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29/07/2011. NeoProgress Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! NeoProgress has stopped paying and has been moved to Problem status on MNO! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend though I myself can’t say I’ll be having much of a break. It’s been a very busy week for me with MNO and plenty more to come in the next few days, so I hope you’ll be checking back here again at least once or twice over the next few days. To wrap up the working week (for most folks anyway) the latest new addition to the MNO monitoring page that I would like to look is a mid to long term program called NeoProgress. Well, it might be a new addition to MNO but that’s not to say it’s a new program. It isn’t. NeoProgress is online for five months or so, though that in itself is not necessarily an obstacle to you making a few bucks out of them. In fact there are plenty of similar examples out there of programs that were only getting warmed up at this point.

Over that five months things have been anything but static for NeoProgress and some positive changes have been made over that time, mainly on the financial side of things. But what I want to do is look at the program as it is presented to you today, and what they have for you is four individual investment plans. Not all of them fall within what most people would term affordable limits mind, but let’s take a closer look anyway.

The first of these is called The Impulse Fund and it runs for a term of 30 business days. It will cost you a $10 minimum deposit to join and makes daily interest payments. The rate is 1.5% per day for the plan’s duration which over the 30 days accumulates to a total of 45% which can be deemed net profit once NeoProgress have returned your principal as they promise. The maximum spend allowed in the plan is $999.

And that’s where the second NeoProgress plan takes over. It’s called The Progress Fund will cost you a minimum of $1,000 to join and runs for a term of 60 business days. During that time you receive a daily interest payment of 1.8% before your principal gets handed back on expiry. So in addition to your own money you should ad an extra 108% in profit to that. Maximum deposit is $4,999.

Beyond that I suppose we’re moving into plans a bit more (well, a lot more) centered at the larger investors. Take NeoProgress‘s third Pulsar Plan for example. It will cost you a $5,000 minimum deposit to join. In return for that they offer a daily interest payment of 2% per day over the course of the plan’s 90 business day duration. That’s enough to see you break even fifty days into the term, and exit with a total net profit of 180% once your principal gets returned.

The fourth and final plan runs for 100 business days and sees NeoProgress offer a 2.2% daily interest rate on your deposit. It’s called The Luxer Plan and while it sounds great the downside is that it requires a $30,000 deposit to join, effectively rendering it useless for any HYIP investor that I’ve ever come across. But for your information the interest payments eventually add up to 220% which can then be considered as profit once NeoProgress add your principal on to it. There is no stated maximum deposit for this plan.

The list of payment options is quite good and is one aspect of NeoProgress that has improved since they first opened for business. As of now they are dealing with LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay ($100 minimum deposits only), as well as bank wires for larger deposits of $1,000 and upwards. AlertPay are also in use but given their erratic behavior in recent times that could easily turn out to be something very damaging to the program without warning. Also upon joining NeoProgress there is no need to select a plan in the traditional sense. All you need is to deposit. Because there is only a particular range of deposits open to any given plan, the script will read the amount you have deposited and automatically assign your money to the plan that accepts that amount. You will be automatically issued a contract in .pdf format upon making each deposit though to be perfectly blunt about it to describe anything like this in the HYIP industry as “legally binding” would be frankly naïve. Compounding is allowed at varied rates for different plans and withdrawals, which must be requested by members, are currently made instantly. So you should have your interest payments in your e-currency account the same minute that you ask for it.

The NeoProgress website is very professional and quite impressive even at first glance. It’s well designed, easy to navigate, and well explained. What’s more it’s fully SSL encrypted and running off its own unique script. Hosting is by Dragonara who are keeping NeoProgress on a dedicated and DDoS protected server. You can contact the admin with any further questions or account issues through a variety of different ways, including the usual support form that you can fill out and submit on the contacts page or by just e-mailing them directly. NeoProgress has a telephone number, fax number, and a postal address in the UK.

