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15/06/2011. PowerfulStrategy Review and Daily News from the Industry


Hello all! Another of the recent additions to the MNO monitoring page that unfortunately I was delayed in covering here on my blog is a fairly unusual one by the name of PowerfulStrategy. I say it’s unusual due to the strangely eclectic mix of investment plans they offer making it impossible to pigeon-hole the program into a short, medium, or long term category. Otherwise it works just like a regular HYIP of course, but it was the plans that caught my eye there first. As PowerfulStrategy are about to conclude their third week online it’s also difficult to describe them as brand new, though in relation to some of the longer term investment plans they would be. I’ll describe them for you below and you’ll see what I mean.

The first of the four investment plans PowerfulStrategy has for you is a low ROI short term one. It’s called The Training Plan and runs for a term of 10 business days, which means it lasts for two weeks but will only pay you between Monday and Friday. You can join for bargain basement minimum of $1 and spend anything up to a very conservative $100 maximum, which is probably as far as lot of the smaller/fun investors would probably go anyway. In return for this PowerfulStrategy will pay you 1.8% interest per business day, and then return your principal at the end. That would allow you to exit the plan with a net profit of 18%, which is actually quite good considering the term and low cost of joining.

The next option is one for the more experienced players. It’s called The Master Plan (love that expression, lol!) and will cost you at least a $101 minimum deposit to join. Or if you really want to push the boat out there’s a $1000 maximum limit. It runs for 25 business days, which means five weeks making daily payments from Monday to Friday only. The daily interest rate paid out by PowerfulStrategy is 2%, and along with your principal returned on expiry would allow you to finish the cycle with a net profit of 50%.

After that we really start moving into the realm of the big industry spenders so feel free to skip ahead if that doesn’t mean you. PowerfulStrategy‘s third choice is The Professional Plan and will accept deposits starting from a $1,001 minimum right up to a $5,000 maximum. It runs for a term of 60 business days, which is 12 weeks making daily payouts from Monday to Friday. In exchange for your investment the rate of interest available is 2.3% per business day. That will allow you to complete the term with a total net profit of 138% which is also in addition to your principal being returned. You should also reach the break even point – ie the point at which you can’t possibly lose money no matter what happens PowerfulStrategy next – after 44 business days.

And finally for anyone prepared to spend $5,001 or more (no upper limit) PowerfulStrategy presents The Expert Plan. This one runs for 120 business days, which is 24 weeks, and makes daily payouts from Monday to Friday only. The interest rate is 2.8% per day which allows you to break even after 36 payments and finish the cycle with a total profit of 336%. This is in addition to your principal which is then returned.

The payment processors are standard fare for the HYIP industry now with a choice between AlertPay, LibertyReserve, or PerfectMoney. Not the best, not the worst, and pretty much what you’ve come to expect. But what you might like is the use of instant payouts. You’ll still need to log in and make the request, but afterwards you should expect to see the money in your preferred e-currency account in under a minute. Provided there’s no technical glitches with the processor at the time, that is.

And speaking of things technical, PowerfulStrategy is hosted on a protected server. While the hosting provider is not a name I’m familiar with in the HYIP industry – they’re called Inferno – I can tell you that the anti-DDoS protection is supported by Staminus, whose reputation remains the very best in the business. The website is also running off a unique custom designed script and is SSL encrypted. There’s a couple of different ways of getting in touch with the PowerfulStrategy support team if you have any questions or problems. They have the usual support ticketing form where you can fill in any information required and submit. Or alternatively you can just e-mail them directly at the address provided. You may also use the Live Chat feature whenever someone is logged into it. The most recent addition was the creation of a Twitter account so you can follow any news items if for example the website needs to be taken down temporarily for any maintenance work. In the event of that happening then you need to allow the PowerfulStrategy admin 24 hours to get it done manually for you.

Overall it’s not a bad looking website, I can see they’ve put quite a bit of work into the project and it shows simply by how original it all is. Limiting payouts to just five days per week while collecting new deposits on seven might also turn out to be a clever strategy in keeping the program ticking over financially for just that little bit longer. News updates are frequent and very visible on the PowerfulStrategy website as well so they at least appear to be taking the whole thing seriously. Although most of you will be well aware by now I put very little stock in the texts on HYIP related websites concerning what line of business they claim to be in, but while PowerfulStrategy are no exception to that I do like how it’s new and original. So kudos to the admin for making the effort. That doesn’t change the fact that you should never under any circumstances spend one cent more than you wouldn’t be too upset about losing in any online HYIP, a rule that applies to this one just like all the others, and that your safest bet lies in keeping a wider more diverse portfolio.


