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18/03/2011. EurexTrade Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! EurexTrade has stopped paying! Do not invest there! 

Hello all! Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend. Well I have to say it’s been a pretty hectic week for me so far, not just with MNO, and it’s not about to end just yet. The last new program before the weekend I want to tell you about – and in my opinion one of the best – is a recently launched long term investment project called EurexTrade. This is a program that opened for business about two and a half weeks ago and I think it’s fair to say have impressed a lot of online investors with their professional set-up, decent security measures, and above all their sensible plans that are both profitable to the investor while maintaining a high degree of sustainability and flexibility in the hands of the EurexTrade administration team.

Despite being a organized financially along different lines than most industry players might be used to, I think it has what it takes to become a popular choice with investors. At least as far as long term programs go anyway. So what better way to begin than by jumping straight into the plans I suppose, and they’re really quite appealing. The thing that makes them so difficult to explain is that the rates of interest on offer to account holders is variable and can fluctuate to such a degree that it can be difficult to pinpoint your exact earnings on any given day or week. That’s not such a bad thing though and in fact it’s a policy that has served several high profile HYIPs very well in the past. By allowing the ROI to fluctuate from day to day the admin of EurexTrade protects the program from having to meet payments that others might struggle to meet under certain situations. So the payments will be a more fair reflection of the day to day fortunes of the business and in the long run will only help sustain the program for a longer period.

EurexTrade have four investment plans for you to look at. One of them will appeal to the average HYIP player (most readers here I suppose), another will appeal to the more serious players, and the remaining two only to the biggest spenders. But all four share some common ground. For one thing they have no expiry date. Once you join EurexTrade you will remain a member and continue getting paid for as long as you remain a member. All plans make payments on business days only, but oddly enough in this case business days are taken to mean Tuesday to Saturday. Which I suppose makes sense when you think of it. I mean the money earned by them on Monday would get paid to you on Tuesday, just as the money they earn on Friday gets paid to you on Saturday.

The minimum amount you may invest with EurexTrade is $10, and anything between that and a $500 deposit will make up Plan A. Now, I guess you want to know how much you will earn for a deposit here. Well this is the tricky part. EurexTrade claims to be involved in the area of foreign currency trading and speculation. The profits generated by how they re-invest your money are variable, but they are divided up between two different recipients. You and them. Your slice of the profits on any given day will be 50%. 50% of what exactly remains to be seen. EurexTrade‘s share will be 50%.

Let’s put it another way. Let’s pretend that your investment has helped EurexTrade generate a profit today of $5. Out of that $5, you will get $2.50, and they will get the other $2.50. Tomorrow’s profit might be more, or it might be less. Whatever it is your share of it will still be 50%.

And that’s basically the modus operandi of all the plans. They all work in exactly the same way, but the investor’s own slice of these shared profits goes up according to the size of your investment. The actual profit itself does not increase, just your share of it. See the difference? For example in the next plan, Plan B, you may invest anything from $501 to $5,000. Out of the total profit generated from the re-investment of that money your share will be 55% and EurexTrade‘s will be 45%. So for example if your investment here was to generate a profit of $10 today, you can expect to see $5.50.

The remaining two plans work the same way, except of course that they’ll cost you a lot more to join. There’s no need to explain them because they work identically to Plans A and B. But just to let you know of the figures involved Plan C will cost you anything between a $5,001 minimum and a $20,000 maximum. Your cut of the profits made by EurexTrade here will be 65%. Then finally for a deposit in Plan D – which would cost you from $20,001 to a $50,000 maximum – EurexTrade are offering you a 75% share of the profits.

To get a more accurate picture of what you might earn from EurexTrade just go to their homepage where for a start you will be presented with the last ten days trading results for the company. You are then invited to view some more detailed reports that date back to the beginning. All you have to do is see how much of a percentage profit is being generated on any one day, then calculate your own slice of it. For example, let’s say you have $100 in Plan A and the daily profit is 3%. That’s $3, half of which ($1.50) goes to you. So if you see 3% profit on a trading report then your daily profit is 1.5% for that day.