There’s quite a lot of reading in the NeoProgress website though at the end of it all it’s a case of talking a lot but saying nothing about the website’s business activities in backing these interest rates up. Though I must say the story about a HYIP admin being a friend and partner of billionaire financier George Soros did bring a smile to my face as one of the taller tales I’ve heard from an online HYIP in a while. At least that part was original, even if the stories of asset management and ForEx trading that follow it are not. Still, it’s up to yourself whether you’re even remotely interested in any of that, I know that most MNO readers are not, but as ever don’t go looking for guarantees where you’re unlikely to find them and try to use NeoProgress if you’re joining it as part of a more diverse and varied portfolio. May still be one to watch I hope as long as the age doesn’t put too many new investors off and old investors redepositing.


I want to start our news update for today with a little excitement in the air. There’s been a noticeable buzz around the #1 program on MNO monitoring GorgonProjectInvest (reviewed here) since they announced some changes in their plans. GorgonProjectInvest remains one of those programs that really stands out from the crowd. They now enter their eighth month online with a flawless performance record and fast and sometimes even instant payments to SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay and Pecunix accounts. Even the last issues with the AP scam payment processor and GDP exchanging difficulties seem not to have had any negative impact on their performance and I believe this even made the program stronger. The admin Paul (interviewed here) has proved to everybody that he’s capable of dealing with all the issues and still keep moving the program onwards and upwards to new heights. Who would have believed in the end of 2010 when GorgonProjectInvest started that it would reach such heights in the industry and become the #1 program on many monitors and forums? Today GorgonProjectInvest has announced dropping one of the old investment plans and replacing it with a new one that pays for the duration of one calendar year. Well, in any other program I would say it might be a warning sign but after paying successfully for so many months and overcoming so many obstacles I still believe that GorgonProjectInvest is somehow different from the majority of other programs on the net and that the admin has a clear strategy to succeed for many more months to come, especially once the slow summer period is behind us and things pick up again as they always do come Autumn. Anyway, the current active investment plans offered by GorgonProjectInvest are as follows (note the Pilbara 180 Plan has been removed although existing investors will of course continue to be paid until expiry):
Dampier 30 Plan – pays 1.9% for 30 days with $1 only investment minimum (no changes for that plan).
Karratha 90 Plan – pays 2% for 90 days with $25 minimum to invest (no changes for that plan).
Onslow 180 Plan – pays 3.5% for 180 days with $100 minimum to invest (before only LR and GDP deposits were accepted in this plan and starting now you can invest via all the accepted processors).
The new Gladstone 365 Plan – pays 3.65% for 365 days with a $100 minimum to invest. As you can see with the new plan you will be in profit from after four weeks and then reap the rewards for the next 11 months to come. I can’t say they’ll still be paying in a year from now, but the only thing those looking at the new plan need to worry about is will they still be paying in a month. Given the extensive recent growth of GorgonProjectInvest I can see no reason why not. Although please remember that like any other HYIP GorgonProjectInvest remains a high-risk venture, so only invest what you can afford to lose. There’s more about the changes, an explanation of the new investment plan, and the alleged business activities to back it in the latest update from GorgonProjectInvest which I’m posting below:
Portfolio Update – New Plan Now Available
We are delighted to announce, due to public demand from many of our 7000+ investors that we have revamped our portfolio and can offer a NEW opportunity from today.
Introducing, the ‘Gladstone 365’ plan. As the name suggests, this plan has a duration of 365 days, our longest term yet. It has an entry level of $100 up to a maximum investment of $250,000 and a fantastic 3.65% daily interest rate. We pay interest every day (7 days a week). All of our nominated e-currencies are accepted.
This investment plan marks a move away from our main project of interest (Gorgon Gas Project) and is focusing on another huge opportunity, but of equal quality and potential.
Your funds are pooled together and we invest in a basket of different businesses related to the Gladstone LNG (GLNG) Project in Queensland.
The plan is named after ‘Gladstone’, located approximately 550 kilometres by road north of Brisbane and 100 kilometres south-east of Rockhampton. Situated between the Calliope and Boyne Rivers, Gladstone is home to Queensland’s largest multi-commodity port. GLNG is a groundbreaking project that will use world-first technology to process coal seam gas (CSG) into liquefied natural gas (LNG). It represents a major investment in Queensland jobs and a cleaner energy source for the future, and will cement the state’s position in a booming international LNG market.
We have removed the ‘Pilbara 180’ plan as the ‘Onslow 180’ has taken precedence and is by far the more popular. Of course people who have invested in the ‘Pilbara 180’ will still continue to enjoy the daily interest, but the plan is closed to new investments from today.
These changes prove our commitment to a long term future for all of our investors and surely cements GorgonProjectInvest as the No.1 financial opportunity of not just this year, but many years to come.
Warm regards. Admin

