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13/01/2011. MNOFridays (eleventh issue) and Daily News from the Industry


Hi everyone! Before tonight’s news updates I think it’s time for another issue of MNOFridays, which as regular readers will know is a series of occasional articles where I try to discuss some aspects of the online investments industry not generally talked about in the wider HYIP media. Other than sharing my own opinions on various HYIP related subjects I’m hoping to hear some of what you guys have to say as well, so I hope you won’t be slow in sharing it with the rest of us. Agree or disagree with anything I say if you wish, but I do hope you at least have an opinion on the subjects covered here in the past.

So for today’s article I want again to talk about a subject with a sort of seasonal theme – that of “cycles” in the online HYIP industry. The idea first occurred to me the other week when I ran an opinion poll on MNO asking what readers expectations were from the industry for 2011. Are things getting better? Getting worse? Or, as was my own opinion, is the industry exactly the same as it always is with the only real changes coming in the extremities of the peaks and troughs the the industry rolls in and out of at periodic intervals throughout the year?

You see, I have gotten a number of e-mails to MNO from doom and gloom merchants of every stripe predicting the imminent implosion of the entire HYIP industry based on the fact that, well, things ain’t looking all that rosy at this particular moment. I’ve been getting these for years now, but last time I checked the industry was very much alive and kicking! They were particularly common over the last eight or nine months with apocalyptic hysteria worthy of Stephen King himself coming in the wake of some high profile scams like GeniusFunds, PTVPartner, GNI, and so on. But like I said, none of these programs are bigger than the industry itself and everything continues to grind on regardless.

The thing is, I’ve always believed the online HYIP industry to be a sort of microcosm of the capitalist system as a whole. It works in a series of “boom and bust” cycles and when things begin to overheat with too much money beginning to chase unsustainable payouts the inevitable happens – programs go bust and the industry hits another crisis. But there tends to be a more seasonal element to this business as well and experienced players can look forward on the first day of January every year and have a fair attempt at predicting which of the following 12 months will be good and which will be slow. There’s no great science involved in it by the way, you need only look back at the previous 12 months and simply repeat the pattern! The extreme highs and lows of course remain unpredictable, but the general upward and downward trends themselves rarely change.

It’s easy to be pessimistic at the moment. After all, we’ve just come through (to quote the queen of England) a real “annus horribillis” in the industry. Because there are less investors around right now many people think it’s the end of the HYIP industry. But in fact it’s like this every year, just to lesser or greater extents. And much like the passing of the seasons themselves, the further we go into December the shorter the days get and the less activity we see in the industry. The reasons for the annual Christmas slump have been discussed at length in an earlier MNOFridays so rather than repeat that all over again I’ll just suggest that you read the article in full here. But following Christmas just as the days begin to get longer and brighter so too things begin to improve for the HYIP industry. Just as winter turns to spring it’s a slow and gradual process, but all the same it’s a process that’s undeniable. As January progresses more and more investors begin returning to the business after an either voluntary or enforced hiatus brought on by the holidays.

Many of the sharper more astute HYIP admins will also be aware of this and they too have been taking a break, saving their best work for January when the most experienced of them knows they’ll be dealing with a more receptive audience and can launch more high quality programs with a greater feeling that they won’t just be wasting everyone’s time. This upward cycle generally continues until late spring to early summer when things begin to balance out once more and the industry takes another dip. Once again there’s no great mystery as to why this happens. It happens every year so trust me, 2011 will be no exception. Basically with the end of spring and the onset of summer comes summer vacations. Those younger investors playing for a few extra bucks to see them through the academic year in college will now be turning their attention to more important things. No, not beer and parties (well, maybe!) but rather their end of year exams. Plus the fact that those taking advantage of their university’s facilities to play the industry will be online a lot less often during the summer months.

The same goes for those not in university but rather in gainful employment, just for different reasons. Their attention now turns to summer vacations. If you’ve been sitting in an office/factory/warehouse/shop etc for the last couple of months looking at a computer screen for the last six months chances are you too are looking forward to a break, and one that takes you as far away from a PC as possible! So once again the wheel turns and there are less and less investors around the industry for the summer and consequently less and less money. Thankfully these investors don’t disappear into outer space (most of you don’t go much further than the beach, lol!) and come September people begin drifting back again. Business picks up gradually again before reaching another peak in October, or maybe at some point between Halloween and Thanksgiving. After that of course the wheel has come full circle and we’re back to Black December once more where the industry goes to sleep.

