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01/10/2010. EarnPlaza Review and Daily News from the Industry



Hi guys! First of all I’ve just had the most amazing day high up in the Alps. The tallest mountain in Europe (outside of Russia that is) is Mont Blanc which is clearly visible from downtown Geneva. So today I decided to cross the border into France to spend the day in the famous town of Chamonix and to climb Europe’s highest peak. Well, of course I’m exaggerating when I say I climbed it. I took the lazy option and got the cable car. I did some climbing already in Norway, but hey, at nearly 16,000 feet this one was a bit too ambitious for me! But once you do get up there it really is the most incredible feeling. Cold, but incredible!

So on returning to Geneva I decided on a slight change of plans for tonight’s update on MNO. Something that’s become bit of a regular fixture this last six weeks or so is the MNO Fridays piece, but as this was never intended to be a permanent feature on my blog I’ve decided to delay it this week due to there being a bit more news than usual. Though I’ll probably have something anyway in a day or two. The big increase in news stories and admin related activity is most encouraging by the way, and in my own opinion a sure fire sign that the industry is turning a corner after the recent slump and is slowly but noticeably improving. Granted it’s a long way short of what it was on the first day of October last year but streets ahead of what it was on the first day of let’s say last March or April.

As I’m at it I’ll also take the opportunity to look into a recently launched short term HYIP that was added to my monitoring page called EarnPlaza. It’s been online for the last eleven days but there have been a couple of improvements made since the launch aimed at making them a bit more attractive.

But first the plans. EarnPlaza has three of them, all of which are short term and all of which only pay on expiry. However two of the three plans have already matured and feedback from the first investors has been universally positive, confirming that the profits have been paid as promised.

Investments in the first of EarnPlaza‘s plans start from a very affordable $10. The term runs for 5 calendar days and on expiry you are offered a return of 110%, principal included. So in other words were you to invest $100 you should expect to get $110 back at the end. Pretty simple, eh? Maximum spend is a relatively low $1,000.

The second plan works in much the same way. It runs for a term of 10 calendar days and is available to investors prepared to spend from a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $2,000. So it’s still very affordable, enough so to give everyone a fair shot. The longer term brings a greater risk, as is always the way in the HYIP industry, but in return EarnPlaza offer a much improved interest rate. On expiry you are offered 130% interest, principal included. Which means for a $100 investment you could get $130 in return.

And the third plan continues in the same vein. EarnPlaza offer a once off payment on expiry of 160%, principal included, on deposits from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $3,000. The investment term is 15 calendar days, making it the only one of EarnPlaza‘s plans not to have matured yet. But keep an eye on MNO over the coming days and I’ll make sure you hear about it here first once it happens.

One thing I like about the plans is the relatively low maximums allowed into any of them. I mean I don’t know how many of you would seriously have gambled more than $3K here anyway even if it was allowed, but this is something that should hopefully keep the bigger Hit-and-Runners at bay.

Where things have undoubtedly picked up in the last few days for the program is with the list of accepted payment processors. Initially this had been limited to just LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, which is really something only longer term HYIPs can get away with. During the week however the EarnPlaza admin has had his account with AlertPay verified so those of you who only use verifiable processors can feel free to use them. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this lead to a dramatic increase in numbers over the coming days and weeks. Payments are manual so will need to be requested. You are asked to allow up to 24 hours before the admin can get it processed.

EarnPlaza is running off a script licensed by GoldCoders and is hosted on a dedicated Staminus server with support and protection by DdoSWiz and has an SSL certificate for better security – always welcome but especially from a short term program. Communication with their support team is by filling out your details on the form on the contacts page and submitting it.

There isn’t really all that much information about what exactly is being done with investors money to generate profits beyond a candid, if guarded admission that the program is a regular online HYIP. The admin has a few interesting points to make about the recent state of the industry and that EarnPlaza would like to do things differently. “EarnPlaza is easy to use and very profitable” is a statement taken from their homepage that I would most certainly agree with, but for how long is anyone’s guess. But focusing purely on potential, it has every chance to become a hit with the right approach and I hope that the admin has some good intentions. The addition of AlertPay only after the first cycle was completed would seem to suggest that they will try to improve on their existing success.