At the time of writing the average daily trading profit over the last ten days was around 2.1%. Sometimes that goes up, and sometimes it goes down. But then I guess that’s the unpredictable (some would say “fun”) nature of the industry. At the moment however EurexTrade state that your personal profit on any one day could climb to a high of 2.9%, though it has to be said that earnings of that magnitude are a rarity.

A couple of other quick points I’d like to make about the plans include the fact that compounding is allowed. I’m no great fan of it myself, but if that’s what you like then it’s there for you. You need to set the rate yourself when joining, and is something I must urge you to be extremely careful about! The problem is that compounding is set to 100% by default, and by doing that you would never actually get to make a daily withdrawal from the program at all. In fact you wouldn’t see a penny until you leave EurexTrade completely and request your principal back, so make sure and set the compounding rate to something that will allow you to get paid once in a while. Surely the reason you’re joining them after all!

And that leads me on to the subject of principal withdrawals. You are free to leave EurexTrade whenever you feel you have earned what you wanted from them, but not without a fee and not before a 25 business day lock in period. The earlier you try to withdraw your principal after the lock in period, the more it’s going to cost you, so plan accordingly. If you withdraw principal between 25 and 100 business days then a 20% fee will apply. If you leave between 100 and 170 business days a 10% fee will apply. But if you wish to leave anytime after 170 business days there are no charges.

Accepted payment methods currently include LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and GlobalDigitalPay. Disappointing in the sense that there isn’t at least one verified option there for you, but on the other hand that’s fairly typical of most of the longer term HYIPs. Having said that though, it must also be noted that all withdrawals have been instant up until now.

The appearance of the site and the texts are extremely professional in style and it’s running on an absolutely unique and custom-made script. Security in general looks quite solid actually, in fact in a rare move by an online HYIP they even have an advice page for the benefit of the members offering free and handy tips on online security in general. Some of it is of course just practical sense but there is a lot of good info there too so that’s well worth a look. The EurexTrade website is also SSL encrypted for extra security. They are hosted on a dedicated Staminus server which is the best around and the hosting provider is DdoSWiz.

There’s also a decent enough communication network set up to deal with any of your questions for the administration team. Aside from a postal address in Dominica which I can’t verify you have a couple of telephone numbers you can try. One is dedicated entirely to voicemail I believe but you are invited to request a callback. Failing that there is the usual e-mail based ticketing submission form on the contacts page or you can e-mail their support team directly at the address provided.

When it comes to the business interests of EurexTrade, I’ve already mentioned the currency exchange trading. Now while that’s nothing we haven’t seen in this business a million times before, they at least try to back their claims up with a series of detailed trading reports. This is also something I’ve seen in the past (not all that often mind you!) but you are free to examine those reports and quiz the EurexTrade admins about it if you feel you know better. Nevertheless I, taking it purely as an online HYIP as is my right until EurexTrade is proven otherwise, like the site anyway. It’s secure for one thing and it’s original. Quite a bit of work went into it, that much is obvious. And where others see a very low ROI, the optimist in me prefers to see a sustainable one. Do however feel free to do a bit more research into them before joining, and if you’re going ahead with a spend should keep it under a sensible amount and as a small part of a wider more diverse portfolio.


First of all, I would like to warn you about the two short-term programs that failed to achieve any type of success among online investors and turned into fast scams. I don’t know if that was planned from the beginning but it looks that way as both InvestElements and TopMoneyClub stopped paying today. Before that InvestElements processed instant payouts for exactly 24 hours before the surprising end and TopMoneyClub managed to last for a ridiculously short two-day period. As you can see, some of the admins are possibly using the fame of many other successful similar looking programs running for weeks to take advantage of investors believing that if one program is good then so is the next one. Well, the recent failures of InvestElements and TopMoneyClub proved this point wrong and sometimes pretty dangerous for your wallet, because those who chose to stick with the proven performers have better chances to succeed than those who hit-n-run in order to try their luck with the newcomers. Those who lost in InvestElements and TopMoneyClub must learn the hard way that sometimes admins launch the programs simply because they are aware of this hit-n-run approach and try to take advantage of it by deliberately making huge advertising campaigns from the beginning to stop payments in a couple of days.