Another popular long-term program Opulentia (reviewed here) which is currently ranked #5 on MNO successfully running for almost six months now has apparently decided to delve into unknown territories and offered a short-term program which is according to the admin Daniel (interviewed here) available for only a week. In his latest newsletter Daniel stated that this new plan will pay 125% after 7 days and will be available to members exactly till the day when his program reaches 180 days (6 months) online. I’m glad to see that like for the two other main plans in Opulentia (2.15% on every business day for 365 days and 11% for 55 weeks with principal returned on expiry) the new plan carries a low $1 minimum which can be invested via LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigitalPay. I would like to add that usually such a drastic shift of plans from long to short-term may indicate a warning for HYIP investors, especially if a program is so old like Opulentia. I hope that it’s not the case this time and Opulentia will keep paying after the next week and beyond. But still there no such thing than too much caution so exercise some of it in this case too and invest in Opulentia only what you can afford to lose. All the necessary info about the new investment plan and the successful transfer of the program to new servers is below, in their latest newsletter:
OPULENTIA: Celebratory plan
The transfer to our new server is complete and our site is already available in most parts of the world.
You may have noticed that we experienced slight changes of timekeeping in our system. Namely, during the transfer from the old to the new server, a mismatch of time happened on the servers and the time of all deposits has been moved a couple of hours ahead. Some of our investors have already noticed this and asked us why they aren’t receiving the profit today. The profit is there, but it distributes a bit later than before because of the time mismatch. We are truly sorry for this problem.
We have been online for almost six months now and as you can notice, in such short time we have become one of the leading online investment programs.
We decided to celebrate it with you by offering a celebratory “short term” plan.
The plan consists of 25% after 7 days + principal. Yes, that means if you invest $100, after precisely 7 days you can withdraw $125.
This plan is already open for investments and it’ll stay open until our 180th day online or to be precise, the sixth month. Our other two plans will continue to work even after that time.
This may not seem much in comparison with some other online programs, but we are here to stay and we plan to work for a very long time.
Thank you for your trust.
Best regards, Daniel Beletzky. CEO at Opulentia”.

