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30/09/08. A Winning Strategy in MegaLido and More News


As you may know MegaLido is now the #1 autosurf and is considered by many of my readers as the best autosurf of 2008. Well, it’s too early to draw such conclusions in my opinion as MegaLido has only been online for about two months. But the thing is that many investors were already able to realize the earning potential MegaLido offers and continue to make reasonable amounts of money. But many people keep asking me how to utilize a strategy in MegaLido that will allow them to earn maximum profits and maximize their earnings. Some investors don’t know how an autosurf model works at all and don’t play autosurfs because they can’t see any advantages compared with HYIPs. Well, I’ll try to answer those questions in today’s article.

So what does autosurfing really mean and what is it all about?

Let’s try to analyze it in comparison with something familiar. In my opinion, autosurfing is almost like advertising on TV. Advertisers pay huge amounts of money to TV stations to run commercials in between TV programs, in exchange TV viewers get to watch the programs for free. Likewise, advertisers pay the autosurf program owners to host their advertisements on the internet for their site members to watch. To attract audiences, autosurf program owners reward members for watching advertisements on their own computer.

The main difference from TV advertising is that autosurfers are paid for their time, effort and internet resources to view advertising exclusively. Members have to login to their site and click the “Surf Sites” on the program menu to view auto rotating advertisements to earn benefits. Members who are interested in a particular advertisement can click to browse the advertisement. If they are not interested in any advertisement at all and do nothing, the timer will simply move to a next advertisement after the specified period of time.

Autosurfing have evolved to the point where viewers can buy membership (upgrade) to earn a percentage on their upgraded fees for each day they surfed and also gain credits to allow themselves to advertise their own websites. The fees that the autosurf program owners receive are usually reinvested in income generating projects.

So then another question arises: how do we surf and earn our daily interest in MegaLido?

Well, first of all you should register your account with MegaLido by clicking the “Register” tab. Fill in all your details correctly and pay special attention to your accounts in e-currencies which can be changed later only by special request. I remind you that MegaLido accepts 5 major e-currencies including: LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, AlertPay, StrictPay and AlterGold.

After that you should upgrade your account using your prefered e-currency. The minimum amount to upgrade is $6 (the cost of one advertising unit) and you can buy up to 1,000 units to be run in your account simultaneously. Remember that the process is completely automatic and you should see your upgrade active within minutes after upgrading is complete. You will be sent also a confirmation email to the email address you specified during the registration process.

Then you should start your surfing. For this purpose you should click on “Surf Sites” in the navigation bar at the left of the screen. The first advertising screen will come up and display for 20 seconds, then the next and the next until you reach a minimum of 12. Anytime after 12 you can stop it and qualify for the day’s minimum surfing requirement.

When you finish your daily surfing, look at your “Earning History” figure. It will have increased by 12% of the value of your “Active” upgrade packages and should also reflect all the daily history of all your upgrades. As soon as any of your referrals purchase an upgrade package, your balance available for withdrawal will immediately increase by 6% of the value of your referral’s upgrade package.

To request your payout you should click on the “Payoff” tab. Look at the figure in different payment processors. That is how much you have in your MegaLido cash balance as of that moment. Remember that you can only request the cashout to the payment processor you or your referrals made the original upgrade with. For example, if you make an upgrade via AlertPay and it’s expired it will be paid only to your AlertPay account, etc. If your referral made an upgrade via LibertyReserve you will be paid your ref commissions to your LibertyReserve balance and you can make your withdrawal requests to be paid only to your LR account.

Note that you will only be paid for the current upgrade made when it expires (i.e. when you reach your 144% on your account). You should remember that if you forget to surf for the day your upgrade will be automatically prolonged until it earns 144% and then goes to automatic cashout to be paid to your e-currency account. As you can see now with MegaLido you shouldn’t be worried because you missed your surfing for the day and the most important thing: you shouldn’t be worried if you forget to request your payout because the system will do it automatically for you. Isn’t that convenient?

The next question is how to maximize your earnings with MegaLido and what strategy is the best one to use. Well, let’s assume you want to really maximize your earnings and have $6,000 to spend (the strategy will be absolutely the same with different amounts). In MegaLido you’re allowed to have 1,000 units ($6,000) in upgrades running simultaneously. So the thing is to be paid daily starting from the 13th day (the date you will be paid for the first time) you should divide your $6,000 into 12 parts. 10 parts of $498 and the remaining two parts of $510 each. (It is different because you only upgrade your account by amounts that can be divided by exactly $6). Every single day BEFORE surfing you should upgrade your account with $498 (or $510 on every 6th day). Then starting from your 13th day in MegaLido you will start receiving some great amounts to your e-currency account of $717.12 (and $725.76 on every 6th day). If we assume you will continue re-upgrading for a month you will get your principal back in 21 days and after that you will be only in profit which will be increasing every day because you will be paid every day. Just imaging that you will get your money back in 21 days and then will receive more than $200 of pure profit daily. In my opinion, it’s a great income for only 12 pages of surfing daily! I remind you that the amount given is only as an example and similar strategy of dividing your principal into 12 equal parts can be applied for any amount. If you have difficulties in developing your own strategy in MegaLido please contact me and I will help you with it.

