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13/02/2011. ViscoCorp Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! ViscoCorp has been moved to Problem status due to selective payouts! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! It’s been a quiet enough weekend so far on MNO (which I really don’t mind) but not without some activity. A brand new long term HYIP which I have to say has enormous potential to become a popular choice with online investors over the coming months is ViscoCorp, and it’s been added to the MNO monitoring list as of yesterday. And as it’s only one day online, this is the best time to get on board if you like longer term plans. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of long term HYIPs the plans from ViscoCorp are a bit deceptive at first. Despite their longest term offer lasting for almost a year (well, ten months anyway) if you play it right you can be in profit from as quick as 67 days which is short enough when compared to quite a lot of other similar style programs.

They have a total of four investment plans for you to look over but as you’re going to see pretty much immediately that only the first one is of any real practical use to all but a handful of investors due to the costs involved. But if you have anything between a minimum of just $5 up to a maximum of $4,999 to spare then that first plan, which ViscoCorp call The Daily Silver Plan, is worth a look. It runs for a term of 150 calendar days and in return for joining offers you a daily interest dividend of 1.5% which adds up to 225% at the end. No principal is returned at the end of the term, that being counted as part of the payments already. That of course will only serve to increase the stability and sustainability of the plan in the longer term.

So for example if you were to put $100 into this plan, ViscoCorp would then repay you $1.50 per day for 150 consecutive days. You would earn back a sum equivalent to your principal after 67 days and everything from that point on is pure passive profit. You should be able to finish the term with total and final earnings adding up to $225. That gives a total profit of 125% on top of your initial investment. Not bad for a long term program and definitely achievable if managed by the right administration team – which I suspect is the case with ViscoCorp.

Other plans are a bit less realistic to say the least. Not in terms of what they offer to pay but in terms of how much the investor needs to spend. Although the next plan – called The Daily Gold Plan – might eventually get a couple of takers as the weeks begin to turn into months and (assuming!) ViscoCorp can establish a reliable reputation. $5,000 is the minimum deposit so it’s not a venture to be entered into lightly. For those who can afford it then there is a daily interest payment of 2% offered for a term of 200 calendar days. Payments again include your principal so it won’t be returned on expiry. You can break even after 50 days and finish with earnings coming to 400% by the end. As that includes your principal you can say 300% is the final profit. Maximum deposit here is $9,999.

The remaining two plans which I’ll include here largely for information purposes start with The Daily Platinum Plan. Deposits between a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $49,999 are required to join, the term runs for 250 calendar days, and a daily interest rate of 2.5% is offered with no principal returned on expiry.

The final plan costs a $50,000 minimum to join, runs for 300 calendar days, and offers a daily payment of 3% interest. No principal is returned on expiry.

As is generally the case with at least 90% of long term online HYIPs payment options are a bit basic to say the least. Though another thing about long term HYIPs is that very few people seem to find that as any kind of impediment and if they like what they see tend to join anyway. In this case ViscoCorp are only accepting LibertyReserve, so until that list gets expanded significantly just be aware of the the pitfalls that go with having such a limited choice. Payments are manual and will need to be requested. Once done the admin asks that you allow up to 24 hours for everything to be processed.

On the other hand ViscoCorp‘s design and security set up are much much better. The website is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DdoSWiz.  The thing that really catches the eye however is the script. Long time industry players will recognize the striking similarities between ViscoCorp and a number of other hugely successful long term programs which are connected to this, and in my opinion it’s in no way a bad thing. It’s unique and customized and and a very solid performer, with other programs using a similar program having practically no real problems to speak of.

An extra security feature that I quite like, and this is something you will need to pay very close attention to, as soon as you register you will receive a mail from ViscoCorp containing a six digit authorization code – something that will be generated by them, not you. It is then imperative that you save this code in a safe place, so write it down and don’t just store it in your e-mail. You will need this number not only for every transaction in the program but every time you log in. you will also find a virtual on-screen keyboard to help protect your number.

