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28/06/2010. FundsOMatic Review and Other News



Hi everyone! Bad as things have been in the HYIP industry over the last couple of months I still haven’t given up hope of a full recovery. I’ve added a couple of really good programs to MNO recently and while I can’t possibly say that they’ll get the support they need I am encouraged that there are some good professional admins out there getting active. One such admin is Randy Mitchell who’ll be widely known already to autosurf aficionados and I believe he’s done enough in that side of the industry to attract a sizable following to his new HYI site. It’s called FundsOMatic and it’s a brand new long term low ROI based program.

For those of you who don’t know, the admin here has previously ran an autosurf program with the similarly sounding name of SurfOMatic. In fact he ran it for close to two years which in itself is a fantastic achievement. He ran it for as long as he could, pretty much until the entire surfing industry collapsed around him, but what’s more impressive is the manner in which he closed it. He did so quite honorably and ensured that no one who joined lost any money. So now he’s setting his sights on the HYIP industry, and with a track record like that let’s all hope he can bring many of his fans along with him and give the industry a well needed boost.

But aside from the obvious advantages the admin brings to FundsOMatic, the investment plans themselves aren’t too bad either. Provided you like long term plans that is. You have a choice between daily payments or slightly more profitable (and slightly more risky) weekly ones.

So let’s start with the Daily Plan. It runs for 200 calendar days and makes payments based on how much you are prepared to spend. But it’s really quite affordable to get on board and FundsOMatic requires a minimum spend of just $5. Not all the options are so cheap of course but I guess you guys all know your own limits. Anyway, for deposits from from the $5 minimum up to $150 you can expect to earn 0.8% per day. That would add up to a weekly return of 5.6%, see you break even after 125 days, and finish the plan with payments amounting to 160%. That’s a nice sum of money for yourself and if you’re tempted to think that it’s an awful long time to wait in HYIP terms just remember that short term programs offering similar returns after just ten or twelve days can rarely sustain it (anymore) beyond one or two cycles if even that. So sustainability and achievability are key factors here.

More ambitious investments can expect the following rates. For deposits between $151 and $500 FundsOMatic pay 1% interest per day. It’s therefore a fairly easy mathematical equation to work out that that brings in 7% interest per week, allows you to break even after 100 days, and complete the cycle with 200% interest, or your money doubled.

For amounts ranging from $501 to $1000 the interest rate will be 1.5% for the 200 day plan duration. So here you would be looking at getting 10.5% of your investment back over the course of a week, break even after 67 days, and finish with payments totaling 300% of your initial principal.

FundsOMatic are then offering 1.7% interest per day on deposits starting from $1001 up to a maximum $5000. That’s quite a lot of cash to be throwing around on HYIPs these days but if it’s affordable for you then you can expect your payments to accumulate to 11.9% per week, break even after 59 days, and add up to a total of 340% on expiry.

And finally for whatever big spenders and high rollers are still left out there willing to risk from $5,001 to a maximum of $15,000 there’s a daily interest rate of 1.8% on offer. If one was earning that the weekly total would amount to 12.6%, you’d break even after 56 days, and finish with payments amassing to 360% of your original principal.

Then we have the Weekly Plan which pays out once per week and runs for a cycle of 26 weeks. Keep in mind that that’s 182 days so while daily payments may look a bit safer as they allow you to claw back a bit more of your principal should the program close early, do consider that the weekly plan pays more and matures faster when considering which one to pick. I’m not coming down in favor of one over the other here as it’s purely a matter of personal choice.

The investment figures are the same for this one but of course as I already mentioned the returns are that little bit higher. For example anything from the minimum requirement of $15 up to $150 will have FundsOMatic pay you a weekly rate of 7%. Compare that to 5.6% over an equivalent seven day period in the daily plan and straight away you can see how much more profitable it is. By joining this plan you may expect to break even after 15 weeks and finish with a total of 182%. Clearly then it’s a higher profit from a shorter term, but it carries a slight though by no means overwhelmingly bigger risk than joining the daily plan. And considering that you break even quite a bit sooner I’d say the extra risk is negligible when considering the bigger picture. Still, it remains a matter of personal choice.