It’s asking a bit much of you I know if I was to say “bookmark this article and come back in a year and see if I’m right”, but this is pretty much they way things have panned out in the industry every other year for as far back as I can remember and I see no reason why 2011 will be any different. And this last point leads me nicely into today’s news update where the main story more or less sees the admin of one online HYIP monitored by MNO confirm that this has been his experience too and that his program is no undergoing a gradual resurgence in popularity. So read on….


Confirmation of what I just wrote on MNOFridays tonight is found in the latest newsletter sent today from the admin of AllianceAdvantage Jeff. He said that after the winter holidays his program really soared to new heights and attracted a lot of new members that are interested in the opportunity to to join one of the following plans paying to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or AlertPay: 1.7% for 50 days, 2.2%-2.4% for 60 days, and 2.5% for 90 days with the principal returned on expiry. I guess the program (reviewed here) owes most of its growing popularity to its admin Jeff who is very proactive and always replies to the members’ requests fast and I think is really trying to run the program honestly. I’ll try to give you just some of the main points that were covered in the newsletter and if you have the time you’re welcome to read it in full after that. So the highlights include:
1) Some of the recent successes of AllianceAdvantage including the admin’s goal to go from the current #6 on MNO monitoring page to the #1 spot by the end of June (I think it’s a very achievable goal provided that the program runs that long).
2) A final warning issued to those members using self-referring which is strictly forbidden by the terms and conditions as it’s damaging to the program’s stability in the long run. This won’t be tolerated anymore and there will be no more Mr. Nice Guy. You’ve been warned!
3) An issue reported by some members of the program a couple of days ago when they couldn’t access the AllianceAdvantage website has been resolved and their hosting provider BlockDos adjusted the filters protecting the site from possible DDoS attacks to allow legit members to access their accounts.
4) The admin asked members to spare some time and support the program on the major forums and monitors by posting their payment proofs there. Remember that by doing this on a regular basis you will really help AllianceAdvantage to last longer and become stronger every day, ultimately benefitting yourselves.
5) Jeff also mentioned that the referral contest is running and that three lucky winners would be rewarded with some very nice cash prizes for the biggest amounts spent by their referrals.
Below is the full newsletter from Jeff, the admin of AllianceAdvantage which I hope you will find interesting and useful, especially if you’re considering joining the program in the near future:
Just wanted to check in with all of you to let you know the latest. I hope the beginning of your year is going great and that you are not being dumped on by snow like we have been in the Midwest. We have got a considerable amount of snowfall every week since November and if you have the same four seasons like I do, I am sure you are dreaming of warm spring weather too! I have talked to quite a few members that live in the East and they have shared the same sentiments.
Anyway, I am sure as a lot of you guys know, AllianceAdvantage is doing absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t be happier with the last few weeks. Things were steady in December but I knew it was definitely a slow time of year for HYIP programs. I had a feeling that things would really pick up in January, but due to the slow economic recovery of this industry alone, I wondered if things would be as good as they normally are this time of year. I think as 2011 finally came, people were making their plans and goals for the year and how they were going to meet them and they have been coming to AllianceAdvantage in full force. Just in the last week, we have had a lot of new sign ups and we have taken in some deposits that have been the largest since we have opened.
I looked at the MNO monitoring page and was surprised to see that we have reached the #6 position already! My goal is for AllianceAdvantage to be in the #1 spot by the end of June, if not before.
My e-mails have been swamped but it has been nice to hear from the members. All of you have been great with your compliments and show of support. The general faith that everybody has in the program has made me feel very good.
I have a few important points that I need everyone to make sure that they are aware of. I have had a growing number of people getting stuck by our software using multiple accounts. 99% of the time, it is for the main goal of self-referring and to earn the referral commission on the deposit which is of course, against our TOS.
These members are using the same IP address and some of them even use the same payment processor accounts. It does a great disservice to the program by allowing it to go on. I need to put the interests of the program and its members first. Admins that allow this to go on risk the integrity and reputation of their site and ultimately fail. I am not going to allow this.
This issue has had a high rate of incidence lately (especially since the referral contest has started). After the issue of the warning in this newsletter, I will be enforcing it swiftly and with even more strictness.
Yesterday I had a few people that e-mailed to let me know that they were having problems accessing the website and that it was spotty. Some had told me that it seemed like the link was not working but if they went to Google and searched AllianceAdvantage and used another link and then it came in fine. I talked to BlockDoS and they replied to me and said that they had to make an adjustment and that everything should be fine now. I think it is a fine line for them when they are trying to keep DDoS Attacks away and at the same time make sure that everybody can access the page. We were not under attack that I know of, but I think they have to fine tune the filters quite often to keep everything running great. I am sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused anyone.
It had been a while since I had time to go visit the forums and so I went to see what was going on and was surprised to see that we barely have anything posted in them. To the few members and monitors that did post their payment proofs in there, I thank you for doing that. It is important that people see monitors posting their payment proofs in there but it is not enough to just see the monitors. People that are thinking about joining really want to see the payment proofs from regular members too, so that they know that the program is doing well. They even pay attention to the amounts.
I do not expect those that do not want to post in the forums to do it nor am I going to be like some other admins and demand that you do it, but I am really hoping that some of you can start posting your payment proofs so that people know that we have many great members and how much support AllianceAdvantage really has. We have literally thrived the last couple of weeks, so just think of how things would be if we had members posting! Those that are interested in helping, the main forums are: Dream Team Money, Money Maker Group and Talk Gold.
OK, rant over. The referral contest is in full swing and it definitely shows. I wish I could post the leaders in a leader board but I dont want to have anyone give up hope. There are some underdogs out there that are doing good with Twitter, Facebook and many other different kinds of campaigns so if you are one of them, keep on going because I would love to see you win. To repeat really quick, the prizes are $500, $200 and $100. Another great way to promote, is to do it in the forums and all you have to do is put the banner in your signature along with a few suggestive words. Being active in the forums is a great way to get your signature seen in any promotion, no matter what it is.
This newsletter is getting kind of long so I will quit for now and will send another one soon to keep you all up to speed with what is going on.
Thanks so much for your loyal business and support! Have a good one.
Best Regards, Jeff. AllianceAdvantage

