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09/06/2010. ReProFinance Review and Other News


Beware! ReProFinance has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Well theres no denying what the biggest news story of the day was with the inevitable, though unexpected, closure of one of the most popular HYI programs of the last couple of months. I’ll have more on that in the news section in a moment but it does raise the point that there is an ongoing void in the mid to long term HYIP industry that needs to be filled. And one such program that I think definitely has at least the potential to fill that void and become a major player in this business (or what’s left of it) is ReProFinance. Before we get to the plans I should first point out that ReProFinance accepts deposits in both Euros and Dollars. For the sake of brevity I’m just going to talk in dollars here.

ReProFinance has four individual long term investment plans and one look at them tells me that they are definitely aimed at the bigger industry players. In better times I’d say fine, they’ll attract a certain amount of them, but we all know that crises and downturns don’t last forever so given time they’ll probably get a few takers. Meanwhile though there are still certain options open to smaller players too that are conservatively, but nicely, profitable.

The first of these plans is called The Conservative Plan but in this case ReProFinance are using that word in a HYIP context. It’s not offering the fast profits of so many short term plans but it’s a damn sight better that what you find in the world of “real” business and in HYIP terms it’s perfectly sustainable for quite some time to come. Investments start at a minimum of $10 and go to a maximum of $999. As for the length of term, this is something I don’t remember seeing recently. You can either invest for 90 business days or 180 business days where you get a slightly better interest rate.

Regarding the rates, I should point out that compounding is allowed by ReProFinance at a rate to be established by yourself. The descriptions of the plans you will find on their website differ somewhat from mine because they work off the assumption that you will choose to go with 100% compounding. I’m no great fan of the practice myself so I’ll describe them with a 0% rate and then you can make your own calculations as regards whatever rate you choose for yourself. So if you join ReProFinance‘s Conservative Plan for 90 business days you get paid a rate of 0.8% per business day giving you a total return of 172%. Sign up for 180 days and you will earn a rate of 0.9% which adds up to 262% on expiry. Those figures are final so I’m counting your principal in there as well. Of course if you’d like a little extra then there is still the compounding option, but just don’t do it for 100%.

The next plan works pretty much the same way with you being offered a term of either 90 business days or 180. It’s called The Balanced Plan and will cost you at least $1000 to join. For 90 days ReProFinance will offer you 1% interest per day bringing in a total of 190% with your principal. Or if you have the patience for a 180 day term then the rate goes up to 1.2% per day allowing you a final rate of 316%. Again if you like compounding then play around with the figures and see if you come up with an option more suitable to you. Maximum spend is $4999.

Then for the serious players we come to The Aggressive Plan which will set you back $5000 to join. Again you have your choice of 90 or 180 business days to join for. Go for the 90 and your daily rate will be 1.2% per business day bringing a final return of 208% including your principal. Or for the more adventurous players go for 180 days and get 1.5% per day which will bring in a total of 235%. Maximum spend this time is $19,999.

As the following plan, The Special Plan, starts at $20,000 I really don’t think we need to bother with it here. But purely for information purposes The daily rate for 90 business days is 1.5% and the rate for 180 days is 1.9%. There is no maximum limit. Of course if you really do have a spare $20K lying around the house then my congratulations! May I suggest an iPad, a new car, and a big flat screen TV for the world cup? Or better yet a camper van and get yourself off to the world cup itself? But not online HYIPs, ok?

Good and all as ReProFinance is, we have a major stumbling block with their (lack of) choice of payment processors. For now that’s limited to just LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney which are fine options by themselves but sure to deter a lot of the bigger players who prefer to avoid them. For the benefit of anyone new to this business please take the time to familiarize yourself with the refund policies of those payment processors. Because they’re aren’t any. So make sure it’s a realistic figure you deposit based on what you can afford to spend rather than what you hope to earn.

Incidentally, if you’re not a great fan of long term programs in general then you may wish to know that ReProFinance do have an early withdrawal option. There’s no lock-in period which is good, but the fees are punitive. 30% in fact so make sure to plan your investment properly before hand and cover yourself for any emergencies.

If the payment options are average then the security is outstanding! For a start they’re hosted on a dedicated server by Dragonara, and I’m a big fan of theirs. I know I keep MNO hosted elsewhere but Dragonara are good too. In fact as long as I’m in the HYIP business I’ve never seen a program hosted by them get into any serious difficulty as regards downtime issues. Obviously the hosting provider has nothing to do with your deposit but at least the ReProFinance website will be stable.