The rest of the available options pan out pretty much the same way. By investing from $151 to $500 FundsOMatic will pay a return of 8.4% per week. That will see you break even after 12 weeks and finish with a total of 218.4% of your principal.

For investments starting from $501 up to $1000 a weekly interest rate of 11.2% is on offer. That would see you break even after 9 weeks and finish up with 291.2% in interest payments.

If you’re feeling lucky and want to play with something between $1,001 and $5,000 then FundsOMatic are offering 12.6% interest per week. 8 weeks is all it takes to break even here and assuming the plan comes to maturity the total payments will add up to 327.6%.

And finally for the serious players willing to part company with between $5001 and $15,000 there’s a weekly interest rate of 14%. As you may have noticed the rate gets less sustainable as we progress up the ladder but frankly speaking at those prices there’s less likely to be too many takers (not these days anyway) so it’s less of an issue. But theoretically if you were to join under this plan you should expect to break even after 8 weeks and finish with total interest payments of 364%.

A couple of other important points about the investment plans include the fact that you may have noticed that I failed to mention whether you get your principal returned on expiry or not. This is a curious thing as it’s not explicitly stated anywhere on the FundsOMatic website so I contacted the admin and asked him to clarify this for me. He replied to me earlier and so I can confirm what I had in fact already suspected and tell you that your principal is already counted as part of your payments and will not be returned separately. So all the final payment figures mentioned above include your principal as part of that. Like it or not, this will go some way towards helping the program survive a bit longer.

One thing that I am sure of though is that the choice of payment processors is pretty decent. AlertPay, GlobalDigitalPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and StrictPay make up the list. Payments are made manually so will have to be requested. The admin doesn’t specify exactly how long he needs to complete each transaction but he does make a very reasonable point in relation to that. While FundsOMatic is still a relatively new and unknown program he will endeavor to pay you within eight hours of your request. However if everything goes according to plan and the program grows as he intends it to grow then obviously as he’s only a human being he will need more time to deal with more requests. Basically he just asks that you be patient and allow a reasonable amount of time before raising the issue with their support. That’s OK by me but I just know from experience that there’s a bunch of people out there that just hit the panic button if kept waiting a minute longer than 24 hours, screaming all over the monitors and the forums, so it might help to put a more concrete time frame on this at some point in the near future. Not everybody shares this casual attitude so it’s probably better that he does.

Also, and I think this is important when it comes to programs whose investment terms are as long as FundOMatic‘s, there is the issue of refunds and early withdrawals. Please be aware that this is not allowed. If you join FundOMatic you are doing so with a full commitment to stay with the program for the duration of your chosen plan, so make sure when planning your budget here you are only putting in money you are 110% sure you will not be needing back in an emergency for at least the amount of time it takes you to break even.

The security of the program is up to a fair enough standard with the ever dependable Neversay providing a licensed script and an additional layer of protection provided with SSL encryption. The hosting provider, CyberCobra, is not exactly a household name in the HYIP industry (I only remember a bare handful of programs ever using them since I started MNO) so you may not have heard of them, but they are on a dedicated server and are protected from DDoS attacks. DDoS protection in this case is not provided by the hosting provider directly but rather through Fivva Networks. Contact with the admin can be made through the online support ticketing form. There is also a Live Chat window for when he’s logged in, however no schedule is provided for that.

There’s no real obvious business plan behind FundsOMatic other than it being an online HYIP based game. Albeit one where the admin brings a wealth of experience and no small amount of admirers. That seems to be largely why a lot of investors are excited about this one, and I can only agree that when you put a good admin in charge of some decent investment plans then the site does begin to look very promising indeed. Especially as it’s also so new.

By the way, I would hope that most of you know by now that none of this guarantees you will ever make a penny out of it so behave (and invest) responsibly, consider the lengthy term your deposit will not be accessible, and always keep in mind that in order for any business to succeed it needs the full support of it’s members. Hit-and-Runners will hardly be an issue with a program like FundsOMatic obviously but if you join then at least try to play your part by sharing your experiences with others if they’re positive. It’s easy to question an admin’s motives and more often than not you’re probably right to be suspicious but if any of them deserves a fair chance then it’s this one. Hopefully he’ll get the support he needs to gradually build his program into something we can all make a few bucks from.