Ok, let’s start with some news from one of the most popular programs among MNO readers which recently got into the top three on my monitoring. I’m talking about GulfReserve – a program which has been paying instantly to AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on three main plans (4%-5.5% for 30 business days, 1.2% for 150 calendar days, 105% after 5 calendar days) for the really rather outstanding duration of 77 days already. I’m pleased to say that for this hard work online the admin of GulfReserve Alina (interviewed here) showed herself a high quality and professional manager who always take issues that might arise seriously and inform members about everything that’s going on. Today’s newsletter was no exception to the rule and though everything is back to normal now Alina still reported about a technical issue with crediting interest that has since been successfully fixed. Apart from that Alina also reported some encouraging growth statistics from the program (GulfReserve currently has over 3500 active investors) and encouraged everybody to support them on Facebook while not asking for a personal support from an employee there as the admin takes care of all the support issues herself. As you might be aware of Alina recently took an active part in a Live Chat session on MNO Chat and you can read the full transcript of that here. Currently the results of the recent survey are being analyzed and most probably GulfReserve will soon sponsor a cash question contest on the MNO Forum. Since MNO recently had some security breaches the beginning of the contest has been delayed, but since now everything is back to normal I anticipate that Alina will contact me soon and we could start work on that as soon as possible. Here is the full newsletter about that and other stuff sent from GulfReserve (reviewed here) today:
Official Newsletter
I hope all of you are having good times…
This is another official newsletter but this times its not about “all is good” stuff because I will be addressing a couple issues we faced lately, however I will still prefer to get started with our rapid growth and achievements as this time I would like to proudly announce we have over 3500+ active participants and almost 900 active supporters at facebook.
Now about a couple of issues I would like to address, There has been a bit of issue with some “cronjob” thing (which I don’t really understand what it exactly is about, lol) so its a technical things that controls interest payments to user balances, apparently there were some upgrades done which caused no long support for some “specific function” used in these “cronjobs” but as per I have been informed that it has been fixed already and I have even checked it myself and interest payments are normal as usual. Let me clarify this that it didn’t really cause any kind of loss for you as all of you will earn exactly as what is advertised on our plans page…
Secondly, I noticed there was some minor arguments on our FaceBook page and let me make this clear as well that its not me at FaceBook, its one of GulfReserve employees who is handling that page and so I would like to request everyone to not use our FaceBook page for support purposes, if you have any technical, accounting or any other kind of issues then always contact customer support representatives from our site as our FaceBook representative doesn’t simply has any privileges to be able to entertain such requests.
I also would like to announce that survey program has ended but our FaceBook contest continues… Meanwhile it seems MNO faced some technical or security related difficulties but I assure you that I will be sorting out some contest in MNO forums with Paul as well pretty soon so stay tuned for more coming events and new plans for future since I am already working with my team on on almost 2 thousand survey reports we received.
Regards, Alina”.

Just today I noticed that EurosFund had added a new special plan which looks exactly like most of the special plans launched by the program for the first month of its existence – nothing worth your attention. Let’s analyze what this plan offers to investors.
Obviously by launching this plan EurosFund is trying to pull the same old stunt and pay to old investors at the expense of new ones. Well, in a nutshell I guess that is how the entire industry works so I can’t really complain about that as such. A plan offering 102% after 1 single day on your investment from $50 to $499 might sound good and reasonable, but will the investors honestly be risking their money in a rapidly aging program for a chance to get a measly 1% profit in a day (remember, that you will pay another 1% as a withdrawal fee to LibertyReserve which remains the only payment processor accepted by EurosFund). The minimum is too high for such an offer to work and in my honest opinion it’s absolutely not worth the risk. If you can deposit over $500 you can get 110% after 1 day and the deposits over $5K will get 125% return on your investment, do you actually believe this is a viable option and can be sustained? Well, I don’t think so, and my prediction that if anybody dare invest in the 110% and especially 125% after 1 day plan one will not see the money again. And as I say for smaller investors the new plan simply makes no sense. That is why I believe that the new plan offered by EurosFund (reviewed here) will not be popular. Here is the update about that posted on the website:
New 1 Day Plans Launched.
We pay 102%-125% after 1 day.
Limited investment available daily. Once reach the investment limit on the day it self, no investment allow or it will return back to your account without interest.
Only limited total $20000 investment daily on this plan.