If we try to analyze this strategy we see that InvestElements for instance enabled instant cashouts for exactly 24 hours, so those who joined their daily plans had no chance to win. Even those who deposited in the hourly plans lost part of their deposit. I have no doubt this was done deliberately, and possibly the money acquired by the admin may be used to extend the lifetime of his other programs (it’s just a theory and pure speculation of course). If InvestElements just removed the rating page from its website and accepts deposits as usual, expecting investors don’t usually check rating sites too often, the admin of TopMoneyClub had to change the MNO logo in order to mislead the investors on his rating page. Please note that TopMoneyClub is a scam and if you click on the MNO logo you will be redirected to my monitoring site where you will easily find the genuine status of TopMoneyClub which is Problem. Of course it’s easy to edit the banner of one inconvenient monitor – MNO – which is always there first when it comes to moving programs to problematic status. And considering I also update my blog on a daily basis as well as living a regular life, I wonder how lazy those monitors have to be to display Paying status for these scams. If they know that the program stopped paying they must warn their readers immediately and it’s their obligation to do so, otherwise they are no better than collaborators.

Enough ranting about the fast scams and crooked monitors I suppose, especially considering they don’t deserve column inches here. Better to discuss the long-lasting HYIP performers making the online world a little better for all of us with their regular payments to members. One such program is undoubtedly GorgonProjectInvest (reviewed here). Since its beginning almost three months ago it slowly but surely built a reputation providing fast and in most cases instant payouts to six popular payment processors (LibertyReserve, Pecunix, SolidTrustPay, GlobalDigitalPay, AlertPay and PerfectMoney) on three investment plans paying principal on expiry – 1.9% for 30 days, 2% for 90 days, and 2.2% for 180 days. On the way to the top of many people’s portfolios the admin of GorgonProjectInvest Paul reached the #3 spot on MNO monitoring with a detailed interview (published here) and also holding two live chat conferences in the MNO Chat room which you can read here and here. What I truly admire about Paul is his ability to keep others calm and always be in touch when even minor problems arise. A very underrated quality in an admin, you know! So last night there were problems with instant payments reported by LibertyReserve account holders in GorgonProjectInvest which were immediately addressed in this following update:
Slight Delay With LR Auto Payments
Due to a technical issue auto payments for Liberty Reserve have been temporarily turned off. All pending payments will be fulfilled in a few hours.
Please be aware that auto payments are generally available at all times, but on occasions we do have to revert to manual payments.
No other payment processor is affected. Auto-payments for AlertPay and Perfect Money are working fine.
As per our promise, all payments will ALWAYS be made within 24 hrs whatever method we use.
Thanks for your patience.