The script is custom made and I have to say looks very professional, with several extra security features not seen in the usual generic models. There’s a series of different password required in order to get paid. Upon registration a log-in ID will be assigned to you. But obviously you still select your own password. Next thing is you are asked for a secondary password which is also selected by you when you join. But if all that wasn’t enough, you will also receive a series of eight randomly generated four digit serial numbers. Before you can withdraw you will also be asked to quote one of these numbers. If all that sounds a bit much then don’t be put off. It’s generated by the script so payments are not instant but they are fast.

Viewing ReProFinance as purely an online based HYIP (which they are) I can see that a lot of time and effort was put into it and for sure it wasn’t put together by amateurs out for a quick buck. Investors support (that means you!) is what will determine whether or not that’s all they’re going to end up with. On one hand keep in mind the only thing you’re required to do in joining is spend ten bucks so it’s a worthwhile venture, but also factor in the long investment terms which although do allow you to leave early also charge you for that. Factor all that into determining your principal as well but in the future ReProFinance is at least worth a look when putting together a diverse and well balanced portfolio.


The most shocking news came today from the admin of StaunchFinances Brent who announced the official closure of his program just after 50 days online. Well, it’s even more shocking if you remember a few days ago he told us that his program was in good health and that the level of support was good. Ironically he recently sent his condolences regarding the demise of TrueEarn which has been one of the greatest short-term HYIPs of the year and lasted for 60 days with much higher rates than StaunchFinances had to offer. The positive thing about StaunchFinances though was that it eliminated the huge risks seen in the majority of HYIPs as over 65% of your deposit was returned after 6 calendar days. So most of the members that lost money shouldn’t have lost as much as they could. Maybe that was the reason StaunchFinances wasn’t able to continue? If you were one of them then I realize that’s probably of little comfort to you, but that’s the game you play and I hope you know thing’s could have been worse. The main reason was not stated by Brent in his email to members but in private conversation with him he said that he honestly tried to spark some interest in the program which however was impossible to do during this slow season. Again it’s not members to blame in my opinion but rather the general state of things in the industry when so many programs collapse on a daily basis in turn forcing investors to be really careful and not to reinvest or deposit into older programs to reduce their risks. These tactics are really wise imho but at the same time this is damaging to good programs significantly reducing their lifetime. I expect things should go back to normal in the HYIP Industry only by autumn so those programs that survive till then have a great chance to last for a long time. Anyway, back to StaunchFinances. The deposits have been disabled now and the admin promised to fully refund everybody unfortunate enough to deposit today. I hope Brent will fulfill his promise and I’m really sad to see that program go like this:
Dear members,
I would just like to announce that
StaunchFinances is OFFICIALLY CLOSED. I did all I can to make this program alive but in the end, it wasn’t meant to be. There are a few reasons why this happened but I will not divulge much into it because ultimately, it is I who failed to generate enough income to keep the program going.
Deposits have been disabled since yesterday. I will continue paying whatever’s left in our funds and refund those that deposited today. Please do not send anymore tickets as I will close all our email addresses. There’s really no need to ask me what happened. Anyway, I wish you all luck in your future endeavors and again, I’m sorry.

The situation with StaunchFinances where the admin mislead investors by insisting the stats were ok while in reality it was really the opposite is not that unusual in the HYIP industry. Actually all the admins are doing it. Don’t believe me? Well, ever remember a case when the admin said his program was going down? Such “honesty” will not sell as all HYIPs are ponzi-based ventures depending on the fresh cashflow to pay existing members. Admitting the problems a program is facing will only make the situation worse and hasten its collapse. So what’s the point in doing that? It’s always better for a program to say things are good and hope that the reinvestments will come which will increase the lifespan.