The admin of DollarCommerce Chrostopher proudly reported in today’s newsletter that his program achieved their goal of surviving Black December and is celebrating its first month of operation today. The program already completed several cycles of paying on three investment plans – 106% after 3 days, 115% after 5 days, and 140% after 10 days – to AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney payment processors. According to Chris his aim of running DollarCommerce is to prove that the golden days when HYIPs used to run for months and putting most of its members in profit are not over and that actually he was running the program to prove it. Well, I guess the achievement is already there because to survive Black December for a program like DollarCommerce paying such high returns was extremely difficult but it was probably like a challenge to the admin which he has successfully overcome. In the latest newsletter Chris reminded about the ongoing 5% deposit bonus available for all deposits over $500 made via LibertyReserve and about the currently running referral contest specially emphasizing that you don’t have to have an active deposit in DollarCommerce in order to earn ref commissions for your promotional efforts. Among the future plans of the admin is the extension of its advertising campaign and the creation of new more attractive banners which will be handier for the promoters. Here is the latest newsletter from DollarCommerce (reviewed here):
Hello, DollarCommerce Community!
It’s Christopher here and we have big news for you! DollarCommerce was opened exactly one month ago, at December 13, 2010. It means that we managed to survive so called low-period “Black December” and we have been operating for one full month! I must admit it’s a solid achievement for me.
During this time we saw lot of quick scams opened with greedy and not professional admins behind them. That is definitely not the game plan we need for the 2011! I myself find that my and other admins’ mission is to bring back the so called golden-days. Days where everyone were able to have some fun and at least have real chances to profit. Let me tell you that I have set high standards and goals for DollarCommerce. You have surely joined on of the most perspective program available on the market now. It might sound with a pride, but that’s what we need – give the investors a hope again!
Starting from this day you will find DollarCommerce is more advertised and targeted to the audience. We have begun some advertisement campaign and have developed an strategy that will lead DollarCommerce towards to new members. By the way, we will soon issue a new version of banner-set, I will keep you updated when it happens so you can continue advertising DC and earn more!
I would like to remind you that our Referral Contest is still taking place and doing great! On this point I would like to clarify one frequently received question – whether free members (without deposit) still can earn the 6% ref. commission? The answer is – yes. You are not forced to deposit in DollarCommerce if you wish to earn from referrals. Just promote your referral link and once they join and deposit, you collect the 6% referral bonus!
By the way, there are couple of members who already took the opportunity to invest at least $500 LR and collect the 5% bonus. This offer is still valid during this whole week – so you may act and grab your cash bonus NOW!
Thank you for your attention to read my newsletter, I really couldn’t miss sending one on this day! Let’s step into another prosperous and exciting month for DollarCommerce! Your support is much appreciated and it motivates me to work hard on DollarCommerce.
Thank you for staying with us,
Christopher Baker. DollarCommerce Administrator