Well, at the time of writing it seems the problem is fixed and withdrawals to LibertyReserve (like to most of the other e-currencies) are processed instantly again. Then another newsletter was issued by GorgonProjectInvest where results of the recent activities were discussed and commitments to the future made. I really hope that we will be able to meet Paul again in the MNO Chat Room soon to analyze the performance to date and see what they have lined up for the future, as we had a very informal agreement to do such conferences again from time to time. I think GorgonProjectInvest really deserves the attention it’s getting and the level of reinvestments to the program only underlines the level of trust that members have in Paul who did an outstanding job to date:
It’s coming up to our 3rd month online and we are proud to be one of the top high yield investment opportunities available.
Many of our investors have already benefited from 2 cycles of our 30 day ‘Dampier’ plan and we are now near the anniversary of the 90 day ‘Karratha’ plan.
The next 3 months and beyond will see more huge growth and fantastic profit returns for all of our investors.
In the first 90 days of our launch we have gained over 3000 investors. Our traffic and Alexa Rank indicates a massive interest in our web site and we have a huge army of supporters eager to push us to even higher limits. Our Deposits have exceeded $300k and we have paid out over $200k in withdrawal requests with hundreds of principal re- payments. We are also delighted to see many of our users are re-investing their profits.
We have an unblemished record of withdrawal payments, with only a few glitches along the way when we had a server outage for about 48 hours and sometimes our auto-payments were not functioning, but we have never missed a payment or gone over our promised time scale of 24 hours.
It is a great time to thank our investors for their support and to promise them the longevity of our program. Please be assured we are here for the very long term as we know our chosen industry is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities the world has on offer at the moment.
We would also like to thank the huge team who are promoting us and obtaining incredible financial benefits from our affiliate program. Your marketing is truly helping GorgonProjectInvest become one of the top choices in this highly competitive arena.
We are in the Top 3 of the Money News Online monitor list and feature as a main recommendation on many blogs and forums.
Coming up in the next few months we will launch the delayed language versions of the web site, an upgrade to a more powerful server for faster loading times and continued improvement of our customer support service. Our commitment for an unrivalled experience with our current and future investors is our priority. We have a modest marketing plan that will see us continuing to advertise on popular web sites.
We are more than happy with our payment processors. Currently the % breakdown is:
36% Liberty Reserve, 35% AlertPay, 12% Perfect Money, 8% Global Digital Pay, 4% Solid Trust Pay, 3% Bank Wire, 2% Pecunix
We think AlertPay will overtake Liberty Reserve in the next few weeks as our number 1 payment processor as it is gaining momentum.
Thank you for your continued support.
Best regards. Paul
Admin GorgonProjectInvest”.

Due to multiple short term scams recently, slow growing and modestly paying programs like Agromatica (reviewed here) can find it hard to compete. However, if they came to the market for the long term they have nothing to worry about. If the slow growth is not a factor that can get the admin down then it shouldn’t scare the investors. As I can see, after 24 days online Agromatica is still slowly gaining momentum and providing investors with fast daily payouts to five payment processors (AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, GlobalDigitalPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney) in the following plans – 0.5% for 15 days, 1% for 60 days, and 1.2% for 90 days. The first payouts of principal on expiry of the first plan have been processed already and though Agromatica doesn’t offer high or unsustainable returns I believe it has enormous potential if the admin has serious intentions and is focused on maintaining reasonable deposit rates as stated in the latest email sent to members today:
This is broadcast e-mail to all members.
I would like to remind to members which have AlertPay or SolidTrustPay deposits you can save money on fees. It’s easy. I recommend you to withdraw profits on weekly basis. In this case all requests will be processed as one request (for each deposit) and you’ll save money on payment processor fee.
We have reached 430 members. The members base is growing smoothly as we planned. According to Poll results many members have voted for “Reasonable deposit plans”. It’s good sign for us, because reasonable deposit plans is a part of our strategy to keep Agromatica always on trend.
P. S. Special offer still waiting for you in your Agromatica account.
Best regards, Agromatica Admin”.

SparkMetals (reviewed here) just made it to 10 days online but has already become a favorite choice of many investors willing to try their luck in the 2.5% for 120 calendar days with principal returned on expiry plan. So far the withdrawals have been processed very fast regardless of what payment processor you use – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or AlertPay. By the end of the business week, the admin of SparkMetals Ashley Judd (twilight zone clone of the famous Hollywood actress?) issued a regular update announcing a contest due to be launched soon and reporting about her latest achievements on in the markets where SparkMetals allegedly invest. Here is the latest news from them:
Happy Weekend to all our lovely members. All new members are welcome to SparkMetals and we thank all old members for their wonderful support as SparkMetals continues to grow with confidence.
Not much news for today other than the major fact that our trading activities this week has been great as Gold surged to a record high and that translated into a lot of profit for SparkMetals. We are expecting more of such weeks ahead.
Next week, we will be introducing our first contest on SparkMetals that will pay you guys some extra income. Presently, we are working on that, as soon as it is ready we will announce to members.
All payment has been processed and all support tickets answered.
Have a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend.
Regards, Ashley Judd. SparkMetals.