Ok, let’s start our long news update today with what’s undoubtedly the most popular short-term program now – UniteTrade (reviewed here). I can only commend the recent frequent emails from the admin of the program addressing the main issues that members might have in their accounts so as to reduce the workload for the support staff which will also become multi-lingual pretty soon. It looks that after UniteTrade finally got picked by some bloggers it started gathering steam and developed gradually. I believe this extra-promotion will work wonders for them as the program has been successfully running for six months already and has paid 120% after 7 days and 150% after 15 days during that time. Quite an incredible achievement I think you’ll agree. With all the positive changes that started with the introduction of instant payments after which the program really got noticed I believe some more positive changes are on the way. The more frequent and comprehensive updates from the admin of UniteTrade Andy (interviewed here) are always appreciated by the members. And in the latest email he touched on some important topics that I will just give a brief description of below because you can see more in the newsletter yourself. So what are the main points in the newsletter?
1) Online support is available in English and Hungarian with the possibility of more languages in the future.
2) The only valid email address will now be The previously used will be dropped due to frequent attempts at scamming reported by members of the program.
3) Temporary glitch in the PerfectMoney payment processor during which the deposits made via PerfectMoney will be added manually after being requested by a member.
4) The importance of correctly naming your PerfectMoney account so your withdrawals to it could be processed instantly and without delays.
5) The minimum withdrawal to AlertPay which is allowed only started from $1 while on LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney can be lower.
6) The importance of correctly specifying your email address when contacting UniteTrade support which will make the communication easier and more efficient.
7) The further explanations of the plans when the principal is included in your on expiry payment and will not be returned and also the further emphasizing on how the crediting of an account works as your payment on expiry will be credited exactly after 24 hours made on the amount of days (7 or 15 respectively).
8) Recommending the use of the SSL feature and switching to a secured connection while you browse the site of UniteTrade.
Well, I believe I outlined all the most important points which were thoroughly discussed in the latest email from UniteTrade which you can find below in full:
Hello to all lucky members of UniteTrade.
We have a very special news for all of you. Within the next few days, we will be adding telephone support for members and visitors of UniteTrade, as we had promised before. During the beginning stages after the implementation of the said feature, the offered support languages will be English and Hungarian languages. As time passes, we will be providing telephone support in Russian, Chinese and other preferred languages of UniteTrade members.
After the last newsletter, we have been receiving a lot of suggestions from our members, and almost all of them were really good and helpful ones. We thank everyone who spent time to sent us their valuable ideas.
We would like to mention something important regarding our e-mail address. From this very moment, we will be using only the e-mail located in our domain,, to be on the safe side. Most of you know that we had been using the email for quite a long time, but some of our members have reported to us that, there were some people trying to cheat them using email identities similar to the one we were using ( Therefore, from now on, we will not be using any other email address other than the one, The most secure way to contact us is by using the support form, which can be found in the “Contact Us” page.
We would like to address a small issue related to Perfect Money deposits. It seems that there’s some kind of temporary glitch for Perfect Money deposits, as a result of which, Perfect Money deposits will not be added automatically to your account. Those members who make deposits via Perfect Money are kindly requested to contact us right after you make the deposit using the support form, by sending us the transaction details of your deposit, along with your user name, so that we can manually add the deposit for you.
A lot of members who use Perfect Money to make deposits, seems to have entered their Perfect Money account ID in the wrong way. Your Perfect Money ID should be the US Dollar account ID, and the letter “U” should be capital, instead of the small one, “u”. For example, if your Perfect Money USD account ID is U1234567, then you should have the ID in your UniteTrade account as U1234567, instead of u1234567. Those who register their UniteTrade account by entering their Perfect Money account ID with small “u”, will not be able to receive their withdrawals instantly. So we kindly request all members who have entered their Perfect Money ID in the wrong way, to contact us with your user name, so that we can correct it for you.
Members who wish to change or edit their payment processor details, or the email ID associated with your UniteTrade account, are required to contact us, by sending us your user name, your security question, your security answer, and the necessary details that are to be changed or edited.
Regarding the withdrawal limits, there is no set minimum withdrawal amount to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, but for AlertPay withdrawals, as per AlertPay’s terms, the minimum amount you have to have in your UniteTrade account balance is $1 of AlertPay. If you have less than $1 of AlertPay in your account balance, you will not be able to make a withdrawal to your AlertPay account.
We have noticed that a lot of visitors and members are forgetting to enter their email address while contacting us using the support form. Please note that, such negligence from your side will only make us unable to get back to you. We cannot reply to your ticket, if we do not have the email address to contact you. So please be sure that you enter you email address in the required field when sending us support tickets.
Some members are continuously sending us support tickets, asking to return back their principal, which is really frustrating. It is clearly mentioned in the F.A.Q section that your principal is included in your earnings, for both the plans. 120% after 7 days means, that at the end of the 7th day, you will have a clear profit of 20%, and the remaining 100% is our principal. That is what is meant by, your principal is “included” in your earnings. For example, if you invest $1000 in the 7 day plan, you will be paid back a total of $1200 at the end of the 7th day, of which $1000 is your principal, and $200 is your clear profit.
In addition to this, please note that when the plan mentions the term as 7 days, it is 7 days x 24 hours = 168 hours. Your deposit will not expire unless the 168 hour mark is crossed. For example, if you have invested on Oct-01-2010 at 06:03:51 PM in the 7 day plan, then your deposit will expire only on Oct-08-2010 at 06:03:51 PM, right after your deposit crosses the 168 hour mark. You can find out the details of your deposit timings in your account area, and all those times given in your account area is the server time. Your deposit will expire in accordance with the server time. Please do not contact us asking why your deposit has not expired yet, or not expiring, as we have already explained the said matter now. Our script is fully automated and works in accordance with the server time.
For better safety and security while making deposits and withdrawals, we recommend you to make use of the SSL feature to log in to your account. To take advantage of the SSL security feature, please access the website using the address
Have fun by making money with the one and only, UniteTrade.
Regards, Andy. UniteTrade.