And if you wish to contact the admin with any questions, comments, or support related issues you may do so by one of a number of channels. First of all you can simply fill in your details in the online e-mail support form you’ll find on the contacts page and submit. Or else you can just e-mail them directly at the address provided. For a more personal approach you can contact them by telephone – their telephone number is located in San Francisco, CA, as is one of their two postal addresses. The other one is in the Seychelles where ViscoCorp is registered as a company. You can see their certificate of incorporation on display for your inspection, though that by itself gives little protection (none actually) to your deposit. Their web domain is also registered for five years.

I know I’ve said before that short term programs are definitely dominating the industry at the moment but that’s not going to get in the way of good individual long term programs either, and ViscoCorp falls into that category. Not that by itself it looks all that distinguished (other than the script) but I feel it comes down more to the possible experience of the administration. I wouldn’t say there’s any great sense of urgency here or anything as ViscoCorp has a good chance at a long life span, so do take your time to check everything out and make sure you’re satisfied. Still, everything in this industry is to be classed as a high risk venture so remember to spend within your limits and spread your investments out between a wide and diverse portfolio. However once you are satisfied and you do decide to take a chance then bear in mind that the earlier you get in the more beneficial the program will be in working for you in the long run.


Let’s start our news for today with the rehabilitation of InvestPlatforms which last night was removed from Paying status on MNO and was put to Paying status. Today I was paid but one of my referrals told me his withdrawal request was pending for over 48 hours. So I immediately contacted the admin once again and to my surprise my referral was paid promptly and I got an apology letter from their support. Actually they asked to give them 48 hours at least to process all the payouts because due to a glitch in the script (this was the first time they officially admitted that they had some script issues which was already reported by MNO blog before) they had to manually verify each and every withdrawal so members don’t get paid twice. Well, I think this was the proper and professional reply I was expecting and I don’t have any more doubts about them and will allow them 48 hours to process pending withdrawals starting from now. I would suggest they update their terms regarding this to avoid the same issue in the future. Here is an excerpt from the recent email from InvestPlatforms:
Dear Admin,
We are not selectively paying out, you could verify with your member if he did requested more than once. Because in doing so, the request would be at the end of the queue meaning that on the 9th it is being requested, and within 48 hours, it is being requested again, it would be re-queued on the 11th and it would be within 48hours before the payment is made.
This is the script of our system and we have already notified members in our news very much earlier and every individual should do their due diligence and not jump to conclusions due to their inability to do so.
Please contact us again if you or your members face anymore issues. We are trying to clear every outstanding issues due to our script errors as this is the first time we have embarked on such projects, we didnt know the loose ends to take notice of. Please pardon us.

I remind you that InvestPlatforms is a program that has been monitored on MNO for 104 days and offers 1.2%-2% daily variable for 120 calendar days with payouts on business days only and principal returned on expiry. There are also various plans with monthly returns available which were thoroughly described in my detailed review of the program published here. Today there was an update published on the site of InvestPlatforms addressed to monitors only dedicated to the extension of their investment plan to 999 days to prevent any problems with statuses in the future. Here is the latest news from InvestPlatforms:
Specifically for MONITOR Admins. Please Keep yourself updated!
Dear Admins,
Please take note that some of your accounts have been credited with 999 days remainding to prevent any errors in maturity scripts. For those of you whom have not got that changed, please do your due diligence to keep us updated the moment your account nears maturity so that we can edit it to prevent any AUTO stop interest payments.
This is done so that InvestPlatforms can retain its credentials and not keep losing it because admins refusal to do their due diligence and when interest is not received, InvestPlatforms is listed as PROBLEM and NOT PAYING.
Respectfully, Ken Lim

I was paid my 111% payment after 7 days from EliteAlliance – the program which I added to MNO exactly a week ago and which I have already reviewed (read the review here). EliteAlliance is doing good so far and I expect also to see my payments coming from the other three plans which you can join via AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or SolidTrustPay – 125% after 14 days, 160% after 1 month, and 260% after 2 months. This helped propelled them into the Top 10 performing programs on MNO. Remember you can only join it through the invitation code by clicking here. I’m still expecting the answers to my interview questions sent to the admin of EliteAlliance earlier and I hope that I will be able to publish it on my blog next week, although some questions were quite tough.