I’m glad to report that ImperialFund (reviewed here) got back online though no official update came from the admin and the site is still hosted on the same provider like before. However, the most important thing that should matter most to investors is that payouts have resumed as they were before the DDoS attack on their server. I hope the program will not fall the victim of more attacks in the future and continue the great work for the benefit of its investors.

Unfortunately, for the third time I had to move CorpBayGroup to Problem status on my blog. The admin systematically and routinely delays payouts to investors for over 48 hours and today saw another example of such behavior when a monitoring site like MNO has to remind to them to pay what is due to its investors. I found this situation quite uncomfortable and at the same time hilarious, because apparently CorpBayGroup cannot meet its obligations to investors on a regular basis. Constant delays have a huge impact on the program’s credibility or what remains of it and keep serious investors from redepositing. So once again, I warn you from further investment in CorpBayGroup unless the payments resume once again, which I will of course report on MNO.

The newest addition to MNO monitored programs today is Roserlink. This program cannot be called new because it has been online for almost two months and is allegedly involved in gambling activities. Roserlink offers two main investment plans which can be joined via SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigitalPay processors – 1.2%-1.5% for 100 calendar days with principal returned and 135% after 1 month principal included. The minimum to invest in Roserlink starts at $15 and compounding is allowed and can be set in your members area. Funding of the wallet and depositing from it reminded me of other HYIPs where I saw the same script (possibly provided by Wizzyweb), so I can’t agree that it’s somehow “unique” like claimed on Roserlink‘s main page. Well, at least the script is more original than GoldCoders. Roserlink also features an SSL secured website with hosting on a dedicated Staminus server protected by DdoSWiz. More on the program will be discussed in the upcoming review on MNO soon. Stay tuned for that!