By the way, with so many positive changes I think I should re-review UniteTrade on MNO to reflect all that. What do you think about that, guys? Please submit your suggestions by posting on my ShoutBox or emailing me at If I get enough positive feedback from you I believe I can make another updated review of UniteTrade and publish it on MNO by tomorrow.

Another short-term program is PremiumGain which was reviewed on MNO here and has a long way to go before catching UniteTrade in terms of longevity and stability. But I believe that with professional administration and instant payouts already introduced it has a good chance to last for a long time. By the way, I hope you noticed that the referral commissions set by the admin of PremiumGain is only 1% which I believe were made to reduce fake referral commissions and fake signups. Maybe it will help prolong the program’s life, but who knows? Today PremiumGain is online and paying for 3 days already. The payments to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are instant to all the plans on offer (106%-128% after 1 day, 135%-175% after 5 days, 180%-350% after 10 days). Of course for two other plans there were no expiries yet so we can’t really tell what’s on the admin’s mind and if he is going to continue the program even after the first 5 and 10 day withdrawals are completed. But so far so good! The payments are instant and the investors are happy (at least those who already received their first profits from the 1 day plan). In today’s newsletter the admin of PremiumGain announced the launch of a more extensive advertising campaign on Monday, gave some recent statistics from the program and mentioned yesterday’s review published on MNO. Here is the latest newsletter from PremiumGain:
Hello. First of all I would like to thank you for joining our program and becoming a part of this wonderful venture.
The overall stats are very good, in only 3 days PremiumGain has grown to 600+ members. Several thousand people visit our page every day (check it your self @ hyipexplorer or gsmonitor websites). The financial side of PremiumGain is growing enormously and has reached a total deposit of more than $20,000! So far it’s looking very splendid and promising for the future. Next week we will start to send out a daily summary report with days stats and events, so that you always stay up to date.
Starting from Monday we will execute some of our future plans. The most important of them will be the start of our huge Advertising and Promotional Strategies (APS). Basically APS is based on placing adverts in the most effective places all over the Internet. According to our plans (if everything goes well) PremiumGain should reach new and newer seen height’s for a HYIP and change this industry forever! APS even includes a referral contest so get ready for it, we’ll give more details about it in future.
But still, to fulfill this plan we need your help! Therefore I’m asking you to advertise PremiumGain in any way you can. Place a banner in your signature / blog, post a comment on Twitter or simply give a good vote in any of our monitors. Not even thousand banners can replace one, true comment that comes from the heart of a member. The seed has been planted all you got to do now is take care of and help it grow.
Our websites has been reviewed by Paul ( see here
Thank you for your time and see you at PremiumGain! Steven