There was a funny update from the admin of MidasGoldFund (reviewed here). It was amusing to hear an impersonation of the US Presidential State of The Union address as many times I caught myself thinking that I was reading some official statement from the White House rather then an update from a regular HYIP. Well according to the admin MidasGoldFund has already closed their first deal in the precious metals market. The self styled President of MidasGoldFund Warren Lincoln (interviewed here) proudly reported that his program has over 1,000 members now. Well, if it’s true it’s not a bad achievement but remember the first return of principals on expiry will only happen in a couple of weeks, and that’s going to be the first real test. They pay 1.7%-2.7% daily returns for 30 calendar days with principal back on expiry, so the alleged hundreds of investors must be very confident that they will get their profits and principals to their AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts at the end of the term. Anyway, if you want to amuse yourselves with the presidential address please refer to the latest newsletter from MidasGoldFund which is re-posted below:
MidasGoldFund announces it has reached a membership milestone of 1000 members around the world. Warren Lincoln, President of MidasGoldFund, commented on the membership milestone with, “I am delighted to see how we are being received by investors. It is a testament to my team and their abilities of reaching 1000 members since we opened MidasGoldFund to public investment.”
With the higher than expected membership numbers, MidasGoldFund has initiated the process in hiring a dedicated investor relations person to handle investors. Warren Lincoln has said, “Having my team in only the private arena has never risen need to having a public investor relations office or a person to be dedicated to handling investor relations only. I have elected a recruiter to bring us applicants for the position and we hope to find a suitable candidate in the upcoming months for when such a person would be absolutely necessary.”
MidasGoldFund has concluded on its first business dealing since opening its doors for public investment. Investor funding provides necessary funding to MidasGoldFund‘s growth and expansion within the highly profitable arena of hard asset commodity trading. With investor funding, MidasGoldFund has concluded on its first business contract within the life cycle of gold. MidasGoldFund has concluded on a delivery contract of physical gold in the amount of 100oz. This is a testament to a portion of MidasGoldFund‘s team and its talents brought under the umbrella of MidasGoldFund by our president, Warren Lincoln. Warren Lincoln comments on this first business contract, “It is great for me to see already a small but significant success in a short time provided by the introduction of public investment by the online investor community. It is just a part of the life cycle of gold and one talent of our team. I look forward to the increases in productivity and success by all sections of our team working on many avenues of profit generation in the life cycle of gold.”
MidasGoldFund is a privately held global investment company dealing in the life cycle of gold. MidasGoldFund accepts public investment and pays on a 30 calendar day investment term with daily interest rates varying from 1.7% to 2.7% daily.

The disruption to PerfectMoney’s service who had quite a lengthy technical maintenance session that started last night and concluded only this afternoon affected many of their clients. Such disruptions I believe prove once again that HYIPs must accept multiple payment options in case something happens with one. Fortunately PerfectMoney controls a small share of the HYIP market and therefore I don’t think that it significantly affected either investors or admins. Anyway, the following update could be found on the PerfectMoney website while the maintenance was in progress:
Scheduled maintenance
Due to scheduled maintenance, the Website will be unavailable on Saturday, February 12, 2010 from 23:00 to Sunday, February 13, 14:00 GMT+1.
We will be upgrading our system as part of our ongoing efforts to improve Perfect Money’s performance.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Many HYIP admins updated their members about the situation with PerfectMoney deposits and withdrawals which obviously could not be processed during the maintenance. Phil Whitaker (interviewed here) – the admin of the highly successful ExtraIncome which occupies #4 on MNO ranking after just 25 days of monitoring was one. His program has paid for nearly 70 days now which is an amazing result for a program offering such short-term profitable plans as 120% after 5 days, 145% after 10 days, and 170% after 15 days which you can join via AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney payment processors. After the implementation of instant withdrawals recently the program became even more popular, but expressed concern with the lack of SSL-encryption which ExtraIncome has not implemented yet since their move from DdosWiz to Dragonara. Phil assured me that there was nothing to worry about regarding that because Dragonara should set up SSL-protection very soon. Meanwhile please note that the website of ExtraIncome is only reachable via http and not the more secure https connection. As the withdrawals are instant now during the PerfectMoney downtime the admin canceled all the pending withdrawals to them and asked members to re-submit after the payment processor is back to normal. The latest newsletter from ExtraIncome (reviewed here) is posted below:
Dear Members,
This is an e-mail concerning Perfect Money withdrawals. Perfect Money payment processor is doing some kind of maintenance on their website, and is not yet back online as of now.
The withdrawal requests of members who requested withdrawals to Perfect Money have been cancelled, and the money has been returned to their account balance. We kindly advice those members who would wish to request withdrawals to Perfect Money, to do so after the website of Perfect Money gets back online, so that by then, your withdrawals will be processed instantly.
The other two processors, Liberty Reserve and AlertPay are working perfectly fine, and deposits with, and withdrawals to those two payment processors, will not be affected in anyway.
Best Regards, Phil Whitaker. ExtraIncome