Some good news and bad news came from EarnGroups today which still remains one of the biggest short-term programs online and occupies #3 spot on MNO now. The good news is that it’s still paying well to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts on 120% after 7 days and 145% after 14 days plans and just added SolidTrustPay as an additional payment option for its members. This will definitely be a good alternative to those who prefer to deal with payment processors allowing chargebacks and seeking a replacement for AlertPay.
The bad news is the permanent discontinuation of AlertPay which proved to be a total scam this time and has frozen over $100,000 of the members money without any reason and preventing the admin from refunding his members which was about to be finished today for deposits not older than 14 days. There were some interesting facts about AlertPay uncovered in these latest newsletters which I’m going to republish below and some of the information I will definitely use for my upcoming article on AlertPay. I think we should get things straight about AP from now on – it’s absolutely dangerous to use it at the moment. If you invest in HYIPs there are no guarantees whatsoever that you will ever be refunded by them or that even your legitimate earnings from HYI programs will not be reversed in the future. I honestly advise everybody NOT to keep any large amounts in their AlertPay accounts for the time being due to the latest events with EarnGroups and also such undeniable things as reversing members’ profits from HYIPs, the downgrading of their BBB rating (Better Business Bureau) and the limiting of withdrawal options for members without any particular reason. I think everything is pointing to AlertPay potentially being the next big processor to collapse and I totally understand the anger of some investors. A new campaign was organized by the admin of EarnGroups Christian (interviewed here) against this payment processor and I have placed the banner on my blog warning HYIP investors from using it. I think investors are entitled to hear the truth about this once good payment system which has turned from a company that caused problemse for scam HYIPs to a company that steals money from perfectly good ones and ignores the scams. All those who didn’t get a refund to AlertPay from EarnGroups before their account was fully suspended are now advised to file a transaction dispute and pray for weeks or months for a small percentage of their own money to be refunded. Well, that is what you get if you use AlertPay to invest in HYIPS anymore! The latest two updates from EarnGroups (reviewed here) are reposted below. I hope those updates will give you a lot to think about if you consider using AlertPay (and don’t forget to join the anti-AlertPay campaign to support your favorite programs and the industry as a whole which AlertPay has tried to ruin for the last few months with their malicious actions):
AlertPay Discontinued
Hi Members,
We would like to inform you that, AlertPay has replied to us, stating that, they do not wish to do business with us, without any genuine reasons. Please note that this a scam tactic pulled out by AlertPay steal all the money in the account. We, hereby, would like to announce that, AlertPay has been discontinued as a deposit/withdrawal option at EarnGroups.
First they froze $40,000 in our account balance and asked us to submit certain documents for further verification process, which we did, and when they realized that they couldn’t trick us saying that they closed our account for not submitting the documents, they asked us to wait for 2-3 business days for further monitoring of our website. 3 business days had gone by, and we did not hear from them. We contacted them asking to complete the review process, and then they all of a sudden, replied to us that they do not wish to do business with us, without any solid or genuine reasons. It is sad that know that even AlertPay, a once honest payment processor, has now started to scam members.
We know that many of you have used AlertPay to invest with us, and are probably wondering now, what is up next. We have come to a solution. Members whose transactions to our AlertPay account has not exceeded 14 days will be refunded, as the REFUND button will work only for transactions which have not exceeded 14 days. The other members (whose deposit transactions to our account have exceeded 14 days) will have to contact AlertPay to get their money back, as the REFUND button will not work for such transactions, and as the Send Money feature in our account has been disabled by AlertPay.
We have provided a link to the screenshot of our AlertPay account showing the balance in it, and the hold status, below
Please note that, we were in no way responsible for this situation, and everything was planned and done by the greedy AlertPay. AlertPay is the only one to blame for this situation, and we strongly advise everyone not to use this payment processor.
Best Regards, Christian. EarnGroups.
AlertPay replaced with SolidTrust Pay
Hi Members,
Please disregard the previous newsletter with the subject: AlertPay Back Again!
We were refunding the AlertPay deposits of members whose deposit transactions have not exceeded 14 days. When AlertPay realized this, they immediately suspended our account, so that we would not be able to do the refunds. Now you will have to contact AlertPay to get the refunds. There is more than $100,000 remaining in the account, and they should be able to refund you. If they say that there are not enough funds to refund you, then they are trying to scam you. Bombard all support departments of AlertPay with as much support tickets as you can asking why they suspended our account when we were processing your refunds.