The admin of the highly successful PawnShopFund Frederick (interviewed here) not only pays instantly to the members of his plans (1.8% for 45 days, 2.1% for 60 days, 2.35% for 60 days, 2.4% for 75 days with principal back on expiry) but also sponsors the MNO Daily Cash contest where everybody can take part on a daily basis and win $5 (click here to participate). Frederick has quite big plans for improving PawnShopFund within the next few weeks which will include the total redesign of the website, creating its own discussion forum where all the members can submit their opinion and make any suggestions about the program (so far you can do so on the MNO forum here) and start the forum advertising upgrade when the admin intends to purchase Sticky topics on some forums. So the plans are quite good and I would like to wish Frederick every success in getting that started. Here is the latest newsletter from PawnShopFund (reviewed here):
Hello dear members.
This week i am a little bit late with our weekly newsletter but finally here it is.
I am very pleased to let you know that we decided to upgrade our website design, this should be ready in 3 weeks, so we scheduled to this date the startup of our own discussion forum too.
We have also decided to start a sticky thread advertising at the major forums, in the first weeks we will test each of them, and after this we will order for a longer time on that one which provides better results.
I am asking again those who are having pending PM withdrawals, please reply to this e-mail with your username and PM USD account. We can’t process your withdrawal requests if you are having your account number or your account name in the Pm account field.
Finally i must say thank you to all of our members because it seems that we are getting better and better response and feedback in the market, and this helps a lot in our work, and to achieve our goal to be in the top 3 programs in the next months and years.
Best regards, Frederick, admin of PawnShopFund

The administration of FenixTrust (reviewed here) made it known that the daily interest would not be credited to members’ accounts today due to the public holiday in China which affected their alleged investment activities on major stock exchanges. A reminder was also given that the profits are not added on members’ accounts on the weekends and national holidays which affect the leading world stock exchange markets. FenixTrust accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Bank wires to the following plans: 0.6% for 30 business days, 0.8% for 90 business days and some variable rates for the term from 120 to 270 business days. The program has been highly ranked on major monitors and was recently added to MNO’s Premium listing so I wish good-luck to everybody who deposited there. Here is the today’s update from the program for your attention:
Hello. Investors won’t be paid their interests for today because of the National Day of the People’s Republic of China and by reason of non-working stock exchanges SHSE, SZSE, HKE. FenixTrust clients can still withdraw their profits, open new accounts and make investments in our funds in a regular mode.
Please keep in mind that we conduct our trading activity on business days only and pay the interests according to the results of the working days. Interests are not paid on the day offs (Sunday, Monday) and on holidays because world’s leading stock exchanges do not work on these days.
Let investments be successful with FenixTrust.
Administration of FenixTrust

I’m glad to report that GroupUniversal finally appeared online after more than 24 hours of technical maintenance that was announced on the website. I hope that everything they worked for had been finished successfully but I can tell you that the two pending withdrawals I was waiting on have been processed. I will update you on MNO tomorrow if there any other updates on GroupUniversal (reviewed here).