There was quite a strange approach adopted by Stanbec recently. For a number of days now they keep sending daily emails to members advertising their program and explaining the benefits from joining (preaching to the converted?). While some members of Stanbec might enjoy this others might simply misunderstand it as it really looks like spam when you keep receiving more or less the same email over and over again. I don’t know maybe there is something wrong with their emailing system because it’s one thing to receive daily newsletters which I don’t mind, but it’s another thing completely to get the same newsletter three or four times daily. So I guess the administration of Stanbec should consider tweaking their system not to overwhelm the members with such frequent emails. What I really don’t mind to receive from Stanbec is the frequent payouts which are so far processed a few times per day and something I cannot complain about. The program accepts AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve ($20 investment minimum) to 2.5% daily forever plan with 1% to 50% compulsory compounding and the possibility to withdraw your principal after 12 weeks. More details on Stanbec can be read in my detailed review published here or in the latest advertising email from the program below:
Welcome to Stanbec Inc
As an individual or Business organization seeking for reliable investment opportunity then your visit to Stanbec Inc should mark your final search. Stanbec Inc. offers you the most secured, reliable and sustainable investing environment in an online setting. We adopt a pro-active investment approach which goes beyond simply providing profits; we create innovative solutions tailored to providing you with today stability and tomorrow security through our willingness and flexibility to look beyond the easy deal. Among others some key reasons to fully participate in Stanbec are:
Stanbec is Paying all members daily
You earn a stable and sustainable daily interest of 2.5% of all your investment
Stanbec is going to be online for a very long time
We employ the best services and professionals in financial markets
We send updates and reports on a weekly to monthly basis on the running’s of our program
We accept a wide range of electronic currency for investment ( STP, AP, LR & PM )
You earn 5% ref com for every investor you refer
Stanbec is safe, hacker proof and run on a licensed script
Your investments are safe and insured and your investment returns are GUARANTEED!
We offer a 24/7 professional customer support service
As the result of careful planning and joint work emerged Stanbec Inc, a reliable investment company, that offers great returns along with professional approach and security. Investing with our company is easy, our 2.5% forever return plan is unique and we guarantee safety of you investment and profits with no compromise on integrity and fairness of our company.
Thanks for your participation.
Best Regards, Marc

The admin of KlickWallet Andrew sent a newsletter after having his program online for one whole week. The first payouts have been received by the first lucky investors who managed to get into the 107%-115% after 5 days plan via one of the accepted payment options: AlertPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. I’m sure that in a few days we will be celebrating the first payouts from KlickWallet made to the other two plans as well: 127%-140% after 10 days, and 170%-200% after 20 days. The admin mentioned that his programs had reached over 700 members for the first week online which is a really good result for such a program. Of course, I expect better results within the next weeks online, especially considering that I’m sending some interview questions to the the admin of KlickWallet tomorrow. I guess if you have something to ask you can contact me at and submit your questions by tomorrow – I would really appreciate that. Anyway, this will only happen later, but meanwhile please read the latest update from the admin of KlickWallet (reviewed here):
Hi. Hope you all are enjoying your week. I know most of you have been busy during this week, especially considering the fact that this is just the 2nd week after the New Year. I would like to let everyone know that KlickWallet has been doing for the past days, and I would like to congratulate everyone for receiving their first payments.
We are currently working on Reviews & Interviews page, so expect KlickWallet reviews on different languages really soon. By the way, yesterday KlickWallet was reviewed by Money-News-Online. Thanks a lot to Paul for his review. You can check it here:
I am really happy with a program start, this first week was really amazing. Total more than 700 members in just a week time is really great achievement. Thank you for choosing KlickWallet and I hope you will enjoy profits with us. See you soon with more KlickWallet news.
Best regards, Andrew Bridge
KlickWallet Admin