What can indicate a great marketing team behind a product? You should first create a problem in the minds of potential clients and then offer a solution that only you can provide, thus solving your own problem which you yourself invented. So the regular updates from ExoticFX (reviewed here) goes. In my subjective opinion, such newsletters reviewing one particular problem – declining of the major world currencies or the establishment of the new economic order – can be viewed in a positive light only if they are not too obtuse which on occasion they are. Don’t get me wrong as I still think that ExoticFX is a great and potentially huge program with a very talented manager in Charles Martinsen (interviewed here) at the helm. I just believe that HYIP updates should concentrate more on program related issues than on the consequences of the global financial crisis. Few HYIP investors pay attention to such things because so few of them look to industry related updates for a source of news and editorial discourse. But if you describe the advantages of joining ExoticFX then that’s a different story. So in my opinion the real advantages to ExoticFX include having a talented team running it, a unique script and secure script, many payment processors accepted (AlertPay, LibertyReserve, HD-Money and GlobalDigitalPay) and most important – steady daily payouts on the plans offering 1% for 120 business days, 1.2% for 140 business days, 1.45% for 160 business days, 2% for 180 business days; and on expiration on the following plans – 1% daily for 2 weeks, 1.28% daily for 4 weeks, 1.55% daily for 6 weeks, 2.3% daily for 8 weeks. I would put more emphasis on the program itself which is very good and less commentary on world events because sometimes the information that members really want can sometimes get lost in the middle of it all. Running for less than a month ExoticFX has a long road ahead to prove to the investing community that it’s really worth it, but slowly but surely it’s getting there. I can see it in the level of dedication shown by the admin of ExoticFX and the whole support network that provide an excellent service with the latest updates from the program and the financial climate surrounding its alleged activity on ForEx markets. So here is the latest meandering update from ExoticFX:
The Rise and Decline Of Nations and Deteriorating Reserve Currencies
A “must read” for anyone trying to interpret the long-term formation of economical developments is The Rise and Decline of Nations by Mancur Olson. This book was written and published more than 30 years ago.
Olson was a well-written and astute economist/social scientist. He provided extremely relevant insights on how interests and incentives of individuals drive and influence the development of a country.
This often results in a less than ideal resource distribution. Over time this can result in very harmful effects for a country which can even lead to a complete collapse.
Olson’s conclusions help us to comprehend the problems of many Western nations today and how they will face many more challenges in the future. Chronic overspending and changing demographics will cause many Western nations to “fall” or at least enter a period of deep structural change, thus bringing along many painful adjustments.
Today’s structural problems Western nations face are not the same as they were centuries or even a decade ago. The basic reasons that lead to a decline of a nation have not changed since the fall of the classic Roman Empire, the breakup of the Soviet Union or other troubled economies. However, today’s situation is much more complex because of globalization.
The U.S. and Europe are most certainly at the start of a long-term decline. With it, their currencies could also fall. Realize that both are the world’s most important reserve currencies. The following chart shows that the importance of the United States dollar, measured as a percentage of global currency reserves, has been steadily declining since the late ‘90s.
Almost 90 percent of the world’s reserve currency is held in U.S. dollars and euros, both of which are facing a long term structural devaluation. It is obvious that a growing number of investors and governments with net currency reserves are beginning to diversify away from these two reserve currencies.
The signs are clear that this rebalancing has already begun. The combined percentage share of the world’s two largest reserve currencies is going to fall further. How far these two can fall in the next five or even 10 years is the big question. Honestly, I don’t know, but I feel that if we experience a shift of as little as 15 to 20 percent it would be enough to put into effect serious downward pressure on these two currencies for years or perhaps decades to come.
Besides this shift in the distribution of reserve currencies, which is going to have a serious impact on the value of numerous other currencies, there is yet another interesting development happening. The U.S. dollar seems to have lost, or is losing, its role as a “crises” hedge; this means that even in times of falling markets or geopolitical instability, the U.S. dollar is not able to benefit, meaning investors are not looking to move funds back into the dollar in a flight for safety and liquidity.
Here are two very recent examples: The first is the situation in the Middle East and Asia. Tensions have been seriously spreading there over the last couple of weeks. The following chart shows the currency exchange rate of the AUD/USD. The Australian dollar is widely used as a carry trade by investors because of the notably higher yields in Australia. Recently, despite the overwhelming damages caused by the flooding in Australia and the very serious tensions in the Middle East, the exchange rate of the AUD/USD remained relatively flat.
The next example is from the catastrophic events in Japan this past week. Despite the potentially far-reaching consequences of these events, the U.S. dollar has not been able to benefit because investors seem to be reluctant to move money to the U.S. dollar even when traditionally that is exactly what would be expected.
Japan is the third largest economy in the world. The Japanese yen is one of the major currencies. It’s indeed very interesting and surprising that the U.S. dollar has not been able to benefit from this. It certainly tells us a lot about the fundamental weakness of the U.S dollar currency.
The Chinese Premier Hu Jintao recently said:
“The era of a U.S. dollar-dominated currency system is coming to an end and that this will force a change to the international currency system. The recent structural weakness of the U.S. dollar and the euro shows that we are moving in this direction and that we are probably in a late stage of development of today’s world currency system. “
The rise and fall of a nation and its corresponding currency follows a very long and powerful underlying cycle with very unique dynamics. While sound economic and political leadership can certainly dampen the negative effects, each prospering society will eventually enter a period of slow growth or even stagnation. Also with the rise and fall of nations comes the structural appreciation or devaluation of these nations’ currencies. Depending on where they are in terms of their long-term economic cycle, it has very important implications for investors.
Today’s problems in Japan, Western Europe and the United States have a lot in common. We all hope for things to change to the better. But it is wise to prepare for the worst. In this case, that means a prolonged period of substandard economic growth, large and growing debt burdens, and increased social economic tensions between different nations and even within each nation. Even the tensions and the political turmoil in the Middle East and the Northern African regions can, to some extent, be attributed to such an underlying structural cycle. Things can only get so bad until people have nothing to lose anymore and start taking control of their own destiny.
In light of the comments above and the lessons learned from history, today’s financial and economical problems in the West need to be seen in a different perspective. The weakness of currencies like the euro and the U.S. dollar might not just be a temporary trend, but much more likely the early phase of a long term structural adjustment that will include below average growth and a devaluation of their currencies versus many other major currencies, including many emerging market currencies.
I think the question that we need to ask today is: Has the current debt crisis in the U.S., Europe and other major economies already indicated that things will worsen from here and have they moved beyond the point of no return?
I think the problem today is that governments have spent way too much money in the last couple of decades and that today’s highly alarming debt burden in many countries are only the tip of the iceberg. Some people might argue that the debt in percentage of gross domestic product is really quite manageable but the problem is that on top of the current debt, we need to take into consideration unfunded future obligations that will drive up the government’s debt level even more. This is especially bad for some Western nations like Spain and Italy, who have a rapidly aging population and therefore fewer and fewer young people that can support retirees.
The conclusion of this article is that investors need to rethink their investment strategies, especially with regards to their currency allocation. The two dominant reserve currencies in the world, the U.S. dollar and the euro, are both showing signs of structural weakness and both may face significant devaluation in coming years. This will result in increasing money flowing to countries that experience faster economic growth and lower debt levels. This will clearly be a benefit for emerging market currencies and currencies of major economies that have less structural problems.
The time is now to evaluate your financial position.
ExoticFX can help.
We provide a fully managed trading portal that allows you to diversify outside your own currency and take advantage of the emerging currency markets as well as profit from major economies.
If you are like the 95% of the planet that simply doesn’t have the time to:
Dissect “special reports”… or
Study the phonebook-size user’s manual … or
Utilize all the “coaching tools”… or
Study a training course full of cryptic instructions with promises to teach you to be a superstar independent investor …
Then you should take a Hard Look at our newest Hands-Off Trading Platform — ExoticFX
ExoticFX is the easiest way to double or triple your money without breaking the bank.
At ExoticFX we strive to simplify the process by providing you with a Hands-off approach. We work diligently to research the Exotic currency pairs, stay on top of the Majors, determine the ETF trends and discover Emerging Market Opportunities. We participate in these markets every single day and provide you with a simple plug and play portal to this Multi Billion dollar industry.
YOU DON’T NEED any previous trading experience. (In fact, the less you know, the less you’ll have to “unlearn!”)
YOU DON’T NEED hours of free time.
YOU DON’T NEED the bankroll of a hedge fund trader.
YOU DON’T HAVE to read charts and analyze trades.
If you choose to use our service and allow us to do all the work for you, you can get started with as little as $10.00!
We provide you a no frill, easy to understand, simple to navigate portal that allows you to participate in million dollar trades alongside some of the top Forex Investors in the world
… and you don’t have to do a thing!
With ExoticFX we have taken all the Fear out of Forex!
We will fully manage your fund and return you a Guaranteed Interest rate of from
1% – 2.3% Daily!
ExoticFX is a simple plug and play portal to the Multi-Billion dollar industry that is the
Exotic side of Forex.
Take a look at the hottest opportunity to hit the Forex market to date.
Protect your assets and ensure your own future.
Best Regards. EFX Trading Team”.

The following programs have paid me today:
SparkMetals, AssetManagement, ArchitectonicInv, ExoticFX, EliteAlliance, GorgonProjectInvest, ForexTradingTeam, ReProFinance, FondosMayores, ExtraIncome, RockLandFunds, ImperialFund, Agromatica, BestProfitInv, FundOfProfit, OilCapital, FirstMonetaryFund, ThomsonAM, BankOfPanama, DenXon, MidasGoldFund, PermanentProfit, ViscoCorp, UnicornInv, GainBucks, EurexTrade (the first instant payouts received) and SafeDepositary (the first payout received).

Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s review of SafeDepositary on MNO which is a proven long-term hit among low-ROI paying programs for seven months already! I’ll also have all the daily news from the HYIP industry because MNO is the only industry blog written in (proper!) English doing this currently. And don’t forget to have a good weekend! See you all on MNO tomorrow!

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