So it’s no wonder I receive similar emails from other programs including InvestiHeaven (reviewed here). According its admin Dan (interviewed here) after completing the first cycle for two plans (144% after 12 days and 10% for 12 days) things couldn’t be better as reinvestments exceeded expectations. While it might be true I don’t believe he rejected $10K from one investor. Can you imagine any investment fund refusing funds because it’s too much, lol? By the way, I remember I heard this story of refusing big money from the admin of ChokoMoney which though was an average (by current standards) program that lasted for only two cycles. Hopefully, InvestiHeaven will outlive that in terms of cycles and the strategy of the admin of increasing the maximum deposit gradually will be for the benefit of investors. Still I believe the wisest strategy now will be reinvesting only your profits and not more. It applies not only to InvestiHeaven but to any short-term game online now. Hopefully you will play it smart, my dear readers, and always be in profit which is the main aim of MNO. Anyway, here is the glowing newsletter from InvestiHeaven received today:
Dear members,
It is with extreme happiness and excitement that I am informing you that InvestiHeaven has just surpassed $120k in deposits and has over 1150 members as the second cycle has just began today. The first payouts on expiry of the 144% after 12 days have already been processed and I am very glad that many members decided to stick with InvestiHeaven and reinvested bigger amounts back to the second cycle. The level of support so far has been awesome and I hope this will continue for many cycles to come.
I remind everyone that as part of my strategy to make InvestiHeaven sustainable for the long haul, I have just increased the maximum deposit amount to $2000 per plan. That means, that every member is allowed to make a deposit amount of UP to $2000 in the 144% after 12 days plan, and UP to $2000 in the 10% daily for 12 days plan (Total $4000). One member today tried to take advantage of the huge potential of InvestiHeaven and made 5 multiple deposits of $2000 each to the 144% after 12 days plan. Please note that I will NOT under any circumstances accept this behaviour and will NOT allow any discrimination between my members. A member who will try to cheat by depositing over $4000 total to InvestiHeaven will find his InvestiHeaven account deleted with all his money refunded, and will not be allowed to make an investment into InvestiHeaven. I hope I have made this point clear.
Please remember to always support InvestiHeaven by posting your payment proofs on these forums :
Furthermore, please vote for InvestiHeaven on the monitors after everytime that you get paid and let all your friends know about it. If you are a blog/forum/monitor or other website owner, I will appreciate it if you promote InvestiHeaven on your website to increase its popularity and exposure even further to a wider audience of investors. It won’t only help you to receive bigger amounts of referral commissions, but will ensure program’s healthy growth rate and future success.
With Warmest Regards, DanB

Unfortunately FinFex turned into an ugly scam with the admin totally disappearing and not replying to any emails. Of course it happened on the day when the first payments on expiry were due to be processed. The admin Ray was pretty convincing and tried to make his program look legitimate in the eyes of potential investors. It doesn’t help him though or maybe it was his plan from the beginning. Most probably it’s the second option as FinFex intended a fast scam. Nobody was in profit in that program so we can write it off as a total failure.

GoldWayMoney is also gone after over two weeks online making it a moderately successful HYIP which survived over three 4-day cycles. Apparently the problems started with AlertPay which probably for some reason blocked their account. I’m saying this because all my withdrawal requests yesterday was paid except of those requested to AlertPay. Usually when a program has an intention to scam it pays to AlertPay and doesn’t pay to LR and PM processors. So I guess it was the original intention of the admin to scam so early. Possibly the AlertPay issue again was the first and defining factor in destroying the program. Well, we saw it in the HYIP industry so many times before so it was not the first episode.

The administration of ForexNetClub that reached the #2 spot on MNO ranking already sent out some trading results in pdf files today. Strange though that the results are only available for certain periods of time. Where is the more recent results? Well, it seems to be a secret and though I know little about Forex trading you might want to look into those files and reach your own conclusions about the legitimacy of ForexNetClub. I remind you that the program pays on three plans on expiry including: 109% after 2 weeks, 128% after 4 weeks, 191% after 8 weeks. The deposits into ForexNetClub (reviewed here) are accepted starting from $50 and only via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney processors. Here is the latest newsletter:
We want to inform you that because of requests about our FX trading we have uploaded some of our trading results for January and April, 2010. You may view them on due diligence section or if you follow the links:
January 2010
Arpil 2010
Do not hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.
ForexNetClub Ltd. Support Department

There was a strange update from Aballong today which seems to arisen like the Phoenix from the flames. I don’t know what their agenda is by paying the outstanding pending payouts now but I know I would not recommend that program again. That’s really an odd situation when the deposits are accepted and the withdrawals are not allowed for a week so I wonder what they are trying to achieve with this. I’m sure 100% they are not a real company and of course they don’t have any outside income as they say. But who knows? Maybe Aballong will surprise us once again so I will keep you updated on that. The admin Alrea is also free to contact me if she’s willing to resume monitoring on MNO in a week from now. Here is the update from Aballong:
As you certainly realized we were catching up with payment requests Most pending requests have been settled, and we will be on the focused time schedule on the 15.06.2010 to open the withdrawal link, and start gaining you profits again. Martin is very positive with the World Cup ahead, Martin and I will have everything on time and back to normal. If you want to help Martin getting funds into the world cup, you can invest again. Withdrawals are possible on the 15.06.2010 again. Almost 95% of all pending withdrawals has been processed, Martin yet have some trouble about the Strictpay and GDP situation earlier, we are on recovering here. Martin will also not accept Strictpay in the future.
Martin and I also employed a few people for support, so from the 15th its really back to business, back to normal and Martin can make us all money again.
Best Regards. Alrea. PR- Management