Of course, we should remember that MegaLido is a risky program and your earnings are not guaranteed. But if you’re willing to take a risk with your money the best and the safest option for today would be MegaLido. It can be even more profitable for you if you refer somebody to the program and get 6% commissions for all their subsequent upgrades made there too.

I hope the article made some things clear for those unfamiliar with MegaLido and gave some decent strategy for maximizing their profits for those who are already a part of it. For more details on how MegaLido works I advise you to read my review published here. If you want to know more about the admin Michael please refer to my interview with him published here.

Other news for today.

The most exciting news for the last couple of days came from MegaLido too. The thing is their exchanger services are now online and you can exchange almost all the e-currencies they accept (except AlterGold which is currently down) for reasonable rates straight from your member’s area. Michael promised that all the exchanges would be fulfilled in less than 24 hours. In my opinion, it’s a great service which will help some members that can’t verify their STP and AP accounts and would like to have LR therefore. It will be good for the MegaLido program as well because it will help it to have a tighter connection with its members and establish itself as an innovative autosurf. At the same time, the commissions MegaLido will be making on exchanges will become an additional source of income for the program. And don’t forget that the referral contest is ending tomorrow so there will be some winners and some great prizes given.
Here’s the regular weekly newsletter from Michael, the admin of MegaLido, which I received yesterday:
Another great week for MegaLido has just ended and a new one is just beginning, I can clearly see you are all very excited with our contest and that has brought great results to the program, thanks for all your hard work and efforts, you will be rewarded with great prizes.
I’m feeling really happy because I can see members are happy with what I’ve done so far, there are so many other I still want to implement to make MegaLido the best autosurf program ever, you will see them as time goes by.
I remember when MegaLido was started and people were very skeptical about it, everyone though it was too good to be true but we have proved the opposite, my goal in everything is to do better and better every day and never look at the past, each day is a new day and a new beginning.
Again, I want to thank you all for being a part of it, I’ve been getting really nice messages from members from the whole world, it’s really nice to know you are enjoying this partnership as much as I am.
Yesterday I sent you a quick note about our money exchanging system, it’s working perfectly and we are completing all the exchanges very fast. This is not only a facility for you but it will also help me to balance the amount of money between e-currencies, it’s a great deal for the both of us. I want MegaLido to be a friendly program, this step will also help me achieving it!
Finally, I want to ask you, members of MegaLido, to team up and don’t be on your own, if you like to be a leader, than set up your own team. It will only bring you benefits. Share your experience with MegaLido with new people, the autosurf industry was in a bad condition and we are changing it, so bring new people into it, we can make the autosurf industry a powerful business once again. If you do this, it will maximize your earnings and establish the industry, we are doing our part by offering you an honest program, do yours and everyone will benefit.
I can’t express how happy I am feeling, the program has been growing more than what I expected and there are still many ideas to be implemented and great news coming soon. Our contest will be over this week and the dispute is going great, everyone’s got a chance to win a big prize!
Hope you all find your way to happiness and joy, enjoy your lives because that’s the only thing no one can ever forbid you from doing.

The admin of 12DailyForever (read my interview with him here) followed the example of MegaLido also announced a weekly referral contest in which the winners will be announced every Saturday. Here’s what he said:
All payouts for today have been completed, please login to your account and check if your payment is there or contact us for any error as your admin is here to assist you anytime.
We also want to inform you about the referral contest which is open today 29th of September, 2008. Let me see the best winners to this contest.
I want all our members to participate in this contest as I have mention on my previous email that together we shall make 12DailyForever a big success in the surf industry.
A big thank you for your support for 12DailyForever.

There’s some problems with accessing 8DailyForever‘s website today as the site is not loading for me even via proxy. So I have temporarily put it to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. As I’ve seen from their blog 8DailyForever introduced 80/20 cashout rule recently which means the program has some cashflow problems and cannot be considered reliable anymore:
One of the great ideas presented and discussed in the forum this week is the 80/20 Rule, and there’s no idea better than this one to ensure the longevity of a program. In other words, when you withdraw, REINVEST 80% (or more) of your earnings to keep them growing, and KEEP 20% to use as you wish. Folks, I can’t stress enough how important that is to the health of 8DF… well as to your own financial health.
Together with the implementing of Phase 3 recently this rule doesn’t look good in my opinion and I strongly discourage you from joining and upgrading in 8DailyForever for now.

The admin of StableFinance recently sent an update where he emphasized the importance of his work and efforts to keep the program going and to save the efforts and money he introduced the new withdrawal minimum of $1 as of today:
Special Notification to all members! We have set our minimum withdrawal request have to 1$ and above. Anyone requesting a withdrawal below 1$ will not be processed. The funds will be returned to your account as we have noticed a large amount of 0.07 withdrawal request which makes it impossible for the system to charge your withdrawal fee we consider this a Cheat and as such will not honor any withdrawal below 1$ please allow your account to have sufficient earning before requesting cashout.
The review of StableFinance has been published and can be found on my blog here.