More to say about the fraudulent activities of AlertPay, our AlertPay account was a business verified one from the very beginning itself, and AlertPay gave us a green flag that we could use our account without any problems. Deposits started to come in rapidly, and when they saw that we were a good prey for them to steal a good amount of money, they froze $40,000 in our account, and told that they will be freezing 10% of all deposits coming into our account every week. What for is that? 10% every week? Then they asked us to submit additional documents for verification process. We immediately did it, and did not hear from them for 3 days. We contacted them again, and they asked us to wait again for 2-3 business days for further monitoring process. We waited for 3 business days, and send them another ticket inquiring about the status of the monitoring process.
Most of the AlertPay members know that AlertPay usually takes 2 business days to complete any process. But when we sent this ticket inquiring about the process, the replied to us within 20 minutes, stating that they do not wish to do business with us, without specifying any valid or genuine reasons. We waited for one whole week at their mercy waiting to pull back the hold status. Just see now how fast they reply to a ticket when they are desperate to steal money! This is nothing but a rip-off tactic pulled by AlertPay to steal the money.
AlertPay is already ripping off its members with the high fee they charge, and now they have started to steal money from their members. All of us know that they have a chargeback feature, but even if a member files for one for any reasons, AlertPay will not do anything, and claim that they do not have enough funds in the seller’s account to do the chargeback, even when the account will have thousands of dollars in it. They then keep all the money for themselves.
This has not been only our experience, but has happened to other business in the past, and is still going on. If someone does not stop these fraudsters, then these scam artists will keep on stealing money from innocent people.
Without us even saying, most of you know that their support is very weak, and they block any suspend accounts without any reason, especially when they see that a member has large amount of funds. Recently, they disabled the option to withdraw via credit/debit cards, and checks, keeping only the Bank Transfer and Bank Wire options available, thus making people from almost all the second and third world countries unable or very difficult to withdraw the funds in their AlertPay account. They said that it was a temporary issue, but for what period should the word “temporary” stand for, as far as a payment processor is concerned? In AlertPay’s case, the word “temporary” looks to be permanent. This is a scam tactic pulled off by AlertPay to keep the funds in their system, without allowing members to withdraw them.
AlertPay has proven themselves to be the biggest fraudsters, and the most intelligent scam artists, in the payment processor field. In the past, many payment processors have gone down, but they stole money only when they left or shut themselves down. But what does AlertPay do? They keep stealing money from the accounts of their members, while they survive. Indeed, a very brilliant business to make money! AlertPay is the best example for a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
We strongly advise everyone to stop using AlertPay at the earliest. If you have fund in it, withdraw or exchange them as soon as possible. AlertPay will go down in the coming months. Many people in this industry have already started realizing the fact that AlertPay is ripping off its members, and have consequently started to leave them. AlertPay will be experiencing a massive drop in their member count, which will eventually lead to their meltdown. Inform your friends about the fraudulent activities of AlertPay, and discourage them from using AlertPay. Spread the word about these fraudsters, and save the innocent.
Together, let us start a massive campaign against these fraudsters. We have made a logo for you, to put on your websites, blogs, and forums, to inform everyone that AlertPay scams people. The link to the logo is: Put it everywhere you can, and spread the news about these scam artists. They should not be allowed to rip-off innocent people.
This whole material has been posted in our forum, the link to which is: We invite everyone to visit this topic, and share their comments on these scam artists.
With AlertPay being discontinued as a deposit/withdrawal option, and EarnGroups left with the payment processors Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, we decided to provide you with a new deposit/withdrawal option. We, therefore, would like to announce that, from now onwards, SolidTrust Pay will be an accepted payment processor at EarnGroups. We know that many of you have been waiting for this payment processor to be added, and moreover, waiting for an alternative to AlertPay; and SolidTrust Pay is definitely the best one out there.
Please follow to visit their website, and open an account there.
Main Features of SolidTrustPay
-Less fee than AlertPay
-Bank Wire/Bank Transfer Option
-Credit/Debit Card Payment Option
-Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal Option (Not available for AlertPay)
-Chargeback Option
-Live Chat Available (Not available for AlertPay)
-Telephone Support
-Better Customer Support (AlertPay has a very weak customer support)
-Fast Verification of Accounts
-High Security of Accounts
-Does not suspend or block accounts like AlertPay, without any solid reason.
SolidTrust Pay is a well-recognized payment processor, which is based in Canada, and has a real office.
In order to fund your SolidTrust Pay account, you may visit the exchanger, ( They are one of the best and trusted exchangers in this industry. To add your SolidTrust Pay account ID to your EarnGroups account profile, please contact us at by sending in your EarnGroups username, and your SolidTrust Pay username. We hope you enjoy using the new addition, SolidTrust Pay, along with the payment processors, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.
We wish you a pleasant stay with us.
Best Regards, Christian. EarnGroups.