I have received one complaint regarding a delayed payout from BukInvest today. As you might remember I predicted the site’s collapse a few days ago by the end of the week. And today we can see the first signs of that. I still hope it’s not true so I asked the admin about it and will wait for their reply till tomorrow. But anyway, in my opinion BukInvest will be done in a couple of days just because they will have to pay to those players invested in the 1000% in 3 days plan which I noticed they had added today. It’s just a huge red flag. And though I have been properly paid today I would not advise to invest till I hopefully hear from the admin and decide on the program’s status on my monitoring page. In addition, there was a phishing email sent to the members of BukInvest today (though not from the site’s address) asking to invest directly into a 1000% after 1 day plan. Of course, you must ignore this email and not send a cent to that scammer. Please note that you’re supposed to invest in HYIPs only via their sites and never by following some strange links or instructions received in emails. Here is the email I received allegedly from BukInvest today which you should trash immediately if you find it delivered to your own mailbox:
Dear bukinvest members,
As you may know, we are processing withdrawals with no delay and everything else is running smoothly as well! But, now we have even better offer for all of you!
We got an excellent fixed bet result:
We launch new plan : MINI VIP Plan – 1000% after 1 day
The minimal deposit is $100 and the maximal deposit is $5000 per member.
Deposits for our special program are accepted directly on:
Liberty Reserve account – Uxxxxxxx( –
Please put your USERNAME in the PAYMENT MEMO!
This is not public offer – but private offer for? members only.
The best thing here is that this special program is GUARANTEED by me so you CAN’T LOSE your money!
Best regards, Admin

Thanks to everybody who reported non-payments from MoneyTree and though I’m still getting paid promptly (most likely as a monitor) I simply cannot move it back to Paying status on my monitoring page. The admin already removed my logo along with another monitoring site that put his program into the Problem status so please do not invest in MoneyTree even if you get paid. It’s confirmed now that the program is paying selectively!

Here is the list of the programs that paid me today:
SevenStarProfit, OnyxInvClub, InWolton, BukInvest, KaizenPortfolio, CherryShares, DynFxTrade, AvaInvestment, VezGroup, EzProfit, GoldenInvestment, YesInvestment, RedOrchidInvest, PrivateDiamondClub, FundsOMatic (the first payment received) and YamaFinance (the first payment received).

By the way, tomorrow I’ll be reviewing of one of the most promising long-term programs to launch this summer – YamaFinance. Stay tuned for complete analysis of the investment plans and the site’s features – it will be really interesting. Thanks also to those who submitted their votes in my new poll which can be found on my blog page at the end of the right sidebar (just under the ShoutBox) and see you on MNO tomorrow!

  • Elijah

    Thanks for keeping us up to date

  • Dhanreeve

    Hi this nice review and help me decided to try there program , i just invested.

    i wanted to quote this review on my blog giving you all the credits and the link. can i thanks.

  • Tom Henrichs

    I have not been able to access my FundsOMatic website for over a day now. Anyone else had that problem?

  • Marcia Kenshalo

    They were changing servers according to the update sent. As for me I love this program. I have been paid each time I request

  • First payment was fast.

  • I got paid 4 time on time. I got all my principal back. I am just earning on my profit.

  • Reqston Ong

    I m Lovin It…got paid 9 times. Below are one of the payment paid…Thanks Randy.

    Date: 10/15/2010 04:42
    Batch: 46852947
    From Account: U5379515
    Amount: $126.12
    Memo: Payout to member #2985 from Funds-O-Matic

  • Elijah

    Hello anyone heard from fundomatic, I place a withdraw on 1/25/11 and have not heard anything yet, it’s still saying pending. I’ve sent 3 message to admin, but no response, any feedback

  • Elijah

    Funds o matic still not paying DO NOT INVEST

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