I received another weekly newsletter from ResidualForexIncome yesterday and can add that the program is doing fine and paying promptly and on time (remember that only 4 cashouts are allowed to be made per week). You can always read more about ResidualForexIncome in my interview published here as I really think it’s a uniquely transparent program in some way. Here’s the latest update which you should definitely read if you’re new to ResidualForexIncome or are still their free member:
If you are still our free member kindly be informed that free membership limit is set to 20 business days starting from 09/22/2008 or from your registration date (if registered after 09/22/2008)
The fact is that according to our calculation in a few months we are going to reform into a Private Club with limited number of active members (only real people who are interested in close cooperation) and limited investment amounts.
Unfortunately for the last time we tended to receive abusive messages that we do not have all necessary information available on our website, we offer very low ROI and we do not look like other investment programs.
1) We offer ONLY what we can deliver. NONE of our members (either regular or VIP) has ever been unsatisfied with our service. If you know any other programs or companies offering more stable and tempting investment conditions there is nothing we can do about that. It’s up to you to choose. However experienced online investors tend to come back saying they like RFI and our executives much more. It’s great pleasure.
2) All necessary information about our program is stored in our knowledgebase and in your members account. Please read carefully before putting blame that we missed anything important.
3) If you have a closer look you will see why we are different and unique. Not to mention we are the ONLY program fully verified and certified by GOBC French investment center.
If for some reason you are no longer interested in RFI please let us know and we will close down your account so that you are not bothered by our newsletters and updates any longer. If you experience any problems or still have questions do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any delays or problems with funding your e-currency account or any other investment related issues just let us know as well. We will take it into consideration.
For closer cooperation you have an option to apply for verified membership just like over 28 people have already done. Contact us for details if interested.

Let’s have a look at the payment processors now. And the first one that comes to mind is definitely AlterGold. Despite their assurance that our accounts in the system would be fully accessible by last Sunday there are some features that are still not working and so the access to the accounts is still closed. It would be especially scary if you consider all the naysayers that keep talking about AlterGold being a big scam. I don’t think it will happen and the collapse is not imminent as many predict. If they wanted to scam it would have done it long ago and of course it wouldn’t have sent regular updates to their customers. In my opinion, the administration just needs some more time to get the work done and the renewed AlterGold system ready for the great launch. Here’s the latest update from AlterGold team where they asked to give a few more days to have things done:
Dear Members, We sincerely apologise for the delay in bringing AlterGold online on Sept. 28th as anticipated. Unfortunately, we ran into challenging technical issues, and these may take a further 3 to 4 days to resolve. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Your business is very important to us. We’ll be back online as soon as humanly possible. The AlterGold Team“.

Here’s a rather strange update I received from StrictPay administration recently asking all the members for compulsory verification of their accounts and informing us of the immediate blocking of accounts of those users that will not provide the necessary documents for the verification. The administration of StrictPay explained this by following the Panamanian laws where their company is officially registered. But in my opinion this decision should have been made before many members opened their accounts with them and therefore now they are forced to get verified and can’t send money before they do it. Anyway, I don’t think it’s a professional approach to say the least. For example I can’t verify my account now because I live in Ireland temporarily and of course I don’t have utility bills or a bank statement sent to my current address. Anyway, I will update you if the support helps me with my problem. I can’t deny though that StrictPay support is working very fast as they verificated my friend’s account with them very fast and he is now awaiting his check that was delayed for some reason. Anyway, before publishing my review of StrictPay I would like to thoroughly test them so I could recommend them to my readers. Here’s the update from StrictPay about compulsory verification of the existing members’ accounts:
In the past we have allowed our members to do a total of $500 in transactions prior to becoming verified, but we now feel the need to change that policy. We initially allowed this because it allowed members to do test spends, and try various other features, before they went through the verification process, and we would still be in compliance with Panama KYC regulations.
We will now require all members to become verified before they can do any transactions of any amount. This change also pertains to all existing members who have not yet become verified. There are two major reasons behind this change in policy:
1. As many of you already know, our Verification Department always completes verifications within 24 hours, and during normal business hours they usually complete the verification process in less than 3 hours. The time to become completely verified is not only very reasonable, but we have also made the process very easy to complete.
2. We have seen an increased number of members asking our support center differing questions concerning what the $500 total refers to. As we have grown, we see more and more members that seem to be confused as to why we chose that total, and what exactly it refers to. In the end, we feel that it would be beneficial to everyone involved to just have everyone become verified that wishes to use StrictPay as a payment option.
Thanks for choosing StrictPay as a payment option, and we appreciate your continued patronage.

That’s all the news for today and I would only like to add that I received some payments from many programs for the last couple of days. So these programs paid me recently: MegaLido, Tradelite, BlosFinance, AggeroInvestment (the first instant payout to LR), ResidualForexIncome, SafeAtom, Richard-Falk, TradersInvestments, 12DailyForever, LargeSum, QuantumInv, StableFinance, FxSlaughter, MaxShare, TopProfitWorld, HermisCapital, PanaMoney (the first payout received) and MutualForexFund (the first payout received). Stay tuned and you will be able to read my review of MutualForexFund tomorrow followed by more news from HYIP and autosurf industry! See you tomorrow, guys!

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