I’m waiting to see how things will go with FxTradingWorldwide the website of which is still inaccessible for me and some other investors for a few days now. I cannot say though that the admin is silent because he issues updates quite frequently and is frustrated with the current state of things just like many investors who cannot access the site. In the latest long newsletter along with the notification of changing some of the investment plans the admin also promised to bring the site back after the weekend when it should be accessible for everybody. Since I didn’t receive any complaints about the program’s performance yet I will leave it on Paying status on MNO and will be hoping that the access to the site will be restored soon as promised. Here is the latest newsletter from FxTradingWorldwide in full:
1. There are site accessibility problem in some area. To solve this issue, our technical support have to work on server side and change to other IP address as existing address were used by many previous site and it was in screening list. Due to this work, the site will be in maintenance from Saturday 2nd, this will takes 24-48 hours to be completed. After that time, all area could access website as usual.
2. As you aware before, there are large withdrawal volume from our system over 2 months and we did many adjustment in out investment plan to allow as maintain system investment level. After discussions with major investors and our admin side, we decided to fix investment details and remove some plan out. From 1st October, the Investment plan profit and range will be as following.
2.1 7 days plan profit 1.00% maximum range 1-100$
2.2 30 days plan profit 1.50% maximum range 1-1000$
2.3 60 days plan profit 2.00% maximum range 1-1000$
2.4 90 days plan profit 2.50% maximum range 1-1000$
2.5 No additional investment for Special package 4 weeks (20% per 2 weeks) as this plan will be removed.
2.6 Investment transaction is maximum 5 transactions per user per plan.
2.7 There is a weekly plan 5% per week for high volume investment range 1000-20,000$ available.
If you have investment over above range, please go to menu “Your Deposit” and “release” principal back to account balance, then reinvest again within the range.
These actions will causes high account balance level in system, then we still keep the daily withdrawal limit until complete maintenance in item 1 this weekend, and will increase step by step refer the reserve funds level. For the urgency withdrawal over system limit case please direct email to
2.8 Relate to the principal release and reinvestment, it will add system commissions load as there already be commission in your start date already, then we need to stop referral commission system until 15th October. The commission after that will be 1% and 1 level only.
3. Please understand that we do all actions to sustain our system, continue service and protect your funds. The changes might impact to profit of some members in a period, please accept the effects to release system work load.
4. We are installing support ticket system, over this weekend, after that your support request will be much better organized and respond faster by our team.
5. Our Alexa Rank now is approx 61,000 , total members = 4,015 members until now.
6. We plan to start auto-withdrawal system and will start from small volume step by step from 15th October 2010.
Have a good weekend.
Admin. FxTradingWorldwide.