I remember I used to get emails from 144CashAds regarding the fully processed payouts to all the members on the weekly basis, but lately they were not issued too often as some of the withdrawals were processed later than usual and of course it was also due to the New Year holidays when 144CashAds rested for over a week. It looks like after the announcement made a couple of days ago about the changes in the payment schedule (the interest is now credited on business days only, and not on calendar days as it used to be) made the program stronger and allows the admin to finally pay all the pendings and look to the future more optimistically. I guess that the program offering a unique payment structure of 6 plans and running for over 6 months has a very good chance to further increase their membership as January progresses and more investors return from winter holidays. If you’re interested in having a closer look at 144CashAds I advise you to read my detailed review published here or check out my interview with the admin here. This is the latest email from him I received to my mailbox today:
Thanks for your great support, Pls vote for us.
All pending payout has been completed.
We also finished reply all pending request support mail and if any missed there pls send mail again still you dont get your reply.
New year gift and contest coming soon.
Stay and earn with 144CashAds.
Good day. Lewies. Project admin

Two more new programs have been added to MNO monitoring today. The first one is Businex which I like very much even despite the fact that it has been online for three weeks already. The thing is during the winter holidays (Businex launched just before Christmas) there was almost no activity and therefore the growth in the program was not very significant which will definitely help it sustain payouts for a longer period of time. The investment plans are pretty reasonable and you will be paid 3% for 50 days, 2.6% for 70 days, 2.45% for 90 days, or 2.4% for 110 days. The minimum to deposit in each plan is only $10 and your principal is already included in the daily payouts and won’t be returned on expiry. But you can choose your own term which is a definite advantage. Four popular payment processors are being accepted by Businex including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay and even SolidTrustPay. The site is SSL-secured and is hosted on a DDoS protected and dedicated server by Dragonara. And of course, I cannot help but mention the extremely interesting and original script Businex is running off. This is definitely something not seen by me before and I’m really glad that such an interesting program chose my monitoring service today. More on Businex will be on MNO tomorrow so stay tuned for that, guys!

The second program that has just launched today is OilCapital. Well, to tell you the truth it was announced on the major forums only today but according to the largest monitor in the industry GoldPoll the program has been listed as Paying for nearly a year. I wonder if OilCapital really lasted for such a long term and just now decided to advertise on a higher level but the fact is there and cannot be denied. Anyway, it looks that recently OilCapital changed server from a shared one to a dedicated and protected server and is currently hosted by the ever reliable Dragonara. OilCapital is accepting AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and pays 3% to 4% daily (depending on the deposited amount) for 50 calendar days. The minimum is only $5 and the principal is already included in the daily payouts and won’t be returned on expiry. According to the latest update published yesterday on the site the script was changed and now it’s licensed from GoldCoders:
Dear clients,
Due to the enormous growth of OilCapital, we decided to change the script and design of our website, as a token of aprreciation to our members, for having being with us all along. We hope you enjoy the new design, and the new safe and secure GoldCoders script.

A more detailed review of OilCapital can be read on my blog pretty soon, so check back for that.

The programs that have paid me today are listed below:
EasyCashGrowth, AmilloTrade, BetBankFund, Escaliva, FenixTrust, GorgonProjectInvest, PandaTrade, ReProFinance, YamaFinance, FutureTrails, PrestigRev, KlickWallet, DollarCommerce, AccessTomorrow, AllianceAdvantage, Stanbec, MutualTreaty, FondosMayores, PrimoEarnings, UnicornInv, FxEconomy, YesInvestment, GainBucks, RevenueBuild and SureFireSurf.

That’s just about all the news I have for today, guys, so I guess I’ll finish up for the night. I hope to see you all on MNO tomorrow with another review and more news from the HYIP industry. Meanwhile you can discuss anything you want on the newly launched MNO chat which you can found here. MNO visitors already appreciated the convenience of that chat and its more useful features compared to the Shoutbox. So what are you waiting for? Come on in for a nice chat with me and your fellow investors!

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