Four more updates from programs featured on MNO were also received about that. I will just let you know what I received today while PerfectMoney was still offline.
From FxEconomy (reviewed here):
Due to scheduled maintenance, the Website will be unavailable on Saturday, February 12, 2010 from 23:00 to Sunday, February 13, 10:00 GMT+1.
All Withdrawal requests will be paid after maintenance.
Have a good Weekend,
FxEconomy Customer Support
From FondosMayores (reviewed here):
Dear Clients
Please do not make deposits or withdrawals with Perfect Money Processor till Sunday 13, 10:00 GMT.
Thanks for your attention.
The FondosMayores Team
From ForexTradingTeam (reviewed here):
Dear ForexTradingTeam customers,
Today payment processor Perfect Money scheduled a maintenance. Therefore, all transactions using Perfect Money are stopped until they finish.

From SilverDigger – two updates (reviewed here):
Hello Everyone,
Perfect Money is under scheduled maintenance and hence I’m unable to pay the Perfect Money withdrawal requests.
I will process the Perfect Money withdrawal requests once the site is back up.
Regards. Thomas
Hello Everyone,
Perfect Money is back up after their scheduled maintenance and I have processed all the withdrawal requests.
Regards. Thomas

As PerfectMoney is back on track now and so we can assume that the matter is closed. So here is the list of the programs that paid me during the last 24 hours:
FxEconomy, Escaliva, InvestPlatforms, Businex, ExtraIncome, GorgonProjectInvest, OilCapital, CorpBayGroup, GainBucks, MidasGoldFund, EliteAlliance, KlickWallet, ViscoCorp (the first payment received), and CarInvestment (the first instant payment received).

CarInvestment is a short-term program added to Premium listing on MNO today and will hopefully be reviewed by tomorrow. The program itself should in no way be treated as new however as it’s been running for 11 days now. But since AlertPay was added just a couple of days ago (joining LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney) it can really give CarInvestment a boost. The second important factor that could attract new investors is the instant payouts. The investment plans are also very attractive and you can choose from 105%-128% after 1 day, 128%-240% after 5 days, 165%-500% after 10 days, 200%-800% after 15 days, and 1000%-2000% after 37 days, all with payment on expiry. As usual caution is strongly advised here and the shorter your plan the more chance you have to profit. I would not advise joining anything other than the one day one if you want to win in CarInvestment. Of course you can invest in some special plans and get a car at the end of a 10-50 day term (which is a very funny feature to have in this HYIP) but I would not advise that unless you want the admin to buy a car for himself with your $1K-$10 minimum deposit, lol. I guess this is from where the name CarInvestment originates, although it takes a lot of effort to earn enough to buy yourself a new car from any online HYIP, be it a “BMW x6, Audi R8 or Mercedes CLS 300”. Anyway, the website of CarInvestment looks fine with a lot of fancy graphics and hosted on a dedicated server by AntiDdos company. I will have more details in my review which is going to be published on MNO tomorrow. And meanwhile, enjoy the game, guys!

That’s it for tonight, guys. Join me tomorrow for a more detailed review of CarInvestment and more fresh news from HYIP industry. Stay with MNO!

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