Bullion which is now working in testing mode. As of today you have the choice of investment method between LibertyReserve and e-Bullion.
I’m glad to report also that my first deposit in LargeSum matured and I made a reinvestment that was successfully credited to my account by the request I sent to the admin William Flanders. To tell you the truth I used to trust LargeSum program more than others mostly because of its huge lifecycle and I believe LargeSum administration actually knows how to handle things properly to stay afloat. Despite the high minimum of $150 to deposit I believe it will worth your while and can bring you some good profit. The complete review of LargeSum program and the plans it offers to online investors is published on my blog and you can read it here.

I’m glad to report that it seems TrustyPig is back on track and is running again. The surfing and the registration of new accounts are open again but there’s also some bad news for the already registered members. Because of some problems with the database you should re-register your account and send a support ticket to the admin to fund your account manually if you haven’t been refunded yet. I remind you that after the issues with the script appeared for the first time the admin of TrustyPig Costy decided to refund the members (all refunds have been processed already) and re-start the program. So it seems today TrustyPig has been re-started and therefore I believe I will be able to publish a detailed review of the program by tomorrow. I remind you that TrustyPig is a profit-sharing autosurf with the possibility to earn up to 13% daily. The details will be published in my review so stay tuned. Here’s the latest update from the admin.
We’re glad to inform you that TrustyPig is back on track and new users may start registering right away. This was the good news for today.
The bad news is that the old database was messed up by the attacker and we decided that is better to make a fresh start and ask all the former members to register again. I’m sorry for this inconvenience but I’ll do my best to make up for this somehow.
The upgraded users that either didn’t receive a refund or didn’t ask for one are asked to register for a new account and contact us with all the details of the transaction and we’ll credit their accounts manually.
The users that had referrals in their downline will be asked to resend their new affiliate link to their referrals. In case one or more of their former referrals register before they did for a new account the members in that situation are asked to contact us with their referral’s details and we’ll add their referrals manually. This could take some time so please don’t worry and be patient and be sure that we’ll make all possible so that you will not lose any money that you are entitled to.
I want to thank all the people that offered me support throughout these difficult few days. It was easier for me to work and finish this rather difficult job knowing that I have the support of so many nice people!

Finally, to finish today’s post I would like to share some good news with you. Mostly it applies to SolidTrustPay users. The news is really great and it indicates that STP processor continues its gradual developing. The news will be of use to you if you’re an active STP user. So here it is:
1) Credit Card deposits are now online again. Please note that it is VISA only at this time. MasterCard integration is expected
within 2 weeks. BONUS !! CC fees are REDUCED to 6.9% plus $1.55 per transaction. This is DOWN from the previous rate of 7.5% plus $1.85 per transaction.
2) NEW SolidTrustPay branded VISA Debit Cards are NOW available! Visit the FAQs for more information and click the Purchase Debit Card link in your members area to order.
3) Bank Wire deposits are now available by permission only. Please visit the Deposit Money area for instructions.
4) For fast support and quick answers, click on the “Contact Us” link to be directed to our NEW Support Ticketing Centre. Average response time for tickets is under 24 hours!
The staff at STPay would like to thank you for your patience during our recent server and hosting upgrades. The move caused a number of challenges for our members and we apologize for any inconveniences caused.
Watch for more benefits and features soon as we strive to become your #1 Payment Processor!

For the last couple of days I was paid from almost all the programs I’m a member of so I’m glad to report that all of them have “Paying” status on my monitoring page. Among them I received payouts from: BristolCapitalGroup, Tradelite, UniCreditInvestment, CapitalizedInv, SafeAtom, EliteMoney, Profit-Family, MaxShare, AgriFund, e-Confidence, LargeSum, ApolloInvestGroup, AcmosTrade and 8DailyForever. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on my blog tomorrow, guys!

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