JPDaily (reviewed here) has announced just under 3% profit for today. I’m glad to see more profitable days in JPDaily than loss making ones (you know it can go either way). Even better news from the program is that their website is much more stable now and is loading better which even the admin acknowledged in his last newsletter:
Daily Result: +2.78% for JPDaily
Todays result has been announced!
Check your balances and request your withdrawals!
Daily Report:
Investor Balances:
Referral Stats:
Boring few hours of play. Nothing worth writing home about.
Our hosting is working well though, and much faster than previously! That’s good.
And some news regarding withdrawals:
From Monday im going to increase the withdrawal fee from $0.05 +3% per request to $0.25 + 3%. If you don’t like that, cashout everything before Monday!
I’m trying to encourage sensible withdrawal practices. Make a profit and cashout your principal. Then do some semi-compounding thing… Or if you really want to just skim your profits forever, then do that once or twice a week please; every single day doesn’t serve any practical purpose other than to waste my time.
More tomorrow!
Regards, Rich”.

Here are all the monitored programs that paid me for the last 24 hours:
Opulentia, StraDox, VivaTrade, MaxiEarn, HitNRunMasters, EurexTrade, GorgonProjectInvest, InvestNetGroup, PowerfulStrategy, ReProFinance, SafeDepositary, SilverPinePartners, MGFunds, EarnGroups, NeoProgress, FeoCash, PrimFix, UnicornInv, HyperCompound, GlobalFxTrades, OnlineInvestmentBank, ViscoCorp, TopsFund, BrantonsGroup, SeriousInvestors, BaseBucks, JPDaily, PermanentProfit, LibertyHoard, HotInvesting, StableAssets(the first payment received), ComoditiesCapital (the first payment received) and SecureEarn (the first payment received).

The first program added to MNO today is called ComoditiesCapital – yes, you read that right. Spelt wrong with one letter “M” only which makes doubt that the admin has a clue what real commodities are or what the word means. Anyway, as with all HYIPs you should treat ComoditiesCapital the same and only invest what you can afford to lose there. The program accepts AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. It also offers four investment plans of which one returns your principal on expiry (1.8% for 100 days) while the others include it in the payments (3.2% for 45 days, 5% for 30 days, 6.5% for 25 days). The minimum to invest in ComoditiesCapital starts from $1 but depending on the plan may be as much as $2,001. The program is SSL-secured, runs off a licensed GoldCoders script and is hosted on a dedicated Staminus server. Withdrawals are not instant and can take up to 48 hours. So I guess apart from the name everything is up to an average standard in ComoditiesCapital. By the way, for those who wish to take advantage of the limited free $2 bonus deposit offer please read the rules below on how to collect:
Promotion – $2 bonus free
To celebrate our site launching we opened for a limited time a promotion. $2 bonus free for anybody who’s joining our site and our Facebook account (become friend or fan). Once you do this please send message on Facebook with your username from our program and we will manually add your bonus. Thank you for being with us.

You have also probably noticed SecureEarn from which I have already received my first payment. This is the latest installment in the series of almost always quality HYIP games offering really high profits for short periods of time with flashy designs and running off licensed GoldCoders scripts, SSL-secured and hosted on dedicated servers provided by AntiDdos. From the latest examples of such programs I can see LibertyHoard (reviewed here) and HotInvesting (reviewed here) are still going well after 26 and 8 days respectively. I hope that the brand-new SecureEarn will be able to repeat their success too. As with others, SecureEarn accepts only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $10 and pays within a 24-hour timeframe to a variety of plans – 105%-130% after 1 day, 110.5%-178% after 2 days, 116%-210% after 3 days, 160%-700% after 10 days, 55.5%-90% for 2 days, 2100% after 33 days. I remind you that SecureEarn has launched just today so the first payments on expiry will be processed only tomorrow. I’ll let you know when that happens and the review will follow, so watch out for that, guys!

That’s all I have to report today, guys. Please stay tuned for more the latest updates from the HYIP industry on MNO tomorrow plus a review of one of the latest programs added to my new monitoring page. Have a nice weekend, everyone, and see you all tomorrow!

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