Unfortunately, RichieFund has stopped paying and had to close today. The program wasn’t too successful and lasted for only 10 days which was still enough for many people to make money from its 4-day plans. As the payouts from RichieFund were always processed instantly the program had a quite good level of support and I believed that it could well have lasted longer. Yesterday though the first warning signs in the form of complaints over blocked accounts in RichieFund came to my attention. I tried to figure out what was going on and wrote to the admin. Although it didn’t achieve much for the members who had their accounts blocked, he already announced that the program had to close due to AlertPay freezing their account for the second time making it impossible to continue. I don’t know if it’s true or not as I can’t verify this information but the admin went on to say that he would never accept AlertPay again in his future programs. Well, this is definitely not the first time this happened and indicates a disturbing pattern we can all see that threatens the survival of any HYIP using them, especially short-term ones. Such cases are really harmful for many programs and I wish there were less such incidents like this in the industry. Anyway, one thing is clear – RichieFund has collapsed today and has been moved to Scam status on MNO monitoring. Please do not invest there!

Perhaps the more encouraging results shown from another short-term program InpladoFinance (reviewed here) which has been running for 22 days already are just because they do not accept AlertPay. They only take LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney processors. One way or another, we cannot deny that InpladoFinance is becoming a very popular program in the industry over these last three weeks offering a wide range of investment plans – 105%-115% after 1 day, 117%-150% after 3 days, 130%-200% after 5 days, 165%-350% after 10 days, 270%-850% after 25 days. Tomorrow I believe we’ll learn a bit more about this program as I just got the answers to the interview I submitted to the admin of InpladoFinance a couple of days ago. So I’m glad to report that tomorrow all readers that. Stay tuned for the upcoming interview, guys!

There will also be another review published on MNO tomorrow. And most likely the it will be GlobalFxTrades which is one of the two programs to be added to the Premium list on my site today.
GlobalFxTrades is a program that just started today, so it’s brand new which is a definite advantage for those who like to join fresh programs. They run off a customized and secure script and has an SSL-encryption. The website is hosted on a Staminus dedicated server with Koddos protection which is a good sign. The returns offered by GlobalFxTrades are quite reasonable and pay 1.2%-2.5% fixed interest depending on the amount spent for 120 business days. The principal will be returned on expiry of the term or on request after a 15-day lock-in period at any time. This I believe another important feature that will allow you to make profits from the program faster and put a different twist on this long-term program. GlobalFxTrades accepts deposits starting from $10 via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and OkPay (via which the admin can accept AlertPay deposits as well). Bank Wires and Western Union deposits are also accepted by GlobalFxTrades but carry a 20% fee. More on the program will be in my full review which is going to be published on MNO tomorrow.

The second addition to my Premium list tonight is a program called OnlineWealthFund. The program just started a couple of days ago and is offering three main investment plans LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigitalPay processors with a minimum starting from $10. One of the plans pays you daily and returns your principal on expiry – 1.9% for 14 days, while the other two offer one single payout on expiry – 150% after 21 days and 225% after 42 days. The OnlineWealthFund website is properly SSL secured and the program is running off a licensed GoldCoders script. The site is hosted on a dedicated server by Dragonara known for its high standards in DDoS protection when it comes to HYIPs and payment processors. I think that’s probably all I can say to you at the moment but if you want more information on the program please don’tt forget to check my upcoming review soon!

The programs that paid me today are all listed below and include:
LucrativaFund, GorgonProjectInvest, InvestNetGroup, InpladoFinance, BetterMoneyLife, BrantonsGroup, Opulentia, Insectrio, FeoCash, GulfReserve, MAHIFund, HourlyEarnings, AdvanceFund, PowerfulStrategy, StraDox, EurexTrade, SafeDepositary, PermanentProfit, EarnGroups, StockBiz, PrimFix, EurosFund and AlphaForex.

That’s just about it for today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading and see you all on MNO blog tomorrow!

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