There were two updates sent to the members of InWolton (reviewed here) and published on their website. I think that such extensive promotion should be fruitful since the admin suddenly decided to change course and keep the members updated on a daily rather than weekly basis. All the daily updates from InWolton are now based around the same structure: a quote from a famous person encouraging positive thinking followed by a short article discussing the issues that arise from a lack of motivation (by the way, if you think that it’s an important issue please submit your story on the MNO forum here), some daily financial stats, an educational article on Forex in which allegedly InWolton makes money for its members and concludes with their joke of the day (which is a very similar feature to PTVPartner newsletters). I don’t know how this advertising strategy will pay off in the long run but I believe that the articles are still worthwhile reading and I find myself enjoying them. So even if you are not a member of InWolton you may still be interested in reading those updates from its administration. It might help you with positive thinking and personal motivation. Here are the two latest newsletters from InWolton administration (interviewed here):
“Never, never, never give up!”
~ Winston Churchill
How are you today? Have you adjusted to our everyday news? I hope they will have some impact on your life. Maybe in some days we will publish a great book of our daily news. Or maybe 10 books.
Today I want to talk about underconfident people. I care about this problem, because almost every day in my life I come across that kind of people.
Very often they follow the course of success. But when they see any problem, they stop. And don’t know what to do… They become embarrassed and helpless.
That is why Winston Churchill wrote the word “never” three times. He wanted to highlight, that if you have a problem, you shouldn’t give up. If you have second obstacle, you should overcome it. And finally when you are in one step from your aim, you will have the last and the hardest problem – fear that your dream will come true and you will have nothing to fight for.
And only when you overcome all the barriers you will taste the sweetness of your long-awaited dream. So, never, never, NEVER give up!
So, now let’s check our financial report for Wednesday
Total forex balance $64782, Forex transactions number 18, Company’s income $2013 (3.1%), Advertising $160, Customer’s gross profit $1053, Company’s net profit $800, Customer’s investment $1360, Customer’s withdrawls $856, Total reserve fund 4020, New customers 7
InWolton’s education
Where Is Forex Located?
You need to know where it is to kick its butt right Ninja?
You probably already know that the physical location of the U.S. stock market is New York, and the Futures market is Chicago.
However, in Forex there is no central location. Forex is not dealt across the floor like the stock market on Wall Street, it is traded via the internet. Trading is conducted between traders 24 hours per day through electronic communication networks (ECNs), in various markets around the world. Since the Forex market is traded through ECNs, it does not need a physical location.
You may sometimes hear London referred to as the global centre of the foreign exchange market. This is because trading in London accounts for close to 35% of all trading. This is more than double the 17% New York trading accounts for.
So, even though Forex has no physical location the global centre of Forex is definitely London.
Joke of the day
Teacher: Why are you late?
Student: There was a man who lost a hundred dollar bill.
Teacher: That’s nice. Were you helping him look for it?
Student: No. I was standing on it.”
“”Some men see things as they are and say ’why’?
Others dream things that never were and say ’why not’?”
George Bernard Shaw
Hi there! What a wonderful week we had! The weather was good, InWolton’s weather was awesome and more and more people find our program proof and promising. Good show!
The topic of our today’s meeting is very important and vivid. I want to talk about your dreams! You know, the life of anybody makes sense if you have something sacramental in your soul. So and in no other way you will have the power to move mountains and embody any idea into life!
I don’t understand those people, who cannot answer the easiest and topmost question for the history of mankind: “Do you have a dream?” Those people have no perspectives, no charisma and no future. They are alive physically but dead spiritually! So, I wish every single member of InWolton to fulfill the most crazy and desired dreams! And our Company will always be glad to help you with that!
Total Forex balance $70625, Forex transactions number 23, Company’s income $2500 (3,5%), Advertising $200, Customer’s gross profit $1220, Company’s net profit $1080, Customer’s investment $5843, Customer’s withdrawals $684, Total reserve fund $4182, New customers 15
InWolton’s education
Long or Short
If you are new to the entire financial market scene you are probably going to have a hard time wrapping your head around this one (I know I did). You can either open a long position (buy) or a short position (sell). After a few weeks this will all seem like child’s play, so don\’t stress out too much about trying to understand this now.
To start with just remember…..
Buy = Long
Sell = Short
The point of trading the Forex market is anticipating when a currencies value will go up or down. Since currencies are quoted in pairs, you need to figure out when the base currency value will go up or down in comparison to the quote currency.
So if you do your analysis (steady newbie Fx Ninja I will explain how to analyze soon) and it tells you that GBP/USD will raise in value (GBP will raise in value against USD) you need to buy (open a long).
What happens when you open a long position is you simultaneously buy the base currency and sell the quote currency. If you think about this it is really very simple. For the GBP/USD rate to go up you need GBP to rise in value and USD to fall in value. If this happens, it costs more U.S. Dollars to buy a Pound. So when you buy GBP and sell USD, and if your analysis is right, and GBP/USD goes up you close out with profit.
Now if your analysis tells you that GBP/USD will fall in value (USD will rise in value against GBP) you need to sell (open a short position). When you open a short position, you simultaneously sell the base currency and buy the quote currency. So now USD rises in value and GBP falls it will take less U.S. Dollars to buy a pound, and since you bought the Yen at a lower price and sold it at a higher price you make profit when closing that position.
Joke of the day
A young brunette goes into the doctor’s office and says that her body hurts wherever she touches it.
“Impossible,” says the doctor. “Show me.”
She takes her finger and pushes her elbow and screams in agony. She pushes her knee and screams, pushes her ankle and screams and so on it goes.
The doctor says, “You’re not really a brunette are you?”
She says, “No, I’m really a blonde.”
“I thought so,” he says. “Your finger is broken.”

Please, guys, be more active in the current MNO blog polls the results of which will be drawn as usual on Sunday. In one poll you are to choose your favorite exchanger from six options (so far is the clear leader with 36% of the votes followed by with 18%). In the MNO Reader Profiles recent poll where we try to discover your favorite movie genre so far the leaders are action movies (29% of the votes) and science fiction (19%). Please submit your votes in the two polls which you can find in the end of two sidebars on my blog page. Thanks for letting me know your opinion, guys!

Here is the list of the programs that successfully paid me today:
UniteTrade, CherryShares, OptimumPride, FundsOMatic, OnyxInvClub, OilStructure, Flamanta, OrderDollar, EarnPlaza, PremiumGain, ReProFinance, SyFunds, Vodapex, FiboTradePro, MutualTreaty, InWolton, FutureTrails, FenixTrust, GloTrade, RedOrchidInvest, 144CashAds, WorldPrivateFunds, GrapeVineFunds, VividTrade, YoKapital, YamaFinance, GroupUniversal and PawnShopFund.

That’s it for today. I will see you on my blog tomorrow with the latest news and reviews from the industry! Have a very nice weekend, everyone!

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