PrivateDiamondClub (reviewed here) introduced their Spanish representative who will be able to assist you in Spanish if you have any questions. Earlier the German representative was assigned and now you can ask questions in three languages. Here is the short update regarding that from PrivateDiamondClub:
We just like to inform our Spanish speaking members that we have a new support member.
We are happy to welcome Señor Gustavo in our Team.
Contact him if you have any question in Spanish.
The PrivateDiamondClub Limited
Official Representative South America (Spanish)
Señor Gustavo B.

The admin of XaresFunds issued a bold initiative today allowing members to trade on the Forex markes themselves using their trading signals. The only thing you need to do is to invest $5K in the program. I don’t think it’s a wise decision, guys. XaresFunds has been on the HYIP market a short long time so we can’t trust them with that kind of money at this point. In my opinion, it’s better to trade Forex by yourself than trusting third-parties. XaresFunds also mentioned the increase in minimum deposit in the Common plan to $5K (read more about the Investment plans in my review published here) which I believe will only lead to a lack of choice from the current investors. Here is the whole newsletter I received from XaresFunds last night:
Dear Paul, You are still alive?!
We are in case you haven’t noticed it.
In fact we are very busy with preparing a new service we are going to offer for all our members.
As you probably know, we use our members investments funds to trade in the Forex Market.
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that yourself without the knowledge on how to trade Forex?
“Big” investors (minimum investment of 5000 is recommended) will be able to trade the Forex Market using our signals. You may be asking why you would do that, well give me some reasons:
You have your own account with your own money in it, we won’t and can’t touch your money. In fact we will not even know the amount of funds in it.
There is no 1% profit per day limit. All profits belongs to you.
You can withdraw your funds anytime, including your investment amount.
Of course there are also some disadvantage:
There will be losses, sometimes you will have a losing month (Yes, it happens us too).
Since you keep all the profits, in case of a loss you will also not get the minimum interest rate like we offer in our Investment Plan (which we pay from our reserve funds).
More information will be published on our forum as soon our new service is available for our members.
For our members who likes the “old” way of investing, we will change our deposit limit for the Common Plan to $5000, multiple deposits is still possible in case you want to invest more.
Stay tuned! Regards, XaresFunds.

Some disturbing news came today from the administration of OilInvestment (reviewed here) and here is the newsletter:
We have more than 3500 participants now!
All investors have an opportunity to congratulate us, because there is more than 3500 participants now.
We divide this success with to all investors, who have already made deposit and wish to do it.
Hurry up to join now!

While OilInvestment proved so successful and has been running for four weeks the admin missed the main point of his update – he introduced a plan offering 133% after one day for deposits over $150. Please do not fall into this trap and get out of the program asap. It’s a definite sign of cashflow problems in OilInvestment together with increasing the minimum investment from $10 to $25. OilInvestment will scam very soon so I advise you to stop depositing there despite the paying status on monitors. I can’t change its status on MNO so soon as it’s still paying but this sign is just too big to ignore .

I have been paid today from the following programs:
TopEarnClub, PrimeMoney, BookmakerOffice, RedOrchidInvest, HighYieldClub, OnyxInvClub, InvestiHeaven, DynFxTrade, VezGroup, TrumpForexClub, BukInvest, ReProFinance, KaizenPortfolio, BalanceFunds, AvaInvestment, ExcellentChoice, Forexica, YesInvestment, GoldInvestment, EzProfit, InWolton (the first payment received) and EarnForexProfit (the first payment received).

In case you haven’t noticed EarnForexProfit is a new addition to my list of short-term programs. It just launched today and offers two investment plans with payouts on expiry: 150% after 10 days and 200% after 16 days. Four e-currencies are accepted (AlertPay, StrictPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney) and the minimum to invest is only $5 to $10 depending on the plan. EarnForexProfit is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and is is protected by Koddos on whose dedicated Staminus server it’s hosted. EarnForexProfit also has an SSL-protected site. Many monitors have been added already and I look forward to bringing you a more detailed review of EarnForexProfit on MNO soon.

That’s it for today, guys. I hope to see you all on my blog tomorrow as usual. Stay safe and don’t forget to check MNO